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  1. Muraliraja Says:

    Politicians are greedy. That is well known story. But the way many corporates in our country loot the society, employees, environment & in some cases government is getting worse each day. It would be great if media comes out with some reports on this. Silently but violently these big corporate houses eat low & middle class people wealth(or prevent them from wealth) & make hefty profits. They suck most of the natural resources & leave behind hill of mess which will take several 100 years to repair. Poor souls who help them loot natural resources get various- sometimes new-form of diseases & in certain cases, diseases travels to future generation. Workers still live in huts without electricity & proper water. But the bosses travel in imported cars & sip exotic drinks. All in front of government which is plagued by another form of greedy animals. Sometimes a ugly combination of both happens. Like the Reddy brothers. They run multi billion dollar enterprises with strong political foothold. They neither give anything back to society nor to the environment or to the poor workers. Funny thing is these Bellary miners don’t produce anything. They just dig the earth & transport it. For such a not so highly technical job the make hefty profits! & all they give back is new type of diseases. In one side they abuse mother earth & leave it with irreversible damage. Another side they have grown 100 times if not more, but the innocents who worked for them lost health & wealth. All this while these guys grow their belly to epic proposition. Neither land, lord or labour is profited.

    • So well said! At every level, at every juncture, within every industry belly brothers work at amassing wealth at the expense of the lesser privileged. Look at the confusion that is prevailing over Anna and Ramdev’s campaign. The Govt is trying so hard to scuttle it one way or the other.

  2. Sharmila,

    Is this post about the Reddy brothers in Bellary? I thought this is something about Delhi Belly.

    Karnataka’s mining portfolio is held by the Chief Minister himself. But the Reddy brothers command 27 out the 113 seats of BJP in the state assembly. The BJP has a hairline majority in the assembly of a total 224 seats.

    Note This. Bellary is a Congress stronghold. Sonia Gandhi was elected from Bellary against Sushma Swaraj. Bellary has “always” elected a congress candidate for the last 63 years since 1947.

    [Meanwhile, Sushma Swaraj, a Punjabi/Haryanvi was only posing against Sonia at Bellary. Sushma Swaraj is the first woman Chief Minister of Delhi]

    The Reddy family has stakes in both the major political parties at the center. Someone in their family is sure to become a Chief Minister of Karnataka in due course of time.

    A family that has 27 MLA in the state government and three generations of earning from mining across two states is a small empire. They may not be as rich as the Thackerays in Mumbai or the ISI of Pakistan. But I think they have enough strength to protect their little estates in Karnataka and Andhra.

  3. Continuing with the last entry:

    In India, all natural resources are owned by the government.

    Technically, exploration and production of Crude Oil (Petroleum) is also mining, except that the end product is in a fluid state and hence it is extracted by borwells instead of dig-outs.

    Iron ores of Bellary mined by Reddys and shipped to China are on the same lines as those in Goa exported to Jaoan by Dempo, Salgaonkar and Chowgule.

    The revenue for the ore goes to the central government and is shared with the states. The miners are only operators like ONGC, Reliance etc in the business of crude oil.

    The licenses are given by the Ministries at the center and the state. The Reddy family has been given those licenses by successive governments since 1947. Karnataka was ruled by the congress all along till SM Krishna, Devegouda, Bangarappa etc fell out and a divided congress gave way to BJP.

    The illegal part is the fudging of the books. The actual ore produced and shipped to China is far less than the official quantities recorded for revenue of the government. The government loses money.

    Mining in India cannot be done without the clearance of the Ministry of Environment.

    The Minister for Environment, Jairam Ramesh, is a sham activist. He allows asbestos and nuclear waste laden ships from US and Europe to be dumped on the Indian coast, permits miners like Reddy to operate indiscriminately, permits foreign miners like De Beers and Posco to mine in Orissa and Jharkhand, which are the world’s richest source of minerals, and then prohibits housing colonies for Indian citizens in hill stations, namely Ooty, Dharmashala, Gangtok, Nainital, Darjeeling, Simla, Kulu, Shillong etc.

    • Oops:

      The actual ore produced and exported is far MORE than the quantity recorded. Not less obviously.

      The market is 90% unrecorded and 10% on paper.

    • The illegal part is also the mining activities being carried in quarries that DO NOT belong to them and also for rubbing away landmarks that demarcate Andhra and Karnataka borders. Heavens! This is novel.

      • Mining unmarked territory is one and not recording what is legally permitted is the other.

        The entire supply chain from excavation to shipment is organized with the help of the government offices. From the desk clerk to the minister of state to the minister in Delhi all are in the loop.

        There is no replacement for the Reddy family. And it will not matter if they are replaced by a quirk of fate. The machinery and process that serves this business will keep it alive.

