The glass walls of hell..

I urge you to read this. This is a subject very close to my heart. Thank you.

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  1. Breeding animals for food or pleasure is an example of human intervention in natural philosophy. It is justified in conditions where human life is threatened, sustained or improved. The method and efficiency range from grotesque and barbaric as witnessed in the video, to sophisticated and mechanical as demonstrated by the stainless steel thawing cabinets manufactured in europe.

    I am not speaking about hygiene. Once the execution is decreed, how it is done is only a procedure.

    I am neither speaking about how an efficient technology can make this process painless. Within the human species we have moved from the guillotine to hanging to electrocution to chemical IV injections; from disposing dead bodies to the vultures to burial to cremation on pyres and presently incinerating them in electric furnaces. These are only procedures and improved by ‘kaizen’.

    I am more concerned about the ‘right to kill’.

    I am a vegetarian. I do not kill for food. I do not even inhale the stench when I pass by a butcher’s shop.

    But I have nothing against killing per se. I would definitely kill for a cause, be it an animal or a human being.

    The cause is my responsibility, and I do not let others decide that for me – not even God. I do not respect death. There is no such thing as a philosophy of death. I do not believe in a kingdom in heaven.

    My cause is the end. My life is the means. My virtues, ethics and values are my responsibility. I do not seek a society’s sanction for my responsibilities. Right to kill is a fundamental right, like abortion.

    The causes for which one kills are decided by the individual. If they create a legal conflict between the society and the individual, one of them has to perish. In most cases the individual loses, except when one is the head of the state or the society and granted indemnity by the judiciary – like the royal family of england, or Presidents and Prime Ministers of respectable countries.

    There is also another instance where the individual defeats the society – through religious doctrines, as shown by Taliban.

    One must rule his own life, in order to be free of the society’s strictures.

    • I have many questions. Will login again with them. But, does not death have any respect? No dignity in dying?

      • Death is an event, just as life is a process. The attributes of life are not applicable to death. Dignity is a pre-qualifier for integrity; it is an attribute of life.

        Dignity is bestowed by the cause, be he a soldier, a mercenary or a butcher. The cause is a damaged view of life. Death is the effect.

  2. Have got 10 free passes to the premier of ‘Buddah… hoga tera baap’ next Thursday 30/6. Thanks to the movie club. Appears it will be worth 2 1/2 hours. Some good ads making the rounds, without that the usual clips from the movie.

    • Wow.. awesome! In Mumbai??? Did you see Balki promos? Pretty good? And then the big news of the smallest B!!!!

      • Yes, heard about the announcement of Aishwarya’s pregnancy.

        A famous numerologist has predicted that there is a 50% chance of a girl, 50% of a boy and another 50% of both. (I always wondered why this guy went for numebrology when he couldn’t add correctly!)

      • Oops: Numerology.. not numebro

      • The news about Aishwarya’s pregnancy is all over the media. It’s only AB and his twitter. Bollywood’s god-father to become grand-father. Abhi-sheikh hasn’t said a word so far on camera.

  3. Anand Khare Says:


    Congratulations on the news of smallest B. I can see you are so happy about it. Many EF at the BigB blog have already started admiring smallest B. A superstar is on the way.

    Expecting a detailed blog on the subject asap.


    • Good suggestion Anand.

      The only snag is that AB is followed by the ho polloi of all the journalists and dignitories. They may write about it after the delivery.

      A good line making the rounds on chain mail:

      How did Aishwarya declare to Abhisheikh about their baby?

      “Mayn tumhare bachchan ki maa banne waali hun!”

      My suggestions for a new post:

      1. Crime rates against women: UP vs Delhi

      2. Slut-walk in Delhi (coming up in July)

      Condition: The post must have a factual yet positive and non-critical tone. Do not hold individuals responsible. People come and go, ideas trend and stay.

    • There is one topic that is not suitable for a TOI blog but worth mentioning.

      There is an inherent distrust among the working class about intellectuals in India. This is not unlike the attitude towards Brahmins in the earlier days.

      But a topic like this requires a lot of research. Probably interviews of masters on the subject like Ramdev, Medha Patkar, Uma Bharti, Vinayak Sen etc, and then a good deal of recce on the ground that is impossible from Hong Kong or US.

  4. Sharmila,

    I don’t think I’ll make it for the big day. I’m flying to Delhi on Monday. From there by road to Hardwar to meet Rambo & Co. Shall be in Pune on Thursday and return to ME on Friday morning.

    Rather rushed.

    • Anand Khare Says:


      Pls try to attend Gangaji’s aartee in the evening at Har kee pedi in Hardwar. A great hindu experience.

