An open letter to the Prime Minister…

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36 Responses to “An open letter to the Prime Minister…”

  1. Wrong one Sharmila. This man is dumb, deaf and blind.

    You should have written to Sonia Gandhi:

    Something like this:

    Don Sonio,

    It is time for you and your offsprings to leave this country. Quit India. Now.

    You have overstayed your welcome in this country. You have outlived your mother-in-law and your husband. You have outlived the sympathy that this nation showed you.

    You have proven that you never deserved our trust.

    Please go. Keep the money you have made. Take whatever else you want. But don’t come back.

    Your father was a Russian KGB agent. You are a fascist. Your children are despots.

    Enough is enough. Pack your loot and scram, vamoose.

    You are not a burden to our nation. You and your children are a disease – parasites that are crippling this nation.

    Quit India Sonio. Quit India Raul. Quit India Piyanka. We don’t need Russian Italians in India.

    God speed.

  2. Aishwarya Says:

    Your previous Open Letter was to Kalmadi approximately a year ago. Kalmadi is history now. Going by that, anyone who receives an ‘open letter’ from Sharmila has his/her days numbered! 🙂

    Good bold post! Way to go!

  3. Asha Patel Says:


    A good letter, however I don’t think Mr Wimp Simgh (our PM) will read that, its time to rise up and get rid of this goverment once and for all.

    Keep Writing


  4. Muraliraja Says:

    Great post! By far best in recent times from you. Should send that post to PM or allow me to send. He may not read. But still let us send. This may sound little crazy. But I sincerely want to send that post. BTW, already within less than 24hrs that post has received 139 comments in TOI site. I guess in another 24hrs that post will be the highest commented & read in Tiger Trial! More power to you 🙂

    • Sharmila,

      That’s good work. Note the underlying sentiments:

      1. Nationalism supercedes regional prejudices.

      2. There is a large divide between intellectuals of linguistic skills and emotional intelligence.

      3. Minority politics is a conspiracy; Majority politics is lassez faire

      4. Crony capitalism is a political issue, not corruption. Corruption is a social malady. It needs social reforms. Social reforms and politics are different occupations.

      5. Miltancy begins when rulers unleash armed forcces on disarmed citizens.

    • Thank you Murali! I am sure MMS will read this, one way or the other. 🙂

  5. We need a break from all this.

    Where is MonaLisa?

  6. Here is a thought for all Americans who are watching this turbulance in India with disdain:

  7. Muraliraja Says:

    Whoa! In less the 24hrs post has already received 209 comments! And it is the most commented post in Tiger Trail.

  8. Now, this is embarassing. I am yet to read your post actually. I simply posted my comment without reading the post. I’ll wait till it appears here.

    Problem is, I hate confusing myself when I am fixed on something. I am supporting Baba Rambo right from the day he launched the Patanjali Yogpeeth a few years ago.

    And I don’t mix politics with social reform. It confuses me further. I guess that’s the whole purpose of politics.

    Let me give you an example,

    I, once, got Angel Gabriel confused in one of my dreams.

    You may well ask why. But this what happens when someone mistakes me for someone I am not.

    You see, I was sleeping peacefully in my room dreaming of happy things when angel gaby floated in through the roof and sat on the ceiling fan.

    I was tempted to switch on the fan but held back. The poor guy’s long beard would have been caught in it and then I’d have to clean up in the morning.

    “Hey!” I said

    “Hi!” he said

    He showed his sparkling white teeth through the foliage.

    “I have come to announce a prophecy. You are chosen to let the world know.”

    “Me? How?”

    “Write on Sharmila’s blog”

    I shook my head, “Won’t work. The world does not read Sharmila’s blog. In fact sometimes I am the only who writes comments, and I read them myself!”

    “I am a messenger” said Gaby, “My job is only to pass the message.”

    “Okay” I said, “Go on”

    He pulled out a long roll of fax paper and read out, “All those who die at the stroke of midnight today will be re-born as children of Abhisekh Bachchan”

    “Where on earth?” I asked


    “It’s always midnight somewhere on earth. Midnight of where?”

    He fumbled with the roll and tried to find some footnote.

    “Err… ” he said

    “Err.. what?”

    “It doesn’t say where” he said meekly

    “Does Abhishek know?”

    “Are you not Abhishek Bachchan?”

    “Do I look like Abhishek?”