        Thats why I am supporting Ramdev on the same issue that I did not support Comrade Hazare. Ramdev has called for an end to this system that breeds corruption unlike Hazare who was merely asking for another law enforcing institution.

  4. Weekend entries:

    Baba Ramdev is on a magnificient mission. I am sure he’ll make a difference. Far better than comrade Hazare.

    Over 5 million people have followed him to Delhi from all over Gujarat, Rajasthan, UP and MP. Another 5 million are joining him in two days before the whole lot goes on a protest fast on Saturday.

    The demands are ideal.

    1. Change the system, not the government.

    2. Death sentence for corruption.

    I wish he would add one more idea to his campaign:

    Solitary confinement and compulsory vasectomy / tubectomy for divisive, anti-national, anglicized, intellectuals; specially if they are bald men with french beards or aging, alcoholic women. 🙂

    I fully support this bearded bloke. I hope he survives the dexterous politics and powerful mafioso in Delhi.

    Unlike the Reddy brothers who are targetted only because they deal in Chinese Juan and Indian Rupee, our bearded yogi is in favor of only the Indian Rupee and that too in smaller denominations. A rather un-jewish idea. Not good for the dollar, euro, juan and yen. The fellow may die in an aircraft crash.

    • Aishwarya Says:

      Another ‘Gandhian’ spirit wishing away corruption with ‘satyagraha’. More activist tourism, with a bigger crowd…

      What is sauce for Anna, is sauce for Baba… How are the two protests different?

      Death for corruption is an obnoxious demand. He wants all politicians, bureaucrats and their chamchas dead? Kill his own people, with 5 million following his ’cause’. Must be the ones who didn’t receive any money. Sour grapes.

      • That’s the interesting part about Ramdev. He is not a Gandhian. He is a mendicant. An ascetic turned activist.

        He is a radical. In my lingo it means he is a methodical lunatic.

        He was earlier planning to launch his own political party and contest the next parliamentary elections in 2014. The BJP and RSS dissuaded him fearing that it will split the Hindu vote and benefit the Congress who usually wins on the Muslim and Christian lobbies.

        His demands for the death sentence to Kani Munni and her coterie is melodramatic. No one is ever going to accept it. The UN Human Rights commission will not let that happen.

        Even his demand for nationalizing overseas accounts is technically impossible.

        The political fallout from this movement is in polarizing opinion against corruption and the bureaucratic system that rules the country.

        Ramdev will be supported by RSS and BJP till he drives the agenda of sanaatan dharma. The Hindu vote bank is worth 350 million votes across the nation.

        Comrade Hazare doesn’t have that kind of following.

      • Aishwarya Says:

        The method is Gandhian. Are the demands ideal?

        If he is a luna-tic, fine… being amavasya and all…
        But I wonder what excuse the 5 million followers have…

        With Bbuddah, Delhi Belly, Ready and KBC 5, the people are up to here entertainment-wise. No more, thanks…

        If the cause is sincere with no selfish motives, good luck to Baba. If not, bye bye. Fooling the citizens has to stop.

      • Aishwarya,

        Last entry for a while.

        It’s a lose-lose situation for the congress unless they adopt NTR’s strategy. Sonia Gandhi and Manmohan Singh should join the fast with Baba Ramdev.

        The entire Arya Samaj has joined the movement. About 10,000 of them are in Delhi. 5 million people will fast in Delhi and another 5 across the nation. This will surely have a political impact.

        Ramdev is a class-act when it comes to motivational leadership. Among his well-wishers are practically all of bollywood’s who’s who, traders and businessmen and politicians from all parties. He has been a ‘hatha’ yoga trainer for them without becoming a godman.

        As the days go, you’ll find those celebrities lining up in his tent at the Ram Lila grounds where the show will begin on Saturday. Don’t be surprised if you see superstars that you would never have imagined. If he dies in this episode some living legends will disclose their relationships.

        I am going off the blog for a while. Keep in touch.

      • Heavens. Why??

      • Aishwarya Says:


        Thank you. Politics is fun when you explain it.

        How much is ‘for a while’? Hope it isn’t too long…


      • Aishwarya,

        “For a while” is now.

        Attended a mushayra of the local Urdu Wng of the social club. Fantastic poetry sessions. Recitations by people form India as well as Pakistan. Mostly from Hyderabad in India.

        I got an opportunity to recite Sahir. Simply mind blowing. Sahir takes the mood to another level. The sons and lovers took a back seat after Sahir. No one was in a mood for anything else after that.

        I began with Kabhi Kabhi (Original Urdu) to Parchaaiyan and finally Taj Mahal.

        The mobiles were compulsorily switched off. I couldn’t record the event.

      • Aishwarya,

        I am not advvocating death penalty for corruption. And I don’t think Ramdev will succeed in any of his objectives.

