An open letter to our Prime Minister….

First published on Times of India on 6th June 2011

The response to this blog has been tremendous. The blog has been shared on FB over 6,000 times ( and counting ) and read by a few thousands already. The comments on the Times of India site are by over 400 respondents and I urge you to read all their responses.They well and truly highlight the sentiments of the aam aadmi.

Dear Honourable Prime Minister,

Firstly, even as I type these words and address you as our Honourable Prime Minister, there is a conflict of thought or must I say confusion in all four of the words that I have used. Neither are you ‘dear’ to me, neither do I have full conviction in the usage of the term ‘honourable’, neither do I believe you are at your ‘prime’ and finally, neither do I believe you have been ‘minister’ing anyone. I use the words because I have no choice. Whether I like it or not you are the Prime Minister, even if you have been appointed via the back doors and for not having won a Lok Sabha seat or for not receiving the popular vote, protocol demands it and so be it.

Having said all this, I am not mocking at all your credentials. I still believe you are a great Economist and as an Economist is what you should have always remained as. The country has undoubtedly benefitted prodigiously with the vision you had two decades ago. Today, I cannot say the same thing. You are termed to be popular amongst other leaders. This is certainly not as important as being popular amongst your own people and more substantially not as important as being a ‘leader’ amongst your own people. I must hastily clarify that I do not see you as ‘dishonourable’ per say. I still believe you are a man of integrity and honour who is leading a pack of dishonourable wolves and naturally, dishonour like a surging wave always rises to the top, all the way above your crest, to the crown, where ultimate dishonour firmly resides. And the icing to the iceberg of dishonour has been your ‘deemed’ approval to the proceedings a night ago.

India has relived Tiananmen at Ramlila a night ago, a pro democracy movement that too ended on the 4th of June in 1989. New Delhi, eerily reminded me of the great Forbidden City and Ramlila grounds that of the Tiananmen gate to the Imperial palace. Your Government must bear moral responsibility for it’s atrocious actions against peaceful demonstrators. More than anyone, you and your ‘leader’ must do so. It is irrelevant who was staging the peaceful demonstrations for a just cause, anybody has the right to do so, even if it is a saffron clad yogi or a pseudo intellect or an intellect or grazing cattle or monkeys swinging on trees. The fact of the matter is nobody at Ramlila had any intent of being in violation of section 144 or for being in unlawful assembly. It was your government that has deprived us the freedom of assembly or association, a civil liberty that has been snatched in a rather tyrannical fashion when there were no apprehensions of threat or danger.

The action taken by your Government a few hours back was swift and calculated and it now puts your Government completely at risk of contesting a losing election. This you have successfully done so at the expense of snatching away the basic rights of the civil society, but you cannot snatch away our right to vote. It had taken considerable time on your Government’s part to take any action against a corrupt Raja or Kalmadi, but how swift were you in preying on harmless citizens like a swooping vulture? And how is it that this Baba is suddenly perceived to be a threat when your Ministers were seen prostrating before him when he arrived in New Delhi? For your Government, this Baba is the black sheep albeit he is not the one who is carrying his three bags full, your Ministry is and provenly so.

The silver lining I see to the despicable and aggressive actions have been the unification of the split camps of both Anna Hazare and Baba Ramdev. The government should now be prepared to deal with a force, which is likely to bring it to its knees (and I sincerely hope it does). To hear one from your party call Ramdev a ‘fraud’ is asinine to say the least and coming from the mouth of one who had addressed Osama as Osama’ji’ is ludicrous. It highlights two things very clearly. One is, your party has created it’s own definition for ‘fraud’, ‘corruption’, ‘megalomania’ and so forth (it is of course very different to public perception). Second, your party respects terrorists but treats harmless citizens who have probably never heard a gun shot in their lives scurry like headless chicken.