    “I don’t know… err.. excuse me…”


    “Yes, Sir?”

    “Wake up! You are getting too old for this. Go away!”

    He faded out, rather disappointed with himself.

  9. Wow.. this is terrifying, sure you were not incepted or something??

  10. Sharmila,

    This is common man’s view, you dare to present it… we dare to support you and to say you thank you very much.

    I came to you blog through TOI and I am so delighted to read your post on PM and those politicians those are slowly killing people…

    Hope you got on this one —> “slowly killing people”

    A big thank to you on presenting your view that reflects public view as well…

  11. Muraliraja Says:

    Most read in Tiger trail! Second most read & commented post of the week in TOI blog. I guess you have to throw a party for all the regular visitors here 😉

  12. Jasneet Says:

    With very heavy heart I have to reply to this article. “Heavy Heart “because well literate people of India have no sense whatsoever of “public Conversation” and have no respect towards Prime Minister of our Country. The reason behind this reply is “Until the lions have their own historians, the history of the hunt will always glorify the hunter…”.
    Answers to your blames are as follows- “appointed via the back doors” This one was really funny, any Person who have a little knowledge of political scenario in India can vouch NO HONEST person can win elections in India, May I remind you the show of power being done in elections or the muscle man Politicians appoint for competition, Lok sabha or Rajya Sabha are distant dreams for Indian masses they can’t even win Delhi University elections(ABVP and Youth Congress Goons have monopoly on that) that’s the reason honest people restrain from politics, that being said. In tough scenarios like this, Mr.Singh being an honest person never gave up and reached top rank of India. His Prime Minister position was in compliance of Constitution of India, although you won’t understand it because you have no respect for constitution of India, apparently your blog shows you have more knowledge/Respect of Bollywood.
    Second- “The fact of the matter is nobody at Ramlila had any intent of being in violation of section 144 or for being in unlawful assembly” wait how did you know that 65,000 people assembled at one place, being brain washed by Politically motivated causes wont eventually turn into Riot situations?? Most of those people were BJP supporters Predominantly known for Gujarat Riots, Babri Masjid, Punjab Riots( By Baba Ashutosh so called Maharaj), 1984 Delhi Sikh Riots and List is never ending. Baba Ramdev himself backed out from the promise he did a day before with government, deficit of trust was there and Delhi Police did the right thing, for a second think rationally, Ramlila ground is close proximity to Muslim dominant area of Delhi, being this 65000 BJP goons there whole night if a riot situation came up- I am sure People like YOU would have writing letters full of impotency of Delhi Police.
    Third- “It had taken considerable time on your Government’s part to take any action against a corrupt Raja or Kalmadi” So you agree action has been taken. Think about the BJP Government, those corrupt leaders would have taken any action?? Wait, there would have been a bigger mess of Commonwealth games and India would have been sorry state for centuries.
    Fourth – “I had once written that “All roads in India lead to Rome”, well, it appears I was slightly off the mark. All roads in India still lead to Rome but now after a detour through Beijing.” You can’t be more wrong- this is your lowest point. People like you,, who do not have any recognizable knowledge of politics, whatever experience you have is of “BOLLYWOOD”(evident from your Blog) wakes up one day, think of supporting your Uncles in BJP write a hateful letter to an honest and respectable human being and still Alive. This is Democracy girl. Beijing does not even have open access to Internet let alone their government bears a letter like this- try doing this once!!!!
    Once again lots of impressionable men and women read crappy articles on Internet, I am sure they would have given you the ethics class in the accounting program you did( apparently seems you failed that!!!!!! ) Please think about those ethics before writing.


    • Jazzy Singh – Thanks for all your comments here, on my blog on Times of India, on my blog on word press. You have missed out commenting on my Twitter page unfortunately. Nevertheless, there are over 400 comments on the times of india site which have painstakingly answered all your points. I suggest you read them. Regards.

  13. Sharmila,

    So far I have been the silent reader rather than a contributor on this topic, because I lack the knowledge to form an opinion one way or the other.

    But after these latest developments I would like to ask you and everyone here a question.

    Do you believe that Baba Ramdev is the one who can bring about a positive change for all of India?

    I personally would have grave reservations to trust someone who starts an action like he did, and then, once trouble foreseeably ensues, is so afraid for his own skin that he attempts to flee in woman’s clothes – and as soon as he is comfortably back in his own four walls, threatens to raise an armed force of 11.000!