        What he is going to succeed is in creating a national vote bank against corruption. This has not happened so far. People have never voted against corruption at the center as they have done in the states.

        This is the beginning of a new trend. If it lasts till 2014, corrupt politicians will have another task of preventing the non-corrupt candidates from contesting.

      • Aishwarya Says:


        IMHO, Sahir’s words are intensely emotional – be it in fierce rebellion, tender romance, flaming passion or harrowing loss -there’s something for all. For the sons and lovers, it could be…

        Tere honton pe tabassum ki vo halki si lakeer
        mere takh’eel mein rah rah ke jhalak uthti hai
        yun achaanak tere aariz ka khayaal aataa hai
        jaise zulmat mein koi shama’ bharak uthti hai

        Tere pairaahan-e-rangeen ki junoonkhez mahak
        khwaab ban ban ke mere zehan mein lahraati hai
        raat ki sard khamoshi mein har ik jhonke se
        tere anfaas, tere jism ki aanch aatii hai…

        OMG, unrivalled magic! I can only imagine how mindblowing his words would have been in your beautiful voice…

      • Aishwarya Says:


        I didn’t see a single ‘non-corrupt’ politician with a squeaky clean image in the State elections.

        I wish Baba Ramdev all success in his endeavor at the Center.

    • Oh those aircraft crashes.. its the bewitching smile of Mona Lisa that brings them down.

  5. Meanwhile in Tamil-naadu, Kala “Nidhi”, Daya “Nidhi”, Karuna “Nidhi” are losing their “Nidhi” (Wealth).

    Maran is dancing like chaplin on the ice rink.

    All the intelligence agencies across the world are working together in tracing the money trails. There’s no place to hide on this planet. Havens like Mauritius, Dubai, Malaysia, Cyprus, Caribbean, Switzerland etc are straddled by the recession.

    With feudal kings busy fighting their own battles for survival, very few destinations are left for sleeze money. The safest is ofcourse London.

    Another option is to invest in the drug cartels from Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Burma, China to philipines in asia and Sicily to Mexico in the west.But that lead to the fall of a British bank some years ago wiping out all the money in one go.

    The last option is to sponsor LTTE type organizations in India. That will never work because the types of Prabhakaran are already members of the parliament in India.

    There is no sheshnaag protecting this “nidhi”.

    • That is right. Sun TV shares plunged 28% today! That is the bigger worry for Maran and investors..

      • Muraliraja Says:

        323 Telephone lines! Now on whenever I cross Boat Club Road all I remember is 323. Maran has shown everyone how to do robbery in the open roads. Sharad powar & Belly Brothers should learn from him!

      • It is staggering by all counts. I expected him to have 323 boats not phone lines.

      • Sharad Pawar is in a different league altogether. I have worked for him when I was with Kalmadi and Abhay Bafna (Minister of State for Urban Land Development, Maharashtra, Ajay Bafna’s son). Kalmadi was Pawar’s yes-man in those days back in ’86-87.

        Pawar is a sugar baron. The world’s second largest exporter of crystal sugar, to the US and UK. He is at least a 1000 times richer than Thackeray, ISI and Maran all put together. His daughter, who is an MP today, did all her college in the US. His son-in-law is a green card holder.

      • Maran has just killed any prospects of saving himself by making the same mistake that Raja did. He has filed suits against selected media outlets. Raja had scorned the India Today network.

        They’ll get him and with Jayalalitha in power it will be easier.

        The DMk must learn to deal with the national media. It is impossible to buy their loyalty by employing them as agents. They’ll take the money and destroy at the same time.

        They should take a lesson from Amitabh Bachchan. AB has a simple equation. He makes them pay for his appearances on their channels. For everything else he uses his blog.

  6. Reader – True. AB has the killer tactic which works so well and yet he is able to maintain what he wishes to maintain even if he shoots from the hip. Maran is doomed. JJ will nail the coffin with very little help. But, Maran is powerful. Very very powerful. He still can survive and manage to keep his head above the water. Will be interesting. Should check how SPice Jet is doing after all this. Must have plummeted as well.

    • Spice jet crashed about 16% yesterday. But I think that is a bear hug.

      Aviation industry is a hen that lays golden eggs. Maran may be forced to sell his stakes in Spice Jet to another crony politician.

      The only way to kill such companies is to take Ramdev’s suggestion. Prohibit countries like Malaysia, Maurtius etc from participating in the Indian economy.

    • Don’t say JJ. Reminds me of the viral infection on AB’s blog.

      Jaya is okay but can be taken for Jaya Bachchan. How about Lalitha? Hmmm.. no.. Lalitha creates the image of a slim, trim beautiful flowering girl. Jayalalitha is anything but that.

