Wishing you a Happy Deepavali..

Wishing you all a happy and prosperous Deepavalli 2011. May the Goddess’s choicest blessings always be upon all of you.


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  1. Anand Khare Says:

    Thanks. We also wish you a very happy and sparkling Diwali.


  2. Aishwarya Says:

    May the glow of the diyas light up your path with continued prosperity and success.

    And for myself…May the sights and sounds of the sparklers and crackers distract me from the array of sweets…

    Happy Diwali!


  3. Rajesh Singh Says:

    Thank You Wishing You a Happy and Safe Diiwali.

  4. Sharmila, Aishwarya, Anand, Murali,

    A very happy diwali. Diwali is a festival of victories and achievements. May this diwali bring new inspirations and new frontiers to conquer! Lets surpass our own expectations this year. Lets beat our limitations. Lets be perfect.

    When the creation was new and all the stars shone in their first splendour, the gods held their assembly in the sky and sang β€œOh picture of perfection the joy unalloyed.”

    But one cried of a sudden – β€œIt seems that somewhere there is a break in the chain of light and one of the stars has been lost.”

    The golden string of their harp snapped, their song stopped, and they cried in dismay – β€œYes, that lost star was the best, she was the glory of all heavens!”

    From that day the search is unceasing for her, and the cry goes on from one to the other that in her the world has lost its one joy!

    Only in the deepest silence of night the stars smile and whisper among themselves – β€œVain is this seeking! Unbroken perfection is all!”

    Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore in Geetanjali


    I’m sorry I was offline all day. Was called away to do a recce for a new project.

  5. Anand Khare Says:

    A very inspiring one. I need to read Gitanjali. Thanks Reader.A very happy Diwali to you and extended family of Sharmila.


    • Anand,

      Wish you and your family too. Anand ka matlab hi hota hai Anand, Joy!

      Yes, Gitanjali is a must read. That gives me an idea.


      I’ll write a bridging document for the Gitanjali. Something that can introduce, inspire and draw the new generation reader to the original masterpiece.

      One line of 7 to 9 words for each of the 103 songs in the Gitanjali. That’ll be around 1000 words. What do you think?

      If I can get it in the same rhythm as Tagore, that will be great. Let me try it over this weekend.

      The national holidays have been announced here from the next week. So, I’ll have to sleep in the office till next Wednesday before I can sleep at home for a whole week.

      Sometimes I feel like a security guard in a government office in India. I sleep wherever I am.

  6. vishalbheeroo Says:

    hey Sharmila
    happy Diwali. May the lights and the new season add sparkle to ur life

  7. This is a special edition for Anand and all those who have loved Tagore’s Gitanjali – only for Sharmila’s blog page.

    First a few notes

    Gitanjali is a collection of 103 poems. The gender of the narrator (poet, singer) is feminine. It is the journey of her life from childhood, youth, marriage, motherhood to old age and death.

    I have written 103 lines – one line to give the gist of each poem, in exactly the same order as they occur in the book. The progression becomes obvious as the narrative moves on.

    I had set myself a limit of 9 words in each sentence and get as close as possible to the rhythm of the original theme.

    I sincerely hope I have done justice to the masterpiece.

    Here it is…


    A Bridge to Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore’s ‘Gitanjali’ – By Reader

    Your boundless creation makes my song immortal. Your calling fills me with vain pride. I am daunted by your compositions. I pledge my allegiance to your truth. I pray for a moment’s harmony to begin. Come; hold my hand lest I falter. So my songs can stay simple and sincere.

    Mother, do not imprison me with worldliness. I shall not be shaped by material yearning.

    Devotion is obstructed by pride so often. This deliverance is realized only by effort. I must search far and wide for myself. My song remains unsung. Though sufferings make me abandon worldly desires. I seek honor only through my song. I have lived my karma in this world. I am waiting now for your call. I am restless in anticipation. I await the awakening. I have failed my insights often before. This waiting on emptiness seems futile. I hope Truth does not evade me tonight. Where are you?

    I am weary of this struggle. I am not prepared for worship. I sleep in ignorance. Pray, awaken me with your enlightenment. Futile attachments and inhibitions tear me asunder. I am enveloped by walls of selfdom. My own self follows me everywhere. I have imprisoned myself thus. Love is not love that does not liberate.

    Your blessings are invaded in the night by naive guests. But I am happy to remain in the bonds of your love. Into that heaven of freedom, father, let me awake! I pray for the strength to liberate myself. Your song is everlasting. I seek to attain you, nothing else. You are my holy spirit, my life, my strength. Your fervor burns me all over. Where are you?

    My songs are emancipated by your silent attention. I found you today. This is my life, my delight. I have always known you thus. I feel your presence. I awaken myself in you. I look back with a smile at my fear of this journey. You heard the song of a simple novice.

    I regret saving myself from you. You came so in a dark dreadful night. You gave me the gift of disengagement. It is more precious than all my virtues. Our love is seamless. May this joy fill our being! Thus is our love undivided. Our love pervades all, like light over life. This is the joy that needs no words for expression. Your love fills my being so!

    Life is a sport, death is an appointment. Life begets life as love begets love. Now I marvel at the charms of your creation. Now I know the truth of your immortality. Now I know the futility of surrendering this divinity to obscurity. I am nothing if I am not divine love. This is my inner self whom I have always preserved.

    Life of all lives, your radiance is eternal. Benevolence is benevolent because it lets evil be. Life is eternal. Ephemeral joys live and die in this everlasting association. You are the life of my life. I am not tempted by illusions for emancipation. I am captivated by your music. I am mortal; you are the meaning in all. When I am done with this mortality I shall be with you. Like a child with a parent. This is the perfection.

    Let me suffer my pain in silent seclusion. I am merely a pawn of destiny. If not for you, my life would have no purpose. My fear of time is dispelled by your timelessness.

    Mother, bless me again with your grace. This severance is the cause of all suffering.

    The rewards of life are not taken after death. Yet I shall welcome death as humbly. But now I am unable to find myself anywhere. Where am I, the deity of my own temple? In a world of useless inconsequence I find no pleasure in good or evil. Death can deprive me of nothing. Yet I wait for death as a bride waits for her groom. Amid prospects of death, I see how precious everything is in this world.

    I bid a peaceful farewell. I shall part with empty hands. Death is as unknown to me as life was when I came. Remember that I have known the imperishable. I did not know it as divine till I saw the world bow to it in worship. In death too I shall not escape unconquered. I am now wiser; I shall not struggle in vain. My music is now boundless; my songs are now immortal. I found you through my songs. Yet, even now, I cannot describe your meaning.

    I salute thee, my God.


    Happy Diwali.

    • Brilliant! Thanks for sharing this here..

      • Sharmila,

        I haven’t done it before. I wrote it here yesterday afternoon in the comment box. Took me 4 hours, fitting the theme of each poem into a sentence of 7 to 9 words. I am still not good at the rules of poetry. The number of syllables, the beat and tenor are difficult to achieve in a comment box.

        I should try easier ones first.

    • Anand Khare Says:


      Wah! Wonderful work. Its an honor to know you Reader.

      I don’t know Gitanjali was originally written in Bangla or English. Since it received a noble I feel it must be English. Gurudev was known to have perfected both the languages. Never formally educated but created a world class institution called shanti niketan. A versatile writer, painter,singer, musician and thinker he was.