      I know it will be crowded these days due to summer vacations. But it is a ‘don’t miss’ in Hardwar. Please stay back on the bank after the aartee to see the beauty of floating lamps in the river. Best view comes from the platform below the clock tower.

      A similar aartee on lower scale takes place at Rishikesh also.


      • Thank you Anand,

        Wahaan se Joshi math jaana hai. Aur saath mein ho sake toh ma-pitaji ka shraadh bhi karna hai.

        Shall also visit Alaknanda at the Laxman jhoola in Hrishikesh. The name is alaknanda, right?

      • Hmm.. no.. the river is already Ganga by the time it comes to Hrishikesh. Alaknanda, Bhagirathi and Mandakini join much before that at the prayags.

    • Have a great trip Reader!! I look forward to hearing all about your trip here on this blog.

  5. Anand Khare Says:


    You have a very hectic schedule. These days due to heavy traffic it takes about 7 hours from Delhi to Hardwar. In night it can be done in five hours. Hardwar to Joshimath must be around 10hours. Joshimath to Badrinath around two hours.

    As per my information ,vehicles don’t ply in the night in many stretches of the hills due to very dangerous ghats.

    Scenic beauty of Bhagirathi and Alaknanda is beyond words. Take heavy woolens. It is going to be very cold up there.

    Hopefully everything will be completed as per schedule. Remembering parents at such pious places is the best thing to do. All best wishes for the pilgrimage and the ‘shraddh rites’.


    • Anand,

      I am glad you cannot see me at this moment. Tears just rolling out as if something has broken inside.

      in 1972, I was right here at this spot holding my mother’s hands and staring at these scenes. Father was standing waist deep in the water praying for his parents.

      Purnamadah purnamidam purnaat purnamudachyate
      Purnasya purnaamadaya purnameva vashishyate.

    • Purnam adah, purnam idam, purnaat purnam udachyate |
      Purnasya purnam adaya purnam eva vashishyate ||

      … … … That is Perfect, this is Perfect; Perfection is borne in Perfection |
      … … … Take perfection from perfection yet the perfection remains ||

      My translation in The Upanishads (Post 5) on Sharmila’s blog in Reader’s Digest

      • Anand Khare Says:

        The concept is so simple but so profound at the same time. Indian scriptures are always like that from Ved Vyas to Sahir to Reader.:)


  6. Anand Khare Says:

    I can’t forget Raj Kapur’s take,

    • Anand, Sharmila

      Curious. My travel plan is being done by Hamed Al Habsi. An arab boy who has never left this city and his desk, but he knows every village and town on the route with people and phone numbers!

      He called in just now. It’s an either or. I cannot do both Hardwar-Hrishikesh and Jyotirmath. So, it’s going to be Muscat-Delhi-Hardwar-Hrishkesh-Hardwar-Meerut-Delhi-Muscat. Joshimath and Pune are dropped! Better luck next time.

      It’s an official visit to Delhi and Meerut. Hardwar-Hrishikesh is AWOL.

      Anand, sansaar suhaana lagata hai… yahaan pahadaon ka husn mil jaaye toh kya kehne! 🙂 Himalay ki waadiyan, Sahir ki gazalein, aur kisi ka khoobsurat saath ho… aisa ho asar ke hosh udd jaayen… 🙂

  7. TV Channel News 24 is doing a good job with Bbuddah hoga tera baap.. just saw top 10 AB scenes from the past. I don’t agree with their choices, but good pastime.

    My fav AB scenes would be:

    10. Deewar – Mayn aaj bhi pheke hue paise nahin uthaata…

    09. Namak Haram – ‘Get out, will please shut up and just get out?’…

    08. Natwarlal – ‘Meri maa, idhar nahin udhar ja’…

    07. Zanjeer – Jab baithne ko na kaha jaay, chup chaap khade raho…

    06. Hera Pheri – Chalaana hai to taxi chalao, hawai jahaz chalao…

    05. Kaala Patthar – Haan mayn bujdil hun, kaayar hun…

    04. Adalat – Nahin Munna humka chuo naahin…

    03. Amar Akbar Anthony – Roberts? Kaun, Andy Roberts?…

    02. Silsila – Saans lena saans lete rehna zindagi nahin…

    01. Agnipath – Maa, aye maa, chal ghar chal…

  8. AB’s best theme…

  9. Anand Khare Says:


    I can understand your sentiments. In fact, the moment I read your intention of doing shraddh, the scene was created in my imagination.

    An Arabian helping you is highly appreciable. At vaishno devi and amarnath, I heard that most of the guides and helpers are kashmiri muslims.


  10. Sharmila Says:

    In Chennai. Will log in today evening..:)

  11. Anand Khare Says:

    Very unusual silence here. What’s up guys?

  12. hi. how are you today?

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