      Let me think… we need a proper name for Jayalalitha like Sonio, Maddy, Mamon..

      We should start another comic series. As Aishwarya said there is enough arsenal in the stores to start another war.

      • lol.. oh yes.. I second this. Will begin the series soon. AB has not been posting comments .. wonder why.. how about J squar ( ed )?

      • Not J square. Let’s leave the naming to Bush Jr. I am sure he’ll come up with something instantaneous.

        Hmmm.. imagine this:

        Bush: Sonio!

        Sonio: Yes, dear?

        Bush: Where is maddy?

        Sonio: He is in Tihar?

        Bush: Into who?

        Sonio: In Tihar?

        Bush: Her what?

        Sonio: Tihar! T-I-H-A-R. It’s the name of a prison.

        Bush: Oh, okay. I thought you were getting horny corny. How is Maddy?

        Sonio: Maddy is mad at you!

        Bush: So whats new?

        Sonio: All of them are mad at you. G G Raja, Munni, Maddy all are in Tihar.

        Bush: At once?

        Sonio: What?

        Bush: I get it. They are all in that prison. But why are they mad at me?

        Sonio: Raja’s 1.76 billions, Maddy 9 million, Munni’s 20 million. Where is the money?

        Bush: Beats me. How should I know?

        Jayalalitha: I know.

        Bush: Really? Tell tell. Errr.. who are you?

        Sonio: She is Jayalalitha

        Bush: Jolita. That’s Jolly good.

        Sonio: Not Jolita, Jayalalitha

        Bush: Yes, I heard that. Tell us Jolita, where is the money?

        Jolita: Money is in the bank.

        Bush: Sonio!

        Sonio: Yes, dear?

        Bush: Keep them in the prison till we find the bank.

        Sonio: Yes, dear.

        [Fade out. Switch over to a cell in Tihar. Maddy, Munni and Raja are playing a game of cards.]

        Munni: Maddy.

        Maddy: Yes?

        Munni: Where is your money?

        Maddy: In the bank.

        Munni: Raja where is your money?

        Maddy: In the same bank.

        Munni: Which bank?

        [Maddy and Raja look at each and laugh aloud. Fade out]

        Bush: Sonio: Darn! Which bank? CIA has searched every bank in the world the money is not found.

        Sonio: I don’t know.

        Bush: Jolita!

        Jolita: Endaaa?

        Bush: Find that money or else…

        Jolita: Or else whaat?

        Bush: I’ll put you on a diet of orange juice!

        Jolita: hehe.. you cannot…

        Bush: Why not?

        Jolita: There is no death sentence for corruption in India.

        Bush: Darn! Sonio! Find me the money! Get me the name of the bank!


        [Lights. Munni, Raja and Maddy in Tihar]

        Munni: Raaja, tell me which bank.

        Raja: It is buried in the bank.

        Munni: Buried?

        Raja: Yes, bank of the river cauvery near Reddy’s house.

        Munni: Bank of the river cauvery!!! Egad, why didn’t I think of that bank!


      • Aishwarya Says:

        Lol…Jolly orgyinal…

        Now they dig a tunnel from Tihar to the river bank?

        Hilarious, Reader…


      • This is an epic serial!

      • ha ha.. Joloita.. lol.. Jesus, my tummy aches. This is hilarious!

      • 🙂

        I told you guys. Bush has a spontaneous naming ceremony everytime someone is introduced.

        We must have a new episode with volatile mix of characters:

        Bush, Sonio, Mamon, Maddy, Munni, Mullah Digvijay, Ramdev, AB, Sallu, SRK, Raja, Maran, Jolita, Mamta, Mayawati, Pritish Nandy, Barney, Yeddy, Reddy and ofcourse Sharmila (The narrator!)

  7. Been penning poetry… I feel I am able to make better sense poetically.

  8. I am unable to draft poems.

    I write them at odd moments spontaneously, when words spring out more from rational imagination than wishful thinking.

    Nonetheless, I love reading poetry. Sahir, Whitman and Tagore are top favorites among scores of others.

  9. Aishwarya,

    I skipped that part yesterday. I jumped from the initial verse straight to the last part:

    Tasavvuraat ki parchhaiyaan ubharti hai
    Kabhi guma ki suurat, kabhi yaqeen ki tarah
    Woh ped jinke tale hum panaah lete tthe
    Khade hai aaj bhi saakit kisi ameen ki tarah

    … … … Shadows of imagination emanate
    … … … Like Illusions at times or reality
    … … … The trees that gave us shelter once
    … … … Stand still like silent witnesses

    Sooraj ke lahoo mein lithadii hui, vo shaam hai ab tak yaad mujhe
    Chaahat ke sunahare khwaabon ka anjaam hai ab tak yaad mujhe

