Reader’s Digest…( Contributed by Reader )

Selected reading from Narada’s Bhakti Sutra – The ecclesiastical code of devotion
by Reader

Athato Bhaktim Vyakhyasyamah ||
… … … I shall now elucidate the meaning of devotion ||

Satvasmin param prema rupa ||

… … … This is the eternal form of love ||

Yat prapya na kinchid vanchati, na sochati, na dvesthi, na ramate, na utsahi bhavati ||

… … … Once found one neither covets, nor laments, nor hates, nor delights, nor enthuses in life ||

Yat jnatva matto bhavati stabdho bhavati atmaramo bhavati ||

… … … One who knows it thus in intellect, is steadfast and sated in the self ||

Loke vedeshu tat anukul aacharanam tat virodhi udasiinata ||

… … … Be indifferent to the conflicts of social commands and apposite conduct ||

Bhavatu nishcaya dradhya urdhvam shastra rakshanam ||

… … … Be righteous and remain firm in preserving your honorable discipline ||

Loke api tavadeva bhojanaadi vyapaaras tva shareera dhaaranavadhi ||

… … … As long as this embodiment exists, one has to indulge in social interaction ||

Naaradas tu tat arpita akhilaacaarata tat vismaraṇe parama vyaakulateti ||

… … … I say devotion is the submission of all conduct to One; forgetting which, one is always at unease ||

Phala roopatvaat ||

… … … Devotion is the outcome of all endeavors ||

Avyaavṛtta bhajanaat ||

… … … Devotion is incessant reverence ||

Kas tarati kas tarati maayaam yaḥ sangam tyajati yah mahaanubhaavam sevate nirmamo bhavati ||
… … … Who overcomes, who can pass illusions? One who can dissociate and nurse this realization ||

Yah vedaan api sanyasyati kevalam avicchinn aanuraagam labhate ||

… … … One who renounces the scriptures, and dwells in this one unceasing musical note ||

Sa tarati sa tarati lokaams taarayati ||

… … … Such a person indeed overcomes and passes, and takes everyone along ||

Pramaaṇ aantarasya anapekṣatvaat svayam pramaaṇatvaat ||

… … … Devotion needs no validation; devotion is its own validation ||

Yatah tad eyaḥ ||

… … … For This is That ||

Guṇa mahaatmya asakti-roopa asakti-pooja asakti-smaraṇa asakti daasya asakti-sakhya asakti vaatsalya asakti kaanta asakti atma nivedana asakti tanmaya asakti parama viraha asakti roopai kadhaapy ekaadasadhaa bhavati ||

… … … Devotion is one state that can be felt in all the eleven forms: In virtues, in perception, in worship, in reminiscence, in service, in friendship, in compassion, in passion, in spiritual calling, in matter and in severance ||

[Translation and interpretation are mine. ]


19 Responses to “Reader’s Digest…( Contributed by Reader )”

  1. Sharmila,

    Thank you.

    Just when I want to be on the blog, I get assigned with impossible tasks in the office.

    Was all morning on a rather imaginative task, working on a gap analysis of the goodwill account.

    In a competitive environment, goodwill is the difference between the market value and book value of the services, while in a monopoly like ours it is the value of jobs in hand against the capability.

    I turn into an index which is easier to plot on an excel sheet.

    Back in a moment…

    • I have updated the blog with an image and spaced the text..

    • sounds very interesting! Would be interesting…

      • It is indeed interesting. Stuff that we do mentally for small things, are magnified in large professional companies. A bit of stats and colorful charts are added for effects.

        That is one of the secrets of my consistency. My job is an extension of the life I lead at home! 🙂

      • One of the things I believe now is that the human mind uses ratios and proportions continously for any sort of assessment, except when the values are empirical.

        Difference is, some do it rationally and some call it guts.

        While doing the gap analysis on goodwill, I use the indices for plotting the deviations on a bell curve. Sometimes I use the 80-20 learning curve if the ratio is simply time dependent.

        Whatever tools I apply, the result is always intuitive and the top management use it to make their own judgements. I have often been surprised by their decisions.

      • Happy deepavali Reader. May you continue to shine your light on all of us. 🙂

  2. Sharmila,

    A request. Is it possible to open this page on the dashboard and put a space after each english line for readability?


    Devotion is a very peculiar subject and I feel it is epistemically misunderstood by even great sages like Valmiki, Tulsidas, Purandardasa etc.

    Loyalty, Commitment, Sacrifice (Tyaaga), Subservience, Renunciation and some altruistic qualities have been attributed to devotion in the scriptures. This has changed the structure of social interactions. I don’t call them weaknesses, but still harmful in many ways.

    For instance, Hanuman is a symbol of strength and devotion. He is one of the seven qualities that are called perennial.

    Ashwathama, Bali, Vyasa, Hanumanascha, Vibhishana,
    Kripa, Parshuraamascha, saptaiytaam chiranjeevinaha ||

    The seven qualities that shall reside among humans forever. Ashwathama – deceptive destroyer, Bali – sacrifice, Vyasa – historian, Hanuman – devotion, Vibhishana – political turncoat, Kripa – teacher, Parshuram – warrior missionary.

    I feel the devotion that Hanuman represents is not loyalty, sacrifice or subservience. Devotion is not a detachment from the results of karma. It is not an aesthetic expression either.

    Even in the Bhagwat Gita, Krishna asks Arjuna to remain unmoved by the cause and effect of actions. But he does not call it devotion. The Sankhya and Karma yoga, dealt in the second and third chapters, He changes the focus from objectives to the process, from destination to the journey, but never calls it bhakti, devotion.

    The Bhakti yoga, or devotion, described by Krishna in the twelfth chapter, is exactly in the nature of what Narada has defined it.

    • I am confused here. So, what do you think Hanumanji represented? If not loyalty for his lord? Is it just love ?

      • Hanuman is absolute pure devotion as described by Narada. Not loyalty. Loyalty is for a subject, principle or objective. Hanuman has none.

        His devotion is simply admiration gone divine.

        That’s my two cents.

      • Note the last aphorism of Narada:

        There is devotion in all the eleven forms of transactional motifs: In virtues, perceptions, worship, love in all forms and disappointment.

        Devotion is independent of all of them and intrinsically evolved in the subconscious. That is Hanuman. Devotion is superhuman in its purest form.

        Love, awe, wonder, loyalty, passion etc are corollaries drawn on the basic premiss of devotion.

  3. Here is my version of devotion:

  4. This one is incomplete. I couldn’t find the next part.

  5. Here is a devotion that is diametrically opposite to Narada’s experience. Both are equally good. Like mirror images:

  6. Someday, when I retire, I’ll look like the picture above with a few minor changes.

    I’ll have a long white beard. The veena will be too heavy for my age.So I’ll carry a bamboo flute.

    Some sort of footwear may be required. Antelope shoes? Alligators? Buffaloe leather? Hmm.. no… I’d rather remain in my own skin.

    May be I’ll craft wooden flip flops. Unlike leather soles that only go tic toc tic toc like a country waltz, wooden flip flops sort of rock and bang at each step.

    Oh well, it’s too early to think of all that. May be I’ll just engage a PR company or Gucci to design the outfit.

    • you wont be surely wearing animal skin!!!.. crocs maybe? ; 0

    • I am having problems with the wi fi again.. sorry for the rare appearances. What are your plans for diwali?

      • My plans for diwali are the same as the last few years.

        I’ll spend time reading literature and missing people. This list of people I think about keeps getting longer every year.

        It’s a week long holiday here because diwali coincides with Eid holidays this week.

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