      • It’s a pleasure Anand. I’ve always enjoyed literature.

        All the songs in Gitanjali are written in Bengali. There were three volumes called Kheya, Naivedya and Gitanjali. Tagore translated them himself. The collected works were awarded the Noble for literature.

        His originals are in rhyme and rhythm which are often recited in concerts. He translated them to prose in English.

    • Anand Khare Says:

      Thanks Reader. Never knew this. Lot to learn in your company.


    • Should have had this as a separate post..

      • Sharmila,

        This one was extempore. It’s alright here. There are many more classics in the waiting.

        Some day, if we persist, the Reader’s Digest section of your blog is going to be in good demand. It will be a ready reckoner for Indian literature.


  8. This has been your best in a long time.

    Thank you, Reader!

    • πŸ™‚

      Thank you.

      The original is so good, any work on it has a good flavor. Tagore got the Noble Prize for Gitanjali.

      I have only presented the narrative aspect. As I said, I’ve written one line to represent one poem. Pick any line and read the corresponding poem you’ll find the connect.

      There are many more hidden pearls in Gitanjali. It is a complete synposis of Indian ethos post-Upanishads. (Upanishads are theosophical writings of saints. They are the last works of the vedanta philosophy.)

  9. Tagore chose the style of narrating in songs from a remote tribe in Bengal. The language and structure is called Bali.

    They use simple words to narrate moral stories. They compose their own music. It is now famoulsy called Rabindra Sangeet.

    Bimal Roy, used the narrative style in his films like Kabuliwaala and Do Beegha Zameen.

    S. D. Burman used it in his compositions. Most of his Hindi songs are originally done by him in Bengali.

    Let me put up some songs today.

  10. Here is a typical Baali format. These singers are called ‘Vasudev’ in Maharashtra. They come every morning to the house and give their good wishes. The custom still prevails in the villages.

    This song is sung by Kishore Kumar.

  11. Bimal Roy made a film from a short story written by Tagore. ‘Kabuliwaala’. It’s the story of a migrant pathan from Afghanistan who is saving money to go back someday.

    The narrative in the song is simple and honest to the theme.

    This is sung by Manna Dey

  12. Here is a song in the same format composed by S. D. Burman. He had done the original in Bengali. The Hindi lyricist Anand Bakshi had a tough time putting the right words and the meaning to the meter.

    This is sung by Lata Mangeshkar:

  13. R. D. Burman, son of S. D. Burman, inherited the musical treasures and skills of his father.

    Here is one of his works in the same format.

  14. Anand Khare Says:

    The song from Kabuliwala took me back to 1974. I was eight years that time. We had a small gramophone at home. One of our favourite EP records was ‘Children’s Songs’. This song was there along with Nani teri morni ko mor le gaye, Neena ki nai ki nav chali and one more song not able to recollect this time.

    Later, I read the story kabuliwala in my school. It was a true story based on his eldest daughter Minni. Minni in later life got annoyed with him and parted ways. She died of cancer soon after that. Gurudev loved her too much. He wrote another story on how he felt when she stopped meeting her and about her last days.I read that story also somewhere. Perhaps it was titled Minni in her memory.

  15. Oops… Nobel… not noble…

  16. Anand Khare Says:

    One more. Thanks..

  17. Aishwarya Says:

    Safe, sweet Diwali gone by. Back to the daily grind…:(

    Wish the next was the La Tomatina festival! Wild, crazy, fun…bekhudi bekhudi, har taraf har taraf! But the government says No! Sheesh, these politicians are such spoilsports!

    Just one life. Take the world and paint it red…

    • Aish,

      In our calender there is a festival every 14th day.

      The next is the Tulsi Marriage. Sri Krishna declared Tulsi as a holy plant for its medicinal qualities.

      Every household was asked to plant a Tulsi outside the house.

      It has several uses. The paste of the stem is used in mosquitoe repellents. Leaves are used in sweets to control blood sugar. Just keeping a leaf on the tongue prevents an asthmatic attack. Tulsi has a long history in Ayurvedic medicine.

      Herbivores like cows, buffaloes and goats eat Tulsi when their stomach is upset. On a normal day they don’t eat the plant, but they scare the cats and dogs from coming anyywhere near a Tulsi plant.

      Tulsi flowers on Kartik Purnima, which is the first full moon after Diwali. Farmers seed the winter crop on that day.

      • Aishwarya Says:

        Yes. For us, a house becomes a home only when a proud Tulsi adorns the inner courtyard or garden.

        There are two varieties, the Krishna Tulsi with purplish green leaves and flowers, and the Ram Tulsi which is green.

        Nothing like a good herb garden for most home remedies, and incredibly effective too. What better way to encourage hygiene and health education than a festival!

        I have only heard of many festivals including the Tulsi Marriage, not celebrated them. Every festival has its own charm and is a beautiful reminder of our rich tradition and values. Perhaps minor changes to Holi would make it a Tomatina…healthier than harmful dyes…:)

      • Some civlisations have nothing for amusement except vice and religion.

        We must not stray too far from our own traditions.

        Shreya swadharmo vigunah paradharmaat swanushtitaat |
        Swadharmey nidhanam shreyah paradharmo bhayaavah ||

        … … … Even if another culture appears to have better qualities |
        … … … It is better to die in our own; a strange one is fearsome ||

      • Aishwarya Says:

        C’mon Reader, it’s only a tamatar…

        Learning, sharing, acquiring, adapting, and advancements is good only for serious literature, you feel…?

      • Aish,

        Not at all. I was just comparing the outcomes of public celebration of events.

        There is no such thing as irrelevant literature. I have been lucky to find some great works from all over the world. It’s all good. Some better than others.

        Frankly, my discrimination begins only when I make a choice for myself. Otherwise I’ve nothing against any of them.

      • Aishwarya Says:

        I was just kidding, Reader…

        I know your thoughts and views on most subjects like the back of my hand now… May be I should grow that beard for mastery over a man’s mind?:)

        I enjoy the variety in different customs and like to participate just for the experience. It’s like we have pizza once in a while. Ultimately, I always crave home food and that’s what is best for me too. I am incapable of straying…

      • Aish,

        You are at a stage where you have to do more than safe guard yourself from strange aggressors like me.

        You have accepted the additional responsibility for passing on your own good traditions to the next generation.

        That, I guess, is in itself a full time engagement.

      • Aishwarya Says:

        It’s not much of a responsibility as in a ‘burden’. It is more a natural process, but I do understand how important the role is.

        Strange aggressor? Now you tell me! Where is a tomato when I need one?!

        Okay, okay, I get the message. I am leaving. For now.



      • Are you calling me a tomato?


        I am deep brown like a Chikoo – Sapodilla in English.

      • Okay. Me too. Watching now… Satyam Shivam Sundaram on Zee Classic… Raj Kapoor must have saved a fortune on Zeenat Aman’s costumes… practically nothing to report…

      • That’s a Zee-nat Classic. She rarely leaves anything to the imagination.