    … … … I still remember that evening flushed by the blood of the Sun
    … … … I still remember the end of our golden dreams and affections

    Uss shaam mujhe ma’aloom hua, kheton ki tarah is duniya mein
    Sehmi hui dosheezaaon ki muskaan bhi bechi jaati hai
    Uss shaam mujhe ma’aloom hua, is kaargah-e-zardaari mein
    Doh bholi bhaali ruuhon ki pehchaan bhi bechi jaati hai

    … … … That evening I realized, that like fields of crops in this world
    … … … The smiles of gentle reticent youth are also traded
    … … … That evening I realized, in the trade houses of transactions
    … … … The identities of two innocent souls are also traded

    Uss shaam mujhe ma’aloom huaa, jab baap ki kheti chhin jaaye
    Mamtaa ke sunahare khwaabon ki anmol nishaani bikti hai
    Uss shaam mujhe ma’aloom hua, jab bhaai jung mein kaam aaye
    Sarmaaye ke qahvakhaane meis, behno ki javaani bikti hai

    … … … That evening I realized, when father’s farms are snatched
    … … … The living symbols of a mother’s dreams are traded
    … … … That evening I realized, when a brother dies in a battle
    … … … In the trading houses of merchants, a sister is traded

    Suraj ke lahoo mein lithadii hui, vo shaam hai ab tak yaad mujhe
    Chaahat ke sunahare khwaabon ka anjaam hai ab tak yaad mujhe

    … … … I still remember that evening flushed by the blood of the Sun
    … … … I still remember the end of our golden dreams and affections


    Translation Mine

    • Aishwarya Says:


      Your translations are refreshingly different, making minor alterations every time, taking it to a different level, giving it a deeper meaning.
      Eg. ‘anmol nishaani’ – ‘living’ symbols.

      Enchanting. Beautiful…

      Thank you…

      • Ideally ‘anmol nishaani’ here would mean priceless or invaluable signs, symbols or emblems.

        But I thought while evaluating a son or daughter for a mother it should sound more than a commodity. Hence, ‘Living’.

        Not very poetic, I know. I cannot match Sahir’s choice of words in any language.

        Sahir was, as his name depicts, a magician of words!

      • Aishwarya Says:

        ‘Living’ is perfect.

        Not very poetic? I don’t know. Give me another 20 years of poetry and translations and I’ll tell you…

        Kidding. 🙂

        For me, the poetry and translations are a seamless match, as are your names…

  10. This is Sahir’s type of romance, both the sentiments and the effects:

  11. Damn! Most of Sahir and Raj Kapoor songs are purcahsed by Shemaroo Entertainment in Singapore and restricted for display.

    Let me find something similar from audio placements…

    Here it is: Another Sahir romance: Perfect words, perfect rhyme and rhythm

  12. The romantic side of Sahir’s life:

  13. Hope this one is not Shemaroo or Sony. Fantastic lyrics of Sahir.

  14. Another Sahir’s idea of romance mixed with the divine:

    • The english translation on the frame is rubbeish, whoever has done it.

      Kori chunariya aatma mori, mayl hai maya jaal
      Woh duniya mere babul ka ghar, yeh duniya sasural

      Should translate as

      The spotless stole is my soul, the stain is the illusion
      My father’s abode is that world, this world is of my in-laws

      • Aishwarya Says:

        The bearded guy is Raj Kapoor? He’s fabulous…

        Thanks for the correct translation, Reader…
        Then a virgin, now with the beloved was rubbish.

      • Wrong translations are very disappointing. Specially if the readers have no clue of the original. Like my watching translations of Tamil or Malayalam movies.

        There was one scene when Rajnikanth is talking to a guy on the streets and the sub-title says: Where is the rascala?

        And then he breaks into a song!

        I-was-like, “Hey! This is no time to sing duets!”

      • Aishwarya Says:

        He asks for a rascala before a duet? May be the feminine gender for rascal. Tamil movies are rustic and earthy…


  15. Aishwarya Says:

    My favorite romance by Sahir…ageless timeless love…

    Now I’ll take a break, I have been raining comments…


  16. Breaking News:

    Enforcement Directorate Amitabh Bachchan for laundering 4 Billion Rupees. Amar Singh ki amar kahani.

    • Oops:

      ED investigating AB for laundering INR 4 Billion. I had said earlier he owns this Electrical power distribution company with Amar Singh apart from ABCL. The ED has traced 4 more.

  17. Here are the relevant links:

    (Amar) Singh insisted that the ED should not involve Bachchan in the probe. “Why should Amitabh Bachchan be dragged into this? He is not a leading tycoon? Amitabh Bachchan has hardly attended any meetings. Though he is a director he is hardly involved in the functioning of the company,” Singh said. [DNA]

    • I read this. Thanks. I got the point. True. But, what makes you think it is the Khans??

