The piranhas of this democracy…

First published on Times of India on 14th June 2011

Piranhas are known to be extremely ferocious predators. They also have another important role to play in the ecological set up within which they operate, they are expert scavengers too. No longer are the Piranhas confined to the Amazon basin, they exist in plenty in our own country. They manage, they lead and they raise their ugly heads and devour the small minnows in a hapless fashion in order to satiate their voracious appetite. And just in case the small minnows decide to come together to tackle the giant piranhas, then the minnows get attacked by a school of cannibalistic piranhas. The minnows are helpless and face the brunt of the bloody aggression, either they retreat timidly or continue to bleed slowly. But can this be changed? Can the minnows fight the Piranhas? The Piranhas believe they cannot.

Congress today has called Anna Hazare an “unelected tyrant”. This is the nonsensical equivalent of a Piranha calling a gentle minnow a ‘Piranha’ or a ‘Shark’ or by any other predatory name. It sounds absolutely goofy. Undoubtedly, even an imbecile will know who the real tyrants of this democracy are. The actions at Ramlila grounds a few days ago substantiate this fact even more. And going by the responses to my blog last week, which was an “ Open letter to our Prime Minister”, the mood of the respondents clearly indicates the frustration with the present administration. Majority of the respondents believe that the administration has rather consummately proved the adage “ Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely”. Of course, there were the scattered odd respondents who honestly believe that the administration is rightfully in control and their tyranny is much needed to push back a vociferous democracy. This is a democracy that is demanding checks and measures for sane reasons.

It is but obvious that the Government is doing everything in its power to scuttle the efforts of Anna. What frustrates me and possibly a few million more is the inability to really corner the predators of this democracy in an organized fashion. Anna needs more support than ever before to take his vision to completion. Even if I am not a follower of Baba Ramdev, I believe in the fight against corruption. The Government’s response to the cause has been one of extreme distrust. This is not just Anna’s initiative or Ramdev’s initiative; we need to make it our initiative if we believe that we are an integral part of the civil society. Mr Sitaram Yechury from the CPM has questioned Anna’s and Ramdev’s intention of representing the entire civil society. He said, “But the CPM is of the view that Anna Hazare and Ramdev Baba cannot claim to represent the entire civil society. If they are civil society, are we uncivil society “? I think Mr. Sitaram Yechury has just answered himself. The Lokpal law is the only sensible option that we have (for now) to drive ‘more’ accountability from a power hungry Government. It has become even more imperative that the August 15th deadline is met despite every effort that is being taken to scramble and defame the Lokpal movement. This is our only opportunity and all that we have.

The civil society is not about broken fragments with multiple opposing views. The ideologies of the civil society must be the same and the ideologies should unite and not divide us. If it is dividing us, then this will surely but lead to Anna’s movement be abandoned in a haste and we must be aware of the forces which are keen to do so. The democracy is not attempting to take authority in it’s own hands, this is why we have an elected Government. What the democracy wishes is for the elected authority to be held accountable rather than gallivanting as an unopposed force and seen as usurping the country’s wealth by it’s vulgar display of power. The recent events have also probably enlightened the democracy more on the rightful usage of the voting finger.

We can still come together as peaceful but firm minnows and fight the school of circling and hungry Piranhas. We are but colourless minnows and our bodies don’t flash the colours that our predators wish us to. Neither are we going to be used as a bait to trap a hapless victim, one of our own. I believe in the power of our numbers. It may take ten – thousand minnows to corner one hungry Piranha, so be it. When one Piranha is cornered, the other Piranhas will scavenge on him. Herein lies the difference; the minnows will never let one of their own down.


7 Responses to “The piranhas of this democracy…”

  1. We must aim at a planned extermination of this species. This creature is due for extinction en masse. 500 corrupt men and women cannot rule the destinies of 1.2 billion people. Those 500 and their creed have to be eliminated. There is nothing divine about predators and flesh eaters.

  2. Discipline and efficiency are not the same thing. Discipline is for soldiers, efficiency is for leaders. The devise needs to have scientific discipline and Gandhian efficiency to confront this monstor.

  3. Aishwarya Says:

    Karunanidhi without goggles.

    Neat smirk…must have been clicked pre-elections…

    Hmm…cool pic.

    • Aishwarya,

      Have you seen Narsimha Rao’s photograph? The pouting lower lip and a flat nose are like Narsimha Rao.

      I was also thinking of Devegowda, but he could never open his eyes as wide as that!

      May be Sonio or Mayawati after a quick drink in the morning.

      Hmm… not Mamta, the eyes are too round for a mandarin-bengali.

      Not Jollita amma either, the piranha is slimmer and more beautiful in comparison.

      • Aishwarya Says:


        Narsimha Rao is a good guess!

        No beard and turban, not Manmohan…

        Nice pout but no lip gloss, so not Munni, Sheila, or Shalu…

        Looks like it was clicked on the dentist’s chair by the paparazzi…

      • Thats right. I think you nailed this one. It looks like a combo version of Prince Charles and Queen Elizabeth II.

        The expression is like Prince Charles flying a solo sortie over Afghanistan; the teeth are morphed from his mother’s childhood photographs.

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