      • Zee-nat classic?…. πŸ™‚

        Long ad-breaks…

        Have you noticed, Raj Kapoor has this knack of persuasion… hammering his theme in every way from every angle throughout the movie… In the music… in the settings… in the ambience. The theme constantly appears in every moment and every frame…

        Like an Ayurvedic medical prescription… repeat the dose till the patient dies…

        Ishwar Satya hai… Satya hi Shiv hai… Shiv hi Sunder hai…

      • Shashi Kapoor’s expression and the palpable emotion when the meaning of the phrase and its realization dawns is perfect.

        Raj Kapoor movies are a musical treat. But I was not very fond of the breathy panting romance of Raj Kapoor and Nargis. Only the songs.

      • Aish,

        Just finished. Satyam Shivam is one of his best movies. He has a solid command on the subject; its history, its myth, its reality, everything.

        My favorite thematic scene is when Shashi’s character discovers that she is pregnant. He refuses to accept the marriage, the wife and the baby. Zeenat is completely broken. He drags her out of the cottage to the temple, with several onlookers following, and Lata’s voice breaks out of the chaos… “Satya beej hain, ankur hai shiv, sunder roop hai saara, daya karo prabhu, ho na kalankit…. ”

        Raj Kapoor is at his merciless best at that point; doesn’t care a damn who likes it or not… just says it as it is… “Satya beej hai, ankur hai Shiv…”

        Fantastic presentation…

      • This is that scene, starting at 12:00 minutes on the timeline:

        Satya beej hain, ankur hain shiv, sunder phool hazaaraa
        Daya karo prabhu ho na kalankit, yeh vardaan tumhaara

      • Aishwarya Says:

        Woh aurat hai, main mehbooba, woh sab kuch hai, main kuch bhi nahi… The integrity of the ‘other woman’.

        Making us see his view point, no matter how different…that’s a movie maker’s magic.

      • Thats true.

        There is another one… Chanchal Sheetal Nirmal Komal… Shashi’s character has this fixed idea of a gentle, aesthetic woman who reflects everything that is beautiful…

        The stark contrast is… Rang Mahal ke dys darwaze… the song has been edited out after the chorus… the first line is taken from a famous folk song…

        Rang Mahal ke dus darwaze, na jaane kaun si khidki khuli thi, sanyya nikas gaye mayn na ladee thi

        A woman embodies all the navrasas – nine aesthetic feelings – plus divinity. A man expects all the ten. When one is missing he feels let down…

      • Aishwarya Says:

        Watched the entire clip, Reader. At a loss for words… Thanks for sharing.

      • Where is your phone?

      • Aishwarya Says:

        Right pocket. Vibrator mode.

        Good Morning…


      • Missed opportunities. Good morning. I am back in the money making machine called office.

        This week is going to be rather rapid. People are preparing to close pending actions before the vacations start. Some people like to imagine that they have no jobs during a vacation. On the other hand, I like to leave things pending so I know I have something to do when I am back.

        There two types in my office:

        One, those who choose the best choice available to them.

        And the other are:

        Those who choose what they can live with.

        I am the second type.

      • Aishwarya Says:

        Some people make choices emulating the choices other make. That doesn’t work. Different people. Different temperaments.

        The best choice is the one we can live with. Be it a job, a life partner, a friend, a blog,…or furniture.

      • Egad.. Life partner, friend and furniture! How poetic can you get… πŸ™‚

      • Aishwarya Says:

        A woman loves her furniture. Just try spilling something on it and she’ll let you know how much… πŸ™‚

      • Hmmm… I know how that feels. I used to sit for hours in my house listening to the rest of the family discussing and arguing. I felt like a furniture most of the time.

        But we were a family of boys. The furniture was usually a part of the artillery; weapons that we threw at each other when parents were away and we were left to our own devices.

        It was put in order the moment we heard the clang of the gate opening. It took about 2 to 3 minutes for them to walk from the gate to the room, which was enough for us to find the broken pieces and put them in place.

      • Aishwarya Says:

        Put the broken pieces in place? Aaarggghhh!

      • There were two things that we purchased in gallons at home.

        One was WD40 (greasing oil) and another was Fevicol.

        If something didn’t move use WD40; if it moved too much use Fevicol.

      • Aishwarya Says:


        That’s like a dermatologist’s rule.

        If dry, moisten. If moist, dry it.

  18. Right now I am washing a pile of clothes, cooking something for myself and also watching songs of Bazigar on a channel called Masti III.

    I’ll step out for a few hours now… leave you with this song…

  19. I realized one thing from Tagore’s Gitanjali.

    Tagore for all appearances – the long beard, a bushy moustache, the thick eyebrows and mane – was most assuredly a man. Yet the Gitanjali is written with a woman as the narrator; and it is acknowledged world over for its artistic perfection.

    Therefore, Gitanjali is an obvious evidence of man’s mastery over the most complex of natural elements – the woman!.. πŸ™‚

    Not only did man understand a woman, he also designed a cultured civilisation around her identity!

    • I wish I had a beard like Tagore. Perhaps that could inspire me to write my own Gitanjali. I’d call it… Swaranjali… offering of musical notes…

    • Aishwarya Says:

      A woman is the muse for some great artists and litterateurs. She embodies gentleness and strength. Suffering and tolerance. Patience and wrath. Forgiveness and vengefulness. Pleasure and pain. Naivety and wisdom. A woman was created as a puzzle for man.


      P.S. I don’t know what’s gotten into me. Better be off for a while. Need to get my daughter’s philately stuff organized. See you.

      • I know. I understand what you mean.

        That’s my advantage of being a man.


      • Aishwarya Says:


        More advantageous being the puzzle than the puzzled…

      • Long back, when I had solved the Rubic’s cube, I would pass it around to see if anyone could do it as quickly as I could.

        Ofcourse, my brothers did. But there was no one else in neighbourhood and among school friends who was able to solve it.

        It became so boring after a while, I wished I had not found the solution. Those who were trying to solve it seemed more thrilled than I was!

        Moral is: It is less stressful to enjoy a puzzle than to be one.

      • Aishwarya Says:

        A Rubik’s cube was not designed on a woman then.

        Remain unsolved. That’s the mantra.

      • Ofcourse not Rubik’s cube was designed by him for satellites of NASA to turn the solar panels and transponders in all directions.

        That’s the specialty of America. For me, America is not a country; it is a culture. Perhaps the only culture on the planet that is designed around science and technology instead of the men and women who populate their region.

        Remaining a puzzle must be an asking task!

      • Aishwarya Says:

        Not really. We were designed that way…:P

  20. There is a diacritic festival celebrated in villages of Maharashtra today.

    The male buffalo, which is called the vehicle of Yama – the lord of death – is worshipped today. They are dressed up in colors and peacock feather crowns, and paraded through the village. At the end of the day there is a bull race in some villages, and bull fights in others.

    There is another festival today in the coastal regions of Maharashtra. The first buds of flowers on the mango trees are plucked and consecrated in the local temple. Raw mangoes are ready for pickles by the end of winter.

    • Aishwarya Says:

      That’s lovely! Seasonal food recipes is another traditional speciality that works wonders for health too.

      • Every day in the calender has something special. These days somethings are not matching because of the slight shift in the seasons. The monsoons have advanced by about a week ahead and last longer almost upto the Sharad Purnima (Near about Dassera).

        Earlier, the 10 days of Ganpati and 9 days of navratri dances before dassera brought all the winter clothes out! Colorful sweaters hand woven and embroidred by agony aunts at home.

      • Where are the agony aunts?