      • The three Khans have three big budget movies lined up for release in these three weeks. ‘Ready’ ‘Delhi Belly’ and ‘Ra one’.

        ‘Ready’ has bombed at the counters yesterday.

        Two unplanned occurrences that have hit their campaigns are the ‘Bbudda’ teaser and Baba Ramdev’s reality show.

        SRK and Sallu tried to grab some bytes by commenting on Ramdev but that has cut no ice.

        AB’s ‘Bbuddah’ has caught the imagination of the regular movie buff. Specially the family types, even though the billboards look like ads for detergent soaps.

        Bad business for all the three Khans. They are going to lose big time unless they come up with something different to divert attention.

    • But, this will bring the focus back ON him.??

  18. Seems like an orchestrated move by some lobby. This case is 2 years old. There is nothing new that has emerged except that ED is now drafting charges. Someone is feeding the pigeon.

    Mid-Day and DNA are known anti-AB. AB had wrecked Abhijit Muzumdar on his blog once.

    But I wonder why Headlines Today flashed the piece. They are part of the India Today group. Prabhu Chawla (ex-supremo of the group) is pretty close to AB.

    The UPDC members were Amar Singh, Subroto Roy (Chairman Sahara Group, currently embroiled in the wrongful purchase of a hotel in UK), Anil Ambani (Kingpin in the 2G scam), Kumar Mangalam Birla (Abhi-sheikh is a brand ambassador for Idea Telecoms), and AB.

    Everyone of the group is on the radar. What’s the name of the game?

  19. Baba Ramdev’s lila is being telecast continuous and live on his own TV channel, “Aastha”

  20. 10 hrs for launch!

  21. Great going. Baba Ramdev’s TV “Aastha” doing a wonderful job. Good nationalist agenda. Bhojpuri actor Manoj Tiwari doing a good cameo.

    Baba Ramdev is the real socialite very much in touch with the grassroots.

    Not a metropolitan party-monger selling themselves for a peg of Chivas Regal. Shobha De must be squirming in her TOI hole. She would give anything if Ramdev could do a voice over for her – not that she has anything worhtwhile that can tempt Ramdev.

  22. Brilliant move by Baba Ramdev!

    He is courting an arrest. He has got the media mesmerized! He has got the government on the backfoot.

    He is rich, shrewed, articulate and on the right side of the moral prism!

  23. Congress High Command in a huddle:

    Sonio: Friends, guys and gays! We must stop this Ramdev Lila

    Mamon: Yes. Ma’am

    Waffler Kapil: Indeed. We must make more promises!

    Sonio: What promises?

    Waffler Kapil: I don’t know. Let’s have a commitee to decide the promises.

    Mullah Digvijay: No! No!

    Sonio: What else?

    Mullah Digvijay: Let’s promise to make a commitee!

    Singing Manu: Yes, yes, yes. Let’s have a commitee to form a commitee!

    Sonio: Mamon!

    Mamon: Yes, Ma’am?!

    Sonio: What do you think?

    Mamon: Yes, Ma’am.

    Sonio: Good. So it’s settled. Singing Manu, you talk to the media.

    Singing Manu: I sing Ma’am

    Sonio: Yes, do that. And, Mullah Digvijay, what’ll you do?

    Mullah Digvijay: I’ll demand a presidential pardon for Ajmal Kasab!

    Sonio: Good. Waffler Kapil what about you?

    Waffler Kapil: I’ll deny whatever Singing Manu says.

    Sonio: Excellent! Pull up some more decoys. Talk about the person. Don’t let ideas grow roots.

    All: Yes, Ma’am

    [Exit all except Mamon and Sonio]

    Sonio: Mamon!

    Mamon: Yes, Ma’am?

    Sonio: Do something about that Mullah Digvijay. He stinks.

    Mamon: Yes, Ma’am.

    Sonio: Go away.

    [Exit Mamon. Sonio dials Bush]

    Bush: Hiya baby?

    Sonio: Spot of bother. Need you here.

    Bush: Where?

    Sonio: In India?

    Bush: Who is India?

    Sonio: India is my country.

    Bush: Eh? I thought Italy is your country. The CIA dosier says you are Sonio Cogniaco Drinko.

    Sonio: I am not. I am in Delhi.

    Bush: Me too. I am in and out daily.

    Sonio: Delhi! D for duh-duh E for economy L for Lockheed H for Halliburton I for Islam

    Bush: Oh! Delhi. Okay. Barney!

    Barney: Woo?

    Bush: Pack up! We are going to Delhi!


    • Aishwarya Says:

      Awww…Woofy baby, I know, I know, it’s a dog’s life! But dontcha worry. Come over and you can dig up the bank or better still, mark the territory! A dog’s gotta do what a dog’s gotta do…
      See ya.