    And in the final irony he says: “They must be dedicated, ready to make the ultimate sacrifice.”

    I realize that India needs someone or something, but this does not have the ring of truth.

    I’d be happy however, if someone made a convincing argument in his favor. As I said, I lack the necessary knowledge.

    • IMHO..the Baba has made a wrong move by hijacking what could have been a revolution under Anna Hazare. He should have just backed Anna and remained in the background as support rather than try to come into the limelight.

  14. The point that seems to be missed by all including politicians is the cause is far greater than who or what is driving it. Whether it is Anna, Ramdev, a bunch of intellects from Harvard, or MIT or IIT or wherever or a bunch of clowns from a circus who are peacefully demonstrating for a cause have no right to be treated like the way the Government has. Frankly, I see unity in both Anna and Baba camps now and the more people who try to start groups for the cause the better even if they are trying to outshine one another, so long as the underlying cause is not forgotten. But, yes, I agree there needs to be some sort of an organization of these groups. A leader for all these groups and I think Anna is the right one since he is in a way the pioneer for this movement.Also, I would take everything that comes from the Congress with a pinch of salt. The minute they see anybody dressed in saffron, they conjure up Harry Potter like scenarios. And P Chidambaram who has alleged RSS links is a slippery eel.

  15. Sharmila,

    I agree the cause is great and action is necessary. But in order to really make an impact, the movement must have a leadership that everyone feels part of and that is consistent in words and actions.

    Impossible under the circumstances? Probably not. If the need is great enough, a way will be found eventually, that’s the way of evolution.

    It’s a question of how painful the way will be.

  16. Sharmila,

    Who is this Jasneet? Are you inviting the TOI crowd in this space? This Jasneet sounds like Ma Baker in disguise. I think you should choose what type of friends you allow inside your house.

    Anyway, coming to the subject of Ramdev’s mission:

    I don’t call him “Rambo” for nothing. He is Baba Rambo!. And he is doing exactly what Rambo does.

    The issue here is ‘not’ whether corruption and black money are subjects of politics or governance. The question is also ‘not’ whether the government is defending the corrupt or democracy. We must seperate the objectives from the rhetoric.

    And, in my opinion, this is what is happening:

    There is very little difference between the stock markets at Dalal Street, a gambling den in Bhindi Bazaar, and Indian politics.

    When the bulls open the market, the bears hug the losers.

    Ideally, a punter will ask you to withdraw when the going is good. But when you are an elected representative of the people, it is not easy to scoot with the loot. The justice system will hound you if you do that. So a package deal is brokered between the incumbent and the inheritors.

    “Don’t be too greedy” says the challenger.

    “I am not” says the incumbent, “let me go peacefully and you can have your share.”

    That is what happens in Kerala for example. The ruling government never wins. There are only two parties in Kerala and they are alternately in power every 5 years.

    Anna Hazare is facilitating a smooth transition between the Congress and the BJP. He is a perceived Gandhian. Gandhi was a Congressman. His method is not different from the Congress.

    But objectives of such diverse ramifications are not achieved by one modus operandi. There are multiple engagements. Like the allied forces in the Afghanistan – there is a war and the same time there is also investment in civil governance.

    Anna Hazare is one tool, Baba Rambo is another. Both are paving the way for a changeover from the Congress to the BJP.

    However, that is politics, not reform. Jolita in place of Nidhi, UDP for LDF, Mamta for CPI is politics, not reform.

    Constitutional changes are impossible in the current environment. The evil in India is in black and white. It is written in our constitution. Every liberty that democracy assures the people has been subverted by laws, executive orders and procedural red-tape. The constitution is the evil.

    Rambo has successfully nationalised the issue. Comrade Hazare is a broker.

    Lets see how it goes.

    • I am not inviting anybody here nor am I asking anybody not to come here. It is left entirely up to them. Regarding Jasneet, enough replies have been given on TOI, he can read them there. PC is making a big cry as usual over the army Baba proposes. I hope Baba does not instigate violence because everything right now is in his and Hazare’s favor, as in the public sentiment. I still feel PC is playing with words. I think Ramdev is trying to get a defense and he is not trying to be instigate. After all, come another dharna and he wont allow the police to treat them the way they did.

    • Undoubtedly the issue is nationalized and will be internationalized as well!

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