      • In the earlier days, agony aunts not only made sweaters and pickles, they also made rules. Now they are missing from households. Where are they?

        One piece of the jigsaw of a family lost…

      • Nuclear, cellular families have now taken the fun out of childhood. No aunts, no community, no neighbours.

  21. Anand Khare Says:

    By chance I also wathced Sss in parts today. It was playing yashomati maiya se when I told my wife what a bhajan. She threw the belan from the kitchen which landed directly on the table where I spreded by legs.

    I am craziest fan of Raj Kapur’s wisdom. He directed movies like Shri 420, awara,aag,jagte raho,boot polish while he was in his 20s and 30s.SSS and mnj are his philosophical best.

    • Anand,

      Hope you dodged the belan.

      Mera Naam Joker is outstanding. The narration, the music and the direction are par excellence. There are so many signature tunes that I had to once give them names and write them in order.

      I had named them as, The Teacher, Uparwaala sabse bada joker, Ee to yah, aadha fasaana, Aye bhai, jaane kahan and ofcourse Raj Kapoors personal favorite the Danube waltz which occcurs between before the first verse of Jeena yahan.

  22. That brings an end to my weekend. Good food, good television and a good blog. What else does a man need?

    Good night…

    • Aishwarya Says:


      Good Night, Reader…

    • Aishwarya Says:

      What else does a man need?

      A woman to share it with. Ha!

      • Hmmm… thats a tricky reply…

        There are times when a woman appreciates a man in such a way that his ownership of joy (or pain) associated with his work is hijacked. The poor chap feels as if whatever he is doing is only for her!

        Do you think that’s why a man needs a woman to share with?

      • Aishwarya Says:

        Joy is to share and in sharing…

        Why own it?

      • May be that’s why women are an advertizer’s first choice for marketing FMCG goods!… πŸ™‚

      • Oops.. FMCG only.. Fast Moving Consumer goods… what is FMCG goods…

      • Aishwarya Says:

        If it was so, Katrina and Asin wouldn’t be in the Aamsutra (Slice) and Miranda ads…


        Where is Sharmila?

        Probably time for the new post…

      • Oh, I think you misunderstood what I said.

        Aamsutra is a consumer good, thats why women are chosen to advertize it.

        I didn’t mean Katrina and Asin are FMCG. They are fast ofcourse but I am not sure about consumable.

      • Aishwarya Says:

        What’s the cricket team, Salman, Aamir, Akshay, Saif doing in Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Thums up, and Lays then?

        And who sits in front of the TV consuming it all?

      • Women do the marketing. Men consume.

        Advertizers choose men only if the women do not fit the bill. Men do not have the MFN status in advertizing like women do.

        Imagine men in mini skirts as cheer leaders in IPL. Men would be cooking in the kitchen and women watching cricket.

      • Aishwarya Says:

        Women watch Hrithik in Milano and cannot decide which is yummier, chocolate cookies or him…

        Men and women, both have their space and value in marketing.

        What does advertizing have to do with joy and sharing?

      • I thought you wouldn’t ask.

        Let me give you an example:

        Suppose I am a vendor on the beach at Juhu selling sugar candy. (In Mumbai we call it ‘Budhi ka baal’, old women’s hair).

        Now, if a charming girl likes it and says, “This is fantastic. Thank you. You are amazing!”

        Should I say like a valet, “I aim to please, ma’am” or “Customer satisfaction is my motto”

        Or should I simply smile and shut up, because I know I like to make candy? I don’t care who likes it and who does not.

        Sugar Candy is an FMCG. What am I sharing?


      • Aishwarya Says:

        I see…

        But that’s not why he needs a woman to share with…

      • I know. But what does a man share? And what would a woman care about?

      • Aishwarya Says:

        Good food, good television and a good blog…;)

        She cares about him. Period.

      • Good Morning,

        Oopss… ofcourse I was thinking of Cotton Candy.. not sugar… what the $@!#! I was busy yesterday doing the bow-tie model on a risk register. Was logging in and out during smoking breaks.

        Vocabulary has a certain tuning. Some set of words and sentences just don’t strike when I am not in their mode.

        Buudhi ka baal was quite popular in Juhu in my childhood. I don’t know if it is still.

        Those were days when film actors were not stars. I have met Sunil Dutt, Jeetendra, Dharmendra, Sarika and many others walking on the beach. No one mobbed them. (Probably because everyone was mobbed. Mumbai is a crowded place!).

        “Good Morning, Sir” I said to Sunil Dutt once. He was walking toward the Bandra railway station.

        (Have you seen him in ‘Munnabhai’? Sunil Dutt was absolutely the same in real life. He was very tall, gentle and had a permanent smile on his face.)

        “Morning beta” he said without stopping, like a school principal walking past the students in a corridor.

        Next moment he was lost in the flowing mass of commuters.

      • Aishwarya Says:

        Good Morning,

        Today’s actors are insecure. The moment they feel they are losing their stardom, they panic. I have sensed that in AB too…

        Hum do bhatakti aatma Sharmila ki sunsaan haveli mein kya kar rahe hain? Where is everybody? Can we time travel and find them a la…


      • Harsha Bhogle and his wife Anita have written a book called ‘The Winning Ways’. It’s one of those corporate motivational books for managers.

        The USP of the books is the large number of big names who have contributed to the book.

        Mukesh Ambani has written the foreward. Rahul Dravid has written the epilogue. Sachin, Sehwag, Abhinav Bindra and whole galaxy of stars from the world of sport have their place.

        The unique style is in converting sport into an industrial brand and how it works.

        Harsha Bhogale as you may know is a cricket commentator. His wife Anita is a former Kulkarni (D/o R. S. Kulkarni). She is an IIT, Mumbai graduate and an alumni of IIM Ahmedabad.

        Purpose of saying this here is: Successful people do things in life with a purpose, and keep doing it till they get lucky! πŸ™‚

      • Aishwarya Says:

        Duh…I am lost…

        Is that why AB does what he does or the reason people blog?

      • Reason why AB does what he does.

  23. Aishwarya Says:

    Let me share a video clip here. I am sorry it’s a little long…but the visuals say it better than I can, on sharing and caring…

  24. Looks like a silent evening on the blog. I am forced to watch Sanjay Dutt and Ranbir on Colors! Dropping off in the chair… bboaarrrreedd…

  25. I am sorry to be away for a bit, I have not been keeping too well, all the festivities I presume has taken its toll! I Shall return in a joffy. My TOI blog is long overdue too!

    • jiffy.. this is why I need a break!

    • Wishing that you are back in the pink of health… Tc

    • Sharmila, Aish,

      I am paid for advising the operations teams in my company. Over the years I have learnt that a statement of advice never helps anyone. As a giver I may feel that I’ve done my job but the reciever cannot even recollect the words. That’s human.

      That’s where epistemic tools come to my rescue. I leave the people with a thought and a few processes to asses it. They choose one or more of the processes and arrive at their own judgements.

      In most cases, they reach the some conclusions albeit from different angles and for different reasons.

      For Sharmila, I could have said: Slow down, you are burning out; Candles are meant to be indoors, out in the tempest you need a flare.

      Those are nice words to hear. But it doesn’t deliver results. She may smile and click on the next tab to read the traffic on twitter, facebook, gmail or TOI.