  24. End of Day 1.

    Baba Ramdev, The Indian Rambo, draws first blood.

    Let’s see what happens tomorrow.

  25. Breaking News:

    Baba Rambo detained in a midnight swoop by the police. Entire shed broken down.

    Restraining orders against him. Physically shifted to his residence in Hardwar!

  26. Day 2 begins with a bang.

    My-name-is-Sheila-Dixit Chief Minister of Sonio in Delhi declares a curfew and gets an eviction order against Baba Rambo.

    Note: “Eviction” order.

    Eviction to where? He cannot be evicted from the country! This is not Pakistan!

  27. Headlines:

    Aaj Tak (Hindi): Satyagrah ka satyanaash!

    News 24: Police fire tear gas to tear the assembly.

    NDTV (Hindi): Arya Samaj makes alternative arrangements at Red Fort. Churches, Temples and Mosques provide shelter to those form outside Delhi.

    Star News: Policeman says, “Political decision to arrest Baba”

    Zee News: Police attack injures 30.

    India TV: Baba Ramdev missing! NO trace for the last 6 hours.

    IBN7: Police Inspector says, “Would not have acted if it was not a political order”

    NDTV (English): Swami Agnivesh, “Unprovoked aggression by policemen”

    TimesNow: Police break up fast!

    Headlines Today: Arvind Kejriwal says, “Government retains monopoly on corruption!”

    CNN-IBN: Stormy end to Baba’s fast

    News X: High drama at Baba ground

    Doordarshan: Repeat relay: Waffler Sibal’s press release

  28. Aishwarya Says:

    Ramdev released. Ramlila grounds ‘sanitized’ as per News.

    Sec 144 on a peaceful assembly. Shocking turn of events!

    • Aishwarya,

      This is the way North Indian politics works. They are vociferous and violent. Crusades cannot work without turbulence.

      • Aishwarya Says:

        Vinaash kaale vipreeth buddhi. Ghastly underhanded move by the government – cracking down on a peaceful crowd at midnight and ‘evicting’ the Baba to Haridwar. Horrifying.

  29. The untold story:

    The media and the opposition have hijacked the anti-corruption agenda of the congress and the foreign direct investors.

    However, the government cannot act against the rich and the powerful without public pressure.

    So, Gandhian dummy Comrade Hazare is propped up to intiate and control the dynamics.

    Enter Baba Rambo.

    Baba deals with the media, the government and all the parties across the range including religious groups. Promises to keep the agitation peaceful and focussed.

    Initially, government falls for the trap. Rambo is given an idea of the government’s way forward. Rambo agrees to accelerate the process by creating a fuss. Government gives him a red carpet welcome at Delhi airport.

    Then Rambo turns his guns around.

    He is supported by BJP, CPI, Sikhs, Jats, Muslim mullahs, Christian priests, Trade Unions, Students Unions, Arya Samaj et al.

    Rambo’s demands are impossible to meet. Kani Munni cannot be hanged. She looks beautiful even in the prison. Maddy cannot be sentenced to death. A dead maddy is heavier than live. Money in overseas account cannot be nationalised. There is no rich person in India who doesn’t have a foreign account.

    Governments actions plan B – maintain the status quo. Close Rambo’s show.

    Now…. Rambo back to his base. His clout across the nation has increased. Congress will go ahead with its plans, namely, execute all of Rambo’s demands (which are there own plans in the first palce) in a phased manner before the next elections in 2014.

    The national opposition parties will pool their resources to pre-empt the government. A nation wide agitation will be launched in 2012 to bring down the government before its term.

  30. If Rambo kills himself or dies in this drama, there will be total breakdown of law and order in Northern states.

  31. ‘Horrifying’, as you say, and in many ways.

    The people who have stacked money overseas are not sleeping. They would have made appropriate arrangements to move the money into several smaller accounts.

    The government is afraid that this sort of movement will trigger an exodus of local investors.

  32. “Conspiracy to Murder me” says Baba Ramdev.

    I think he is right. He can be killed by the mafioso after the dust has settled.

    Baba Rambo has no choice. He has to fuel this crusade or perish. Mullah Digvijay has already made his intentions clear. He has called Rambo a ‘thug’ which is an unwritten order for his shooters to swing into action.

  33. Read the following link to see why Rambo’s calling back money in foreign banks can never succeed: Sonio had 2 billion dollars in 1991 in Swiss accounts!

  34. It is time to re-write the Indian National Pledge of allegiance.

    Following is the original one written by Swami Vivekanand:

    India is my country. All Indians are my brothers and sisters. I love my country and I am proud of its rich and varied heritage. I shall always strive to be worthy of it. I shall respect my parents, teachers and all elders and treat everyone with courtesy. To my country and my people, I pledge my devotion. In their well being and prosperity alone, lies my happiness.