Do not think that like all events that were meant to be significant and have passed into insignificance, so will this. This event will be long remembered. I had once written that “ All roads in India lead to Rome”, well, it appears I was slightly off the mark. All roads in India still lead to Rome but now after a detour through Beijing.

Warm Regards from a harmless citizen who has the right to demonstrate in collective assembly.


18 Responses to “An open letter to our Prime Minister….”

  1. Did you notice that international media like BBC World and CNN have ignored these events in India?

    The tribal uprisings in tiny Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and Syria were given money, resources and media coverage by the allies. Contrast this to their silence on the fashion-minded twitterati who joined Anna Hazare in the first leg of this campaign.

    I noticed that the rest of the world, including India, was quick to grasp the political mechanisms that caught Tunisia and Egypt napping.

    India has gone one better on the counter attack. The political parties have created a pre-emptive hoax in place of a real uprising.

    The real rebellion against the constitution is still-born!

  2. Media Reports:

    M F Hussain dies a natural death in a hospital in London. Osama, Illyas Kashimiri, and now M F Hussain. God is good. The viruses are dying before killing the host.

    • Dear Reader, you are equating MF Husain with Osama and Ilyas Kashmiri. are you sure who MF Husain is? or are you blabbering from your sleep?

      • Whats the difference between an AK-47 in Osama’s hand and a paint brush in Hussain’s hands drawing nudes of Saraswati?

      • It’s the difference between life versus death and good taste versus bad taste.

        Equating them sounds very fundamentalist to me. But then, I am not religious.

  3. madan pyasi Says:

    Is it all about bringing the Govt. to its knees???? Changing the govt????Making elected representatives realise that they are servants???

    such populist demands by civic socities like Anna or Baba not diluting and thus, damaging the very core of the parliamentry democratic system?

    Two examples
    1. After 9/11 attack popular demand was that in similar situation the Airplane be shot down. However in such a situation the pilot would not open the (now bullet proof) cockpit door come what may happen even if all the passangers are shot by the hijakers. Are we ready to accept this?
    2. Popular demand is that the rapist especiallyt of minor girl be given death penalty. Won’t this result in the rapist killing the victim as he would be aware that on her evidence he would be hanged?

    I leave it to the wisdom of the intellectuals to decide and create opinion

  4. It’s the difference between life versus death and good taste versus bad taste.

    Equating them sounds very fundamentalist to me. But then, I am not religious.

  5. Hi Sharmila,

    I read this post on the TOI website, and also attempted leaving a comment, but it was taking too long a time and finally i gave up.

    i must confess i am confused as to what exactly is right in this situation. i share the anger expressed by Civil society against the corruption and the inaction of the ruling governments against this.

    Though i may be wrong, i also believe that Civil Society should not be making it a practice of blackmailing a democratically elected government at every available instance.

    As i said, i could be wrong !

    • Hi Smiles. Valid thoughts. The blog though in this instance is on the Govt had no right to impose section 144 when the protests were peaceful. Secondly, the Govt is playing a great role in deviating from the core issue by examining Ramdev’s assets, calling him names and alleging RSS links and creating mythical situations about the violent intentof the protesters. They seem to be disinterested in tackling corruption, they wont do it, it is their own peril if they do, thats why the pressure needs to be ON all the time from both Anna and Ramdev’s camps. Give them an inch and they will take a mile. I don’t see satyagraha as blackmailing so long as it remains peaceful. What other way is there to make our Govt listen? Has anything else in the past worked? If there were other options, they may be trued. But, I am yet to hear what other option could there be? The people’s voice is the best option, the louder it is, the better.

  6. Anand Khare Says:

    Baba Ramdev is confused what he wants while the Government is clear on its intenetions. Even Anna’s supporter didn’t like Baba’s intentions of joining them. So it has happened. In India, it is very easy to collect few thousand persons if you declare that you are a sanyasi. Normally, no one doubts and believes you. I think there should be some system of accredition of these babas to facilitate the naive felllow countrymen.


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