Another black day…

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19 Responses to “Another black day…”

  1. Anand Khare Says:

    Our efficient democratic system will bring the culprits to justice.


  2. Stop bullshitting guys…! Don’t u guys see the reason why we can’t stop these things..Its because every time something happens, we decide to move on..Common…how can u forget these attacks and become normal the next day.Bullshit! The US didn’t forgot the 9/11 attacks even after a decade and we forget it the very next day and become normal! The common man has always projected himself as a helpless guy, when the truth is that he is the biggest culprit. Do u guys really think the Govt. can stop these things when everyone, each one of us is corrupt. Where from the Govt. is gonna hire the cops?? And who is gonna work in what now everybody is talking of- Intelligence agencies? And where from the technology for such an agency will come? Huh?? We just know the blame game and thats it! What is our reaction to the last blasts- Call our relatives in Mumbai, check if they are fine, then log into the facebook account, write some ingenious (we think what we are writing will really change the scene!) comments about what the Government should do and we are satisfied that we have expressed our wrath. We did our part. This is what we can do. Bullshit! We are the self acclaimed ‘most-morally’ correct people on earth when the reality is that we are the most-morally corrupt people on earth and the biggest hypocrites on this earth. If we really want these things to stop, the common man has to shed that helpless tag and step forward and do the change. Nothing else, just nothing is gonna help.

    • I fully agree. There is a recommendation that military training must be made mandatory like the way it is in Israel & Singapore. I am sure this will pave the way for a more patriotic breed who rise above just blogging and facebooking as you term it.

      • It’s a huge cost to train so many young Indians in military even for one year. Can we afford that, when all that money can be diverted to actually building schools and promoting education. Doesn’t look economically feasible to me.

      • For a start how about diverting the INR 1 lakh crore scam money for a program like this? I am sure its enough to train a few thousands, if not a few hundred thousands!

      • Yeah exactly. The amount of black money there is abroad..each student can be sent to Harvard or Yale…lol

    • Anand Khare Says:

      I also agree but for the ‘bullshit’ so many times.:)


  3. I don’t think we need to make the army training necessary for our kids. I mean its just that we need to provide our kids better education, so that once they have developed a sense of what is right and what is wrong, they can choose for the absolute right, rather than just complaining. Military training won’t make us any less corrupt. Once we have this sense of right and wrong, we can give this- ‘I don’t care’ attitude, we will press the Government till the point it takes some concrete actions and no Government will see itself out of power for making some radical changes in the social structure. The problems in our country have percolated so deep, it is not possible to solve them by central planning. It has to be decentralized and every Indian has to participate. Because I believe, every Indian is patriotic at some level. Its just that it has faded and other things have taken over. And Anand sorry about that word, its just that at some point of time, you have to use some strong words!

    • I think instilling discipline from a young age is important. The next generation needs to be groomed for a more patriotic stance than what this current generation feels. Once patriotism and loyalty seeps deep, corruption by itself will take a back seat. Thats my take. Not sure if I am right or wrong, but we need to start somewhere before we throw our hands up.

      • I think schools can do that job perfectly well. Don’t u think so….You don’t need to be at the border to show ur patriotism..

      • I dont think you need to be at the border, I speak of training in an academy, the rigors will surely make a difference to one’s attitude.

  4. Good article….need media, bloggers like you and everyone to write such articles to keep putting pressure on government. Don’t know if it works or not…but i am bored…i am bored of the govt’s response to terror attacks.

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