    Here is my new version:

    India is my country. I am proud of its politicians and policemen. I shall always respect Sonio and her mafia. To my country and my people, I pledge my treachery. In their poverty and repression alone, lies my happiness. Jai Hind.

  35. Sonio unleashes the legal version of her power:

    ED, IB, IT, FEMA, CBI all ordered to probe Baba Ramdev and his assets.

    Ramdev is now in the elite company of Amar Singh, Amitabh Bachchan, Subroto Roy, Anil Ambani etc.

    The Congress party ministers have a common working practice:

    In Hindi there is a saying, “Aam khao, ped ginane ki jaroorat nahin”

    Which means, “Eat the mangoes, there is no need to count the trees”

    That’s what Sonio and her ministers are doing. Eating/sucking the mangoes dry. There are countless trees!

  36. We are nation that is distancing itself from its heritage one generation at a time.

    My grandparents abandoned their grandparents. My parents abandoned their parents. I abandoned my wife and child. Today there are already young ones who do not have children till they have a market for their youth and beauty.

    Back in 1932 Mahatma Gandhi went on an indefinte fast against Dr. Ambedkar’s demand for political reservation based on the caste system. Dr. Ambedkar was supported by the British. They planned to divide political power among the native Indians by their caste giving precedence to untouchables.

    Mahatma Gandhi threatened to die fasting than accept the restructuring.

    His call to Dr. Ambedkar was simple. “Do not politicize castes. It will divide the Hindu society.”

    Dr. Ambedkar forced the issue in 1950, 2 years after Gandhi’s death.

    Hey Bapu, hey Mahatma look where we are today!

    Saabarmati sisakati teri, tadap raha sevaagraam!

    • Oops:

      Forgot to summarize that.

      My point is: Social reforms should not be politicized.

    • Aishwarya Says:

      Apt lyrics.

      The kid looks like Sarika…

      • Yes. Thats Sarika.

        A long journey from “Sabarmati ke sant tuune kar diya kamaal” to “Sabarmati sisakati teri, tadap raha hai sevaagraam”. All traversed by the nation in just two generations from Mahatma Gandhi to Sonio Antonio!

      • I mean from Mahatma Gandhi to Edvige Antonia Albina Maino aka Sonia Gandhi

      • Aishwarya Says:

        Celebrities have been mysteriously quiet over the entire Ramdev episode…

      • He is pursuing their money!

        Besides, if they support, Sonio will let loose her dog’s of war.

      • Aishwarya Says:

        Oh yes…haha…

        Other than being Indian, what qualification does a person need to represent the Nation??

        Be Italian. 😕

      • Aishwarya Says:

        Sibal says a yoga guru should perform only yogasans and not political asans!

        Anna wears a Nehru topi. Baba Ramdev wears saffron. Is it our fault that the only anti-corrupt left are social activists and yogis?!

        I could clap Sibal’s ears with a pair of cymbals!

  37. Watch Dr. Swami on TimesNow in 35 minutes from now. He claims Sonia Gandhi personally insisted on Ramdev’s arrest at 1020 PM last night. He is in the US right now, probably getting his notes from CIA.

  38. End of Day 2:

    Government works at night. Rambo works in broad daylight.

    Entire nation poiticized by Sonio’s brutal power. The country is realizing slowly that we are ruled by foreign powers.

  39. Message left behind by Day 2:

    If you are not against corruption, you are protecting the corrupt!

  40. Clever Arnab. He used Dr. Swamy’s inputs without bringing him on. Probably restrained by MoI.

    Sneaky question: Did Sonia Gandhi instruct the Home Minister to evoke the Riots act against Ramdev in last night’s meeting before the police went into action?

    Mullah DIgvijay: How do you know?

    My question is how did Dr. Swamy know?

    BTW, Dr. Swami is filing a PIL against P Chidambaram with a record of his son’s visits to Bahrain, Luxemberg and Malaysia in the 2G scam!

  41. Day 3:

    Ramdev is joined by the stars of VHP. The fire brand Ms. Uma Bharti (ex-CHief Minister of MP) reaches Hardwar.

    Opening line: “Baba ke saath jo hua uska badla liya jayega!” (We’ll get even)

    Uma Bharti is a radical in political oratory. She can give George Duh-duh Bush a persecution complex!


    Distorted Headlines:

    In an unprecedent disclosure Karuna Nidhi has confessed that he is Kani Munni’s father.

    It is reported by reliable sources that Karuna Nidhi has taken the blame for Kani Munni’s existence. He admits that she is in prison today because he is her father.

    The news has caused a flutter among Kani’s admirers.

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