The Piranhas of this democracy

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35 Responses to “The Piranhas of this democracy”

  1. Muraliraja Says:

    The collective strength of billion people is far greater than the money power of few hundred politicians. We just need to channelize our energy in the right direction. Media & civil society should lead from the front & common man should support them without any second thought. I think it is happening & only it is matter of time before this nation becomes less corrupted πŸ™‚
    I strongly feel writers like you should play a major role in this movement. Writers should keep reminding the citizen about the state of this nation. We are nation full of listeners. We listen to the bull crap politicians speak. When people are listening to lies, it just means one thing. They don’t have anything good to listen. And if every writer, speaker use their words to ignite & inspire this nation, I’m sure we will be super power in no time. Pen is mightier than sword & history has proved this “n” number of times.
    There are no piranhas in this country. Only cowards disguised as piranhas. These politicians are unhealthy, illiterate or less educated, lack social skills, closed minded people without any futuristic thinking & with lots of ego. Have you ever seen any man with these qualities become successful or lived happily? It is easy to beat these guys! All we need is unity, courage & persistence which I think today’s youth possess. Keep writing Sharmila. This nation constantly needs to be reminded.

  2. My comment on your post went to the moderator. I think I typed the email address wrong. Never mind. Shall post here if it doesn’t appear there.

  3. Okay here it is:

    Sharmila: The congress has very few choices left. PM Manmohan Singh is waiting for an opportunity to have the last word. He can declare that he will most likely ask his position to be included in the Lokpal bill as was done without any fuss by Atal Bihari Vajpayee when it was first proposed. Or if the congress coterie has some skeletons to hide, get Anna Hazare admitted to AIIMS or Ram Manohar hospital from where they can eliminate him at will and use brute force against the protestors later. The Gandhi dynasty has always been a dictatorial regime.

  4. I have to log off. The net is so slow, it is like Manmohan Singh on anabolic steroids.

    Shall log in after dinner.

  5. There are two things that are delaying the lokpal bill.

    One: Comrade Hazare was not prepared with a draft in advance. Unlike Sharad Pawar who has an army of retired collectors who write schemes for him. Or Sonia Gandhi’s NAC that drafts all the bills for Manmohan Singh. This was a failure to plan.

    Two: The germs in the congress like DogVijay, Kapil Sibal who have planned to fail.

    • Sharmila Says:

      Planned to make it fail? BTW, do you really think MMS will have the last word? Really?

      • I think he will finally pose as Mr. Clean and include his post in the scope of the lokpal bill. The droolers and pigs in the Congress will call him a hero! Sonia and her son are excluded as they are not holding any official positions in the government. She and her coterie of 20 in the NAC are not accountable for the diktats they issue to Manmohan Singh and his cabinet.

  6. Anand Khare Says:

    The biggest question is who are minnows and who are piranhas. After the Lokpal bill, PM and Judges are likely to be converted into minnows. Lokpal and his office is likely to become piranhas or may be sharks.

    Some people are piranhas and sharks but pretend like minnows.

    Real minnow is that, who has a chance to become piranha but remains as a minnow for society’s larger interest.


    • Sharmila Says:

      Anand. Are you serious?

      • Anand Khare Says:

        I was really apprehensive about the comment’s seriousness. It is a confirmed ‘non-sense’ now.


    • Sharmila Says:

      Nothing is nonsense. if you observe closely there is sense in nonsense. I am just curious to know how different perceptions affect the outcome
      of various visions.

  7. Aishwarya Says:

    Ah…hmmm…pew-yew…fishy…verryyy fishy!

  8. The signal is almost null in the desert. There is a regular sand storm. The wind is blowing in circles. There is a wall of moving sand 50 feet in the air!

    Vijay Mallaya as Kingfisher, the bird or the beer? He has an iconic beer belly. But that can hardly be called predatory!

    • Aishwarya Says:

      Or a bird after a beer that goes… yalla barra kookaburra…

      Finding it difficult to picture him as a hapless minnow. Wonder what corruption means to a beer baron…

      • La hola vi la kuwwa illa billa… would say the kookaburra makers if Mallya decided to ball a maiden over

        Funny thing happened last after the facilities’ inspection. The team called us for a small party. Someone had organized the drinks.

        Everyone here knows I don’t drink alcohol. The host offered a can of Australian Fosters.

        “No, thank you.” I said “I don’t take alcohol”

        “This is not alcohol, Sir” he said, politely, “It’s beer.”

        I smiled and said,” I’ll have an Italian mango juice”

        He brought a rather large jar of fresh mango juice.

        “Alphonso juice Sir. Italian mango from India”

        And the evening wore on leaving me with an idea of renaming some of the brand names we are used to.

        We should have something called Sonio Mango Juice or Mallya Diet Pilsner.

      • Aishwarya Says:

        Beverages with messages – Crushed Sonio. Diet Mallya. Congress All Nut Shake. MMS (Mango Milk Shake). 2G (Grape and Guava).

        Alphonso is named after a Portuguese I think. But continue under an Italian iron hand and soon all Indian names will end in ‘o’. Only mango, aaloo, and Lalloo will feel at home…

      • The original marathi name is Apus or hapuus. The portugese names is Afonso or Alphonso. The Italian name is Sonio!

        Changing name to italian, as you say should be easy:

        This blog name will be Sharmilo sayso. Sharmilo speako tamilo ando anglo-australiano. Aishwaryo speako mallo, arabbo ando russko.

        Readero speako nonsenso.

      • Aishwarya Says:


        No no…

        Readero masto kalandaro…Readero numero uno. Besto!

        Nowo Aishwaryo forgeto Englisho, so tako breako.

  9. Oh yes, he is predatory but charmingly so.

  10. Muraliraja Says:

    Have you guys seen the Ashwin-Mallya video which is doing rounds in the Internet?

    • There is a story about some Poonam Pandey and Mallya being charged for some obscene photgraphs. Poonam is charged for nudity and Mallya is charged for his french beard!

    • Pray tell.. what is this????

      • Mens room gossip. :I

        Vijay Mallya is still making it large on page 3, although he has some competition from his eligible young son.

        I don’t know about the Ashwin-Mallya video. Ashwin is a cricket player I believe. So that would have to be some cricketing controversy. Vijay Mallya wears a ring on his left ear. So he is not the other type.

        Poonam Pandey was planning to streak across the ground after India won the World Cup. She is also one of the pin-up girls for Mallya’s annual calender. A dare-bare girl whom the income tax department can never find fault with. She has no hidden assets.

      • Muraliraja Says:

        It is a silly video created by a CSK fan. Nevertheless have fun!

      • lol.. ha ha.. love Mallya’s zapped look ! But, hey, we may just get Ash next year… maybe you guys will get Gayle. Who knows.

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