India’s temple wealth not in safe hands

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2 Responses to “India’s temple wealth not in safe hands”

  1. Muraliraja Says:

    Sharmila, I had the same feeling when I visited Brihadeeshwara temple few days back. We are not capable of maintaining or restoring our monuments which is every much evident when visiting any heritage sites in India. Most of the citizens know this & mostly no one took any action or did their bit in preserving it. All we did is discuss with friends or write a blog about it. Every citizen is a part of every monument in our country. It is our pride, our history, our culture, an example of our rich heritage. We should protect it & take pride of it. But we do none. We shout at wrong place. Everything we say fall on deaf ears. If really we are worried about these monuments I think we (everyone commented here) should dig deep & find out why these monuments are not be protected properly & what best we can do to improve it.
    Coming to the topic of protecting the wealth of Ananta Padmanabhaswamy temple I think the trustees & the Royal family has did a great job in protecting the wealth. Media & Supreme Court are doing reasonably good job in bring the info to public domain. If we (citizens) are vigilant, I’m sure this wealth will be in safe hands. But the real question is will we be vigilant? Or just like other issues we just speak, debate & move on to the next news? The problem is we see news as news & not as problem. When we have headache, it is a problem not news to us. As it is a problem we take some action. First let us take news in a serious sense. Not a matter to debate during prime time or in blogosphere. First it happened in tea shop now in blogs. I know things will change, we will be more responsible citizen & I’m quite positive about it. But I don’t know when?
    BTW, as usual, well written post!

    • Well said. But, what is the real reason for Govt’s inaction or laziness or ineffectiveness. It is their lack of accountability. This again comes back to having a strong lokpal bill which can later be extended to encompass more and more areas.

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