      The only way to get Arians to act is: Leave the obvious things unsaid; draw a large frame of reference with just enough space for random movements and ask for performance.

      The frames of reference work like guidelines. The performance often beats the benchmark!


      This is the third time you have reported ill. I don’t know if it is a good illness or just an ailment. Whichever it is, take care.

  26. Reader,

    I can be blunt, butterfly-minded and exasperating. Since we are talking star signs, let me blame that on the duality of the twins within…

    • πŸ™‚

      Exasperating is the ‘third’ dimension… πŸ™‚

      • Ha ha…very funny! Anyway, that’s the other person’s problem, I am busy as it is being the first two…:P

        As an a person in an advisory position, how difficult is it to be neutral and give an advice without appearing judgemental or partial?

      • Sitting on the fence you mean? Never.

        One must have an opinion, or admit that the information or knowledge is inadequate or inaccurate.

        The most important practice is: Always say ‘I feel’ or ‘I believe’ etc. Or else, people lean back and say, “Chill man, speak for yourself!”

      • Two dimension is better than a line diagram. If we have the right contrast two dimensions give a clearer picture.

      • Aishwarya Says:

        The way I see it, people don’t change much. The only time we see a change is when they feel their comfort zone is threatened. At a work place, that could be in the form of a pink slip in the offing. But shortly after the hurdle is crossed, they revert back to their basic nature. The change, if any, has to come from within and when they are ready for it…

        BTW, isn’t a line diagram two dimensional? See, I am working on the ‘exasperation’ dimension with my incessant questioning…:P

        You have a good day, Reader…and I’ll see you soon…that is, if you STILL want to see me…


      • Lunch time entry.

        I think Yadnyavalkya, the author of Brihad Aranyaka, got it right about ‘managing change’.

        The evidence of change in people is subtle when it occurs. It appears in actions after it is devalued by the person to his/her level of incompetence.

        The change is not in the utterance of the right words at the right time like a parrot performing on a stage. The change is in the way a person justifies the same principle differently because of a change in the underlying belief. Like money or love or fidelity.

        For example, the Indian national emblem has the vedic words: Satyam eva jayate. – The Truth shall prevail or The Truth shall triumph. As a child I knew what the line meant – simply ‘Truth wins’. However, now I know that is not true.

        For example, accusers may make charges based on evidence at hand. The accused can defend the charge by substantiating his actions. In the end justice prevails, not the truth.

        Managing change is about managing the reality of the truth.

      • Aishwarya Says:

        I wish I knew the meaning of the verse in entirety from where ‘Satyam eva jayate’ has been taken.

        I believe justice is what one manages, depending on one’s experiences, beliefs, and sense of justice.

        There is only one Truth, the reality of which I feel is not in our hands to manage…

      • Delayed in the office…


        The first part is easy. Satyam eva jayate means Mr. Satyam always wins, whether he is right or wrong.

        Sense of justice is a tricky one.

        Justice is the recognition of the fact…that to withhold your contempt from men’s vices is an act of moral counterfeiting, and to withhold your admiration from their virtues is an act of moral embezzlement… says Ayn Rand

        I say, justice is an objective evaluation with reference to an uncompromised standard.

        Truth is a rational fact established in reality. In my opinion, managing truth is the simplest thing anyone can do.

      • I say, justice is the result of the evaluation, not the process of evaluation itself.


      • I meant, the meaning of the entire context in which ‘Satyameva jayate’ has been mentioned in the Mundaka Upanishad…


      • You are probably chilling after a long day at work…

        I’ll catch you later…


      • That’s a semantic. I like to use Justice as a process or a system of functions rather than a judgement. But nothing wrong in calling it the result of the process.

        In either case one needs a benchmark, that has to be above board.

        Remember the difference between Lokamayna Tilak and Gandhi.

        Both were lawyers. Tilak fought the cases of sedition against him trying to prove that he had not broken the law; he defended his actions. Gandhi refused to accept a law that was against the principles of natural justice; he courted punishment.

  27. Aish,

    The Mundaka Upanishad is best understood by the initiated. It’s very involved because of the range of complex concepts it covers. ‘Munda’ is clean, Mundaka means removed of all contamination.

    My translation might do injustice to many believers. I’ll translate it nevertheless. Don’t hesitate to disagree.

    [In my opinion, ‘Jay’ is not victory in this context. ‘Jay’ is to live, as the hindi equivalents ‘jeena’ or ‘jeeva’]

    Satyam eva jayate na-anrutam;
    satyena panthaa vitato devayaanah |

    Yenakramantya rushayo hy apta kamaa,
    Yatr tat satyasya paramam nidhaanam ||

    … … … Truth alone survives, not the fallacious

    (‘rutam’ is right, not truth; an-rutam is wrong or faulty, not untruth);

    … … … Righeousness is the persuasion of godliness |

    … … … This is the course endured by austere sages,

    … … … To the sublime destination of true wisdom ||

    • Sri Krishna says the same thing thus in the Bhagawat Gita

      Na-asato vidyate bhavo, na-abhavo vidyate satah |
      Ubhayo rupi drishtvantah, tvanayo tatwa darshabhi ||

      … … … Untruth (asat) is non-existent, truth does not cease |
      … … … This non-duality is known as a principle by the wise ||

      (Somewhere in the Bhagwat Gita.. can’t recall where)

      Translation mine.

    • The word ‘jaya’ is also used for ‘vijaya’, the correct word for victory.

      In the context of the Upanishad, I feel Jay means lives, or survives, or prevails.

      • Aishwarya Says:

        Good Night ? 😦


        Good Night…

      • Aish

        Good Morning,

        I am sorry I was brain dead by the time I finished the translation last night. Any further writing would have seemed like a mime doing a rock and roll.

    • Aishwarya Says:

      I feel, justice is human. Managed by beliefs and laws. It can be more than one, like the colors of the rainbow.

      The Truth is white. Singular, divine, and in the hands of the Creator.

      • Truth is plural, real and divine…

        In fact, I remember Michael Jackson once told me, it doesn’t matter if it is black or white. He was rather lyrical about it.

        He gave up Christainity and embraced Islam when he stayed with a royal family in Bahrain. Something similar to Cassius Clay who became Mohammed Ali.

        MJ’s life became hyphenated after that. All his music was then released in Al-bums.

        See, the truth can be hyphenated… πŸ™‚

      • Lol…gross…

        The picture in my mind is, White – Prism – VIBGYOR,
        Truth (white) passing through the prism (the individual), forming the VIBGYOR (his perception of right and justice).

        Having said that, now you know I am crazy…

      • In cognition, concepts are evolved from perceptions. Both white light and spectra are perceptions. The concept is the nature of light. That’s how wireless transmission was invented.

        Concepts to be useful have to be applied by virtues. Virtues are guided by values. Values are decided by metaphysical opinions. Metaphysics is generated by philosophy.

        The method involved in the process is called epistemology.

        Don’t google for this. It’s my structure.

      • Thanks, Reader… I’ll stick to my understanding of truth and justice. And, no, I don’t need google or goggles for it.

      • Brave girl.

        I’ll be back in a couple of hours. I am doing a PERT check on the new project.

      • See you…

      • Hope that is not a Dharmendra style ‘see you’… Dekh loonga, ek ek ko chun chun marunga Jay… ek ek ko chun chun kar marunga.. gabbbbbar aa rahan hun mayn! Dhantadannnnn…

    • Aishwarya Says:

      In the last line, “Yatr tat satyasya paramam nidhaanam”, why do you say ‘true wisdom’, Reader, and not just the ‘Truth’?

      • Because ‘Truth’ is not an entity in this quote. It is an adjective, quality or predicate of an existent. Something is True, or The Truth of something.

        In ‘yatr tat satya asya..’ Truth is the attribute of the destination, but there cannot be an attribute without a subject.

        In this case the subject is the choice between righteousness and fallacious randomness.

        Processed data is information, processed information is knowledge, processed knowledge is wisdom. At each step, the individual takes a metaphysical decision of right, wrong, true, false, correct, incorrect, good or bad.

        The subject falls under metaphysics, not philosophy.

        Truth is a standalone concept under philosophy where the nature of Truth is investigated. That’s not the case in this quote.

      • Parama satyam…

        Good Morning…

      • Verbatim translation would be:

        Yatr: Where, There

        Tat: That

        Satya asya: Truth is

        paramam: Ultimate, final, imperishable,

        nidhaanam: postulate, conclusion, law, principle

      • I feel, the knowledge of Sanskrit and Urdu brings us closer to the beauty and the meaning of this world. You are lucky, Reader, you know both languages…

      • The more I enjoy it, the more I get involved in it. It’s fun.

  28. Sharmila,

    This is the longest break you have taken so far. Hope there is some good news at the end of the silence.

  29. Using the iPad..the site is playing tricks..can’t see most comments.. Will relogin on the Mac in a bi t

  30. Good Morning, (Wed, 2 Nov ’11, just in case you read it next year.)

    Busy day ahead. Tropical storm, THREE (that’s the name), is striking the coast of Oman in a few hours. Crisis managers are in a huddle since yesterday. I did a bow-tie just a couple of days ago for mapping the MOPO.

    Our company has a construction site on the route of the storm – a new airport extension at Salalah for the duty free port. Bad news for camels.

  31. For Sharmila, Aish, Anand, Murali,

    Watch this one till the end… please…

    • I learnt how to do this today. It’s remarkably simple.

    • I can now create innovative audio-visuals instead of writing 100 comments! Yesssssssssssssssss

    • Muraliraja Says:

      It happens only in India!

    • ha ha ha.. FABULOUS.. loved it :)))

    • Especially the end.. great stuff reader.

      • Where have you been? I have 10 tens holiday and I am stuck in an oasis with noweher to go. I was hoping the blog would keep me occupied.

        I have a bad tooth ache and I think I had an overdose of diclo para… dropping off to sleep on the key board

      • Been a bit tied up, guests etc.. anyways, hope you get better soon. take care!! I have added the diggy article to the link…

      • Have you been following the nonsense on AB’s blog?

      • AB’s blog:

        I was told by Chandra (One of the regular visitors to AB’s blog) that a new generation of Ma Baker and her sons have moved in. The old ones have taken the back stage. It’s a shame that the comments section of AB’s blog has become a mockery. At least my friend’s tone indicated as much. I hope it can gain the same class as his own family in the real world.

        It seems there is also another Jasmine-of-London type of case building up, this time from America and more aged. He didn’t name her. But I am sure it’s ‘not’ Rochelle. Because for one, Rochelle is not new, she is ancient, and another she is a Scorpio, her tail and sting are always up.

        That must be someone from the new lot.

        I don’t open those sites anymore including ToI. Cost INR 150 for each click.

      • Its a complete joke. There are days I skip commenting now. I think I know who this lady is. I was sure it would be another JOL case, looks like it is heading the same way. I prefer tweeting to AB or sending him a message instead.

  32. Sharmila, Aish, Anand, Murali

    I am going to punish all of you for being so impunctual.

    Uploading audio visuals now… just wait…


    • Surprise at the end of the video… you know where that snap is from…

      • Aishwarya Says:

        Hope the toothache is better. Please call me if anything, anytime… Sorry I was no fun today… 😦

        Good Night, Reader… Tc

      • The tooth is bad. I am on Augmentin (625) 1-1-1 5d (amoxy trihydrate+K clavulanate) plus some metronidazole 1-0-1 5d plus cataflam (diclo) 1-1-1 5d. The 5d is because of the holidays.

        I have discarded the Egyptian and reverted to an Indian dentist.

        The one who capped the pre-molars in 2006 has gone back to Begumpet near Hyderabad. Her children were in the primary school and they had to relocate. Her husband was also a doctor. They have now opened a small OPD in their hometown. I don’t know if I told you, she looked exactly like Jaya Prada.

        My new dentist is a young gen-next kannadiga. I won’t name her here. From the looks of the scene in the clinic, she seems like one of those facebook generations. A 21st century synthetic product – thin, anaemic, sculpted features and reading a pre-historic Arthur Hailey novel in the clinic. Her toddler daughter and husband were playing in the lobby while she was staring at herself in the swiveling mirrors.

      • Hmm.. sounds bad.. take care. I hope u r in safe hands..

      • Ths state of the nation:

      • You are a keen observer of…dentists, Reader…
        *wiggles eyebrows* πŸ™‚

      • I am too old to be an open minded observer. I see what I want to see. In another few years I’ll be a closed book.

        Good idea lets do some loud and forward thinking.

        In 2014, do you think I’ll be still here and around? Or will I finally have the courage to do what I have always wanted to do – withdraw from social interactions?

      • Aishwarya Says:

        I was just kidding, Reader…

    • Awww…sweet of you, Reader…thank you! This is fascinating!

  33. This is for Sharmila, Aish, Smiles, Anand, Shubha, Renate and all who were lucky to get a copy of the book. Unfortunately I never got another copy for Murali.

  34. Let me predict my journey from here on, to the extent that I can be fairly certain:

    I’ll be dying in a hospital, with lots of antibiotics and IV punctures, that is for sure. When and where is difficult to say.

    But lets begin with the present.

    It’s 2011 and close to the end of the year. In 2012 I’ll still be in Muscat if the conditions are NTP (NTP – Normal Temperature and Pressure). I am expecting the Indian Rupee to crash in the first quarter of 2012, which will add value to my dollar accounts. And also, that will invite the Arab sheikhs to invest in India to secure their basic needs like food, metals, minerals, timber and chemicals. That should ensure a stable working environment in the middle east.

    In 2013, I’ll be in my 50th year on this planet. In the first quarter I’ll start preparing to move back for the last time to India. I have a few bases already where I can set up camps. Joshi Mutth, Haridwar, Pune, Hosur, Ooty.

    By March 23, 2014, at 50, I will retire. I will be completely free from the internet and its trappings. No google, no emails, no blogs, no media, no information. Because I won’t need any of it even for fun.

    Today, my social interactions consist of people on the streets, those associated with my industry in the office and all the faceless voices on the internet. Once I retire, I’ll remove myself from the industry and the internet. The only humans I’ll be forced to see will be those in my immediate premises. I won’t need extended boundaries.

    In the last phase, 2014 to 2029, I’ll be in a different mode. I’ll consciously ensure that I am never useful to anyone. That will be fun – just being a general nuisance to the visible world. I should be dead by 2029. If I live longer than that, hmmm…, I won’t know what I don’t want to do.

    By that time ofcourse all the current legends will be long dead and gone: Like, there will be a statue of Amitabh Bachchan in his farmland in UP. Manmohan Singh will be a photograph in the Parliament. Thackerey will be a statue in Dadar, Mumbai and so on…

    • Aishwarya Says:

      I hope you will be writing books on a regular basis by 2014, participate in literary reviews, shayari recitals, help the villagers in Ooty use simple machinery to improve productivity and living, exercise, travel, read books, learn to play musical instruments, explore the history of places, translate the scriptures, dabble with politics, teach me to cook Marathi cuisine…:)

      Hope you have a fun-filled full life…

      • 11 November ’11 i.e. 11/11/11, when the full moon passes through Mesha to Kataka – pushya, the shani dahiya begins for me. This is exactly the same phase in which I was born in March 1964. My Shukra mahadasha begins now and lasts for fourteen years. Its a period of spectacular success.

        I don’t know whats right and wrong about astrology, but I’d rather remain away from general people if that happens.

        Ofcourse I’ll teach you Marathi cuisine. And you can teach me ayurveda…

      • how can kataka be the next sign after Mesha?..

      • Mesha, Vrishabha, Mithun to Kataka in that order. Mesha is my surya rashi, Kataka is my chandra rashi. Gemini (Mithun) is the ascendant, lagna.

        The two patrika in the creators video are mine. First is the janma, second is the lagna.

      • Ha ok. Thank you. SHould discuss more on astrology with you.. I have learnt a little bit..

      • Chandra reaches Kataka on 17th, but the phase begins on 11/11.

      • Aish,

        I may not write books as I had planned earlier. The civilisation that I know does not exist anymore. It’s not relevant today. And I am not a jerk. The country I love doesn’t exist. I am not going to fake that it does.

        India is not a nation. It never was. Culturally, it’s the equivalent of the American wild west in the 15th century.

        I know how to survive in this environment, so nothing else is necessary. Between cognitive, normative and aesthetic abstractions, I choose cognitive, in this particular matter of writing for a readership. I am not a reformer, I can’t reform even myself. I am not a politician, I am not a militant and I am not a missionary. And I am not Ricahrd Bach’s ‘Reluctant Messiah’.

        I am not disappointed either.

        I have never believed in waiting for opportunity to knock on my doors. I have always created opportunities for myself.

        As Sahir says in Kabhi Kabhi, “Iss duniya mein aadmi insaan ban jaye, yehi bahot hai”… … (“In this world, if a man becomes human, that’s more than enough… …”)

      • Have you made plans for 2014 and after?

        I live in a place where it’s raining buckets but there is no water coming in the taps today! Dealing with life a day at a time is a big deal for me…

  35. Aish,

    I am not looking back. No. No.

  36. Aish,

    This Sahir at his best about romanticism in real life.

    My favorite lines:

    Na toh karwaan ki talaash hai, na toh humsafar ki talaash hai

    Mazhub e ishq ki harr rasm kadi hoti hai
    Har kadam par koyi diwar khadi hoti hai

    Ishq aazad hai hindu naa musalman hai ishk
    Aap hi dharm hai, aur aap hi iman hai ishk

    Jis se aagah nahi sheikh o barhaman dono
    Uss hakikat kaa garjata huwa ailan hai ishk

    Movie: Barsaat Ki Raat
    Singer: Asha Bhonsle, Shiv Dayal Batish, Manna Dey, Mohammad Rafi, Sudha Malhotra
    Music: Roshan
    Lyrics: Sahir Ludhianvi

    Naa toh karvan ki talash hai, naa toh humsafar ki talash hai
    Mere shauke khaana kharab ko, teree rehgujar ki talash hai

    Mere namurad junu kaa hai, ilaj koyi toh maut hai
    Jo dava ke nam pe zeher de usi charagar ki talash hai

    Tera ishk hai meree aarju, tera ishk hai meree aabru
    Dil ishk jism ishk hai aur jan ishk hai

    Iman ki jo puchho toh iman ishk hai

    Tera ishk hai meree aarju, tera ishk hai meree aabru
    Tera ishk mai kaise chhod du, meree umra bhar ki talash hai

    Jansojh ki halat ko jansojh hi samjhega
    Mai shamaa se kehta hu mehfil se nahi kehta kyonki
    Yeh ishk ishk hai, ishk ishk – (2)

    sahar tak sabka hai anjam jalkar khak ho jana
    bhari mehfil me koyi shamma ya parwana ho jaye kyonki
    yeh ishk ishk hai, ishk ishk – (2)

    vehshate dil rasmo didar se roki naa gayi
    kisi khanjar kisi talvar se roki naa gayi
    ishk majnu ki woh aawaz hai jiske aage
    koyi laila kisi diwar se roki naa gayi, kyonki
    yeh ishk ishk hai, ishk ishk – (2)

    woh hanske agar mange toh ham jan bhi de de,
    ha yeh jan toh kya chiz hai, iman bhi de de, kyonki
    yeh ishk ishk hai, ishk ishk – (2)

    nazo andaz se kehte hain ki jina hoga
    zeher bhi dete hain toh kehte hain ki pina hoga
    jab mai pita hu toh kehte hai ki marta bhi nahi
    jab mai marta hu toh kehte hain ki jina hoga
    yeh ishk ishk hai, ishk ishk – (2)

    majhabe ishq ki har rasm kadi hoti hai
    har kadam par koyi diwar khadi hoti hai
    ishk aazad hai hindu naa musalman hai ishk
    aap hi dharm hai, aur aap hi iman hai ishk
    jis se aagah nahi shekho barhaman dono
    uss hakikat kaa garjata huwa ailan hai ishk

    ishk naa puchhe din dharm nu, ishk naa puchhe jata
    ishk de hatho garam lahu vich, dubiya lakh barata ke
    yeh ishk ishk hai, ishk ishk – (2)

    rah ulfat ki kathin hai ise aasaan naa samajh
    yeh ishk ishk hai, ishk ishk – (2)

    bahut kathin hai dagar panghat ki
    abb kya bhar laun mai jamuna se matki
    mai jo chali jal jamuna bharan ko
    dekho sakhi ji mai jo chali jal jamuna bharan ko
    nand kishor mohe roke jhado toh
    kya bhar laun mai jamuna se matki
    abb laj rakho more ghunghat pat ki

    jab jab krishn ki bansi baji, nikali radha sajake
    jan ajan kaa man bhula ke, lok laj ko taj ke
    janak dulari ban ban doli, pahan ke prem ki mala
    darshan jal ki pyasi mira pi gayi vish kaa pyala
    aur phir araj kari ke
    laj rakho rakho rakho – (2)
    yeh ishk ishk hai, ishk ishk – (2)

    allah rasul kaa farman ishk hai
    yae hafiz ishk hai, kuran ishk hai
    gautam kaa aur masih kaa arman ishk hai
    yeh kaynat jism hai aur jan ishk hai
    ishk sarmad, ishk hi mansur hai, ishk musa, ishk kohenur hai
    khak ko but aur but ko devta karta hai ishk
    inteha yeh hai ke bande ko khuda karta hai ishk

    ha ishk ishk tera ishk ishk, tera ishk ishk, ishk ishk

    • Aishwarya Says:

      Beautiful… “Aap hi dharm hai, aur aap hi imaan hai ishk…”

      Is kohekur a word in Urdu? That’s how I hear ‘kohenur’…

      • It’s Koh e tuur.

        Koh e tuur in Urdu means ‘equal to the world’

        Koh e noor is ‘light of the world’.

        The word in the song is what you heard.. koh e tuur.

        Koh is expanded to Kayanaat which means universe.

      • Thanks Reader…

        There’s something special about the Diwali page on Sharmilasays… We nestle here not moving to the next… Last year too, it had crossed 200 comments…:)

      • Lol.. no problem, I am not one who monitors why and why not and when.. please continue having fun! :)..

      • Sharmila, Aish,

        Aish, it doesn’t feel the same anymore though. I feel as if we are holding Sharmila from moving on. She is probably getting distracted from her own (undisclosed) mission. She is the curator of this space, not only the blogger.

        I am using this space only to share some of my reading and feelings for whatever they are worth, and enjoy the moments. That’s why I call myself a reader.

        I feel Sharmila is either holding herself back for some reason (which I hope is not true), or occupied with better things to do (which is probably more accurate). She is unable to indulge in this sort of sharing, specially given her exposure to the masses on ToI, the Bachchan blog, Facebook, Twitter and other types of societies.

        I had the same feeling last year around this time. MonaLisa and I would go on forever about perfectly silly stuff, like man vs women or gender discrimination etc. MonaLisa was rather impressed by the role of a woman in her part of the world. Eventually it got to a point where Sharmila disappeared from the blog for weeks at length.

        I pulled out that element of the strings and started the haruspical. Trust me, there were more than 1000 unique hits (unique visitors) on that page every day even though just three people were discussing stupid subjects.

        Harupsical was fun while it lasted. There was no subject in the post section and I’d get Jacques to change the page after 150-200 entries. That idea died a natural death.

        But this time I am not going to do anything like that. There will never be another haruspical.

        Lets maintain the decorum and continue here till it lasts. After that I’ll quit this sort of indulgence once for all.

      • You are not in school to maintain decorum! Thats the whole purpose of blogs, to write freely all your thoughts. I dont think I would ever issue a warning like the way poor AB is forced to do every now and then. πŸ™‚

      • This has seriously been a crazy month. Inundated with a million things. I am not holding myself back, I am no flood gate really!

      • Aishwarya Says:

        This is a heartfelt comment and I agree with every line, Reader…

      • Aishwarya Says:

        Thanks Sharmila… Hope to see the splash of blue in the comment section more often too… πŸ™‚

      • splash splash.. splashing. πŸ™‚

      • Aishwarya Says:

        πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  37. I feel this is what’s holding change and improvement… the habit and inertia of momentary delights….

    I’ve made this one just now… dedicated entirely to this space…

  38. excellent way to spend diwali. thanks for letting us be part of this medium.

  39. My eid holidays have reached the midpoint. Another 5 days to go.

    I am on a long drive today. Started very early. Have stopped for breakfast. Semi-official visit to the desert. Am carrying this laptop with me, just in case I find a satellite signal somewhere.

    I love the intense silence of the desert.

    I stand alone on the sand, this soundless stillness surrounds me, seeping quietly into the body, mind and soul. It’s winter. The air is literally chilling – taking a long breath after a stormy hot summer. The ambient temperature is below 15 Celcius.

    The sea of golden desert sand is generously spotted by flowering acacia and cactii. Desert creatures have begun to move about freely. There are a couple of lean foxes hiding behind my vehicle. Harmless to humans. The smell of my clothes confuses them. They can’t tell if it is the smell of food or the bark of a tree. They shy away when I turn around to take their snaps.

    There are tiny desert snakes, beatles and ants. They are keeping a safe distance from my shoes. It’s probably the pungent odour of petrochemical polish on the leather.

    The morning sun in the sky is covered by a scattering of faint clouds. They are glowing with pride. The gentle warmth of the Sun revives life on earth like a promise honored.

    There are no birds in the desert…

  40. A quiet day in a desolate desert. Here is a small part of yesterday’s recording.

    • Aishwarya Says:

      Fabulous!!! Great videos. Beautiful motivating words. Lovely song. And I could almost feel you walk from your vehicle to the road for a better view of the sun…

      I have a feeling that very soon your videos will be hot favorites on youtube. Marvellous work, Reader!

      • I’ve lived in the metropolis of Mumbai & Pune for 2 decades and more; I’ve lived in the persian desert for 19 years; I live in the forests of Ooty now when I am in India.

        As Sahir says: Ik dhund sey aana hai, ik dhund mein jaana hai… …. ‘Come from one mist, and walk away into another’

  41. I have just discovered that I can record my own voice on the video or photo strings!!!!! Yesssssssssssss….

    Coming up soon… what shall I do first?… Sahir Ludhianvi.. yessss, in my own voice!!!

  42. Publishing now.. takes time… 93 MB… my first ever voice over…

    Voice is very shaky.. the diction has gone awry…

    Hmm.. so what.. there’s always a first time, na?… At least I tried…

    Coming up in a few minutes… please be online…

  43. Wireless modem… uploads at ~ 1 MB per minute. Might take about another hour. 48% done so far…

  44. That one is deleted. Here is the edited version:

  45. Sharmila, Aish, Anand, Murali,

    Lets move to the next page today. This one is taking 150 seconds to load, (which means INR 375 to the ISP for each time I open the page, apart from the charges for the 2-3MB of pictures and my video links.)

    I open the page through the cache memory, so the standard page doesn’t cost me anything for time. The page slows down and costs more only after 200 comments and video links.

    With apologies to Digvijay Singh, I am going to occupy the space dedicated to him.

    Unless Sharmila posts something new.


    Sharmila, How about some original poetry for a new post? I mean your own. I can’t write poetry. Not even in free style.


    Where is Anand? I hope his father has recovered. Does anyone have his email ID? The one I that have bounces back from the AOL servers. Either his inbox is full or the connectivity is through several different networks. Hotmail is best connected through a windows-live account; they are on the same network. May be Sharmila can send him a mail and ask if he is alright. His father was hospitalized all of last month.



    I am sure you are getting bored of all my irrelevant strings on the page. I tend to stray all over the place after the first day of the blog post.

    I don’t twitter or facebook because they are too scattered and restrictive for long discussions. And the formats don’t allow the freedom to share the best that we have. I prefer this space.

    About 3-4 years ago, a friend named Jasmine Sheikh had introduced me to facebook. She was working for a cancer trust in London.

    but I left the facebook within a week. Just couldn’t stand the small fonts, tiny boxes and all the commercial ads and atmosphere.

    I have opened and closed 3 or 4 twitter accounts in the past. The first 3 were opened for me by my local movie club friends. The last one was opened by the marketing department of the book. It’s called @authorskulkarni

    I don’t use any of the accounts.

    I hope you don’t think I am a nuisance here. If so, do let me know freely. A friend who does not criticize is not a friend at all.

    • Aishwarya Says:

      Yes…time to move on…

      It’s good to dwell in the past. Memories, like a Pashmina, make us feel snug and warm in the beauty of the time gone by, preparing and protecting us from the cold of the unknown future beyond. But the past should not burn us up or hold us back. If so, it’s time to let go…

      P.S. Forgive the ramblings. Spring cleaning yesterday. Reminiscences galore…

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