Mr.Digvijay and his “art of planning”….

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If Sri Sri knows the secret to the “the art of living”, Mr. Digvijay Singh possesses the secret to the “art of planning”.

Regularly Mr. Digvijay Singh weaves the greatest and grandest of conspiracy theories and is loudly speaking about it. Like a magician who fails to inspire he is not pulling any rabbits out of a hat but wedging a sword into the entrails of a dummy in a closet. Mr. Digvijay Singh needs to come out with a better act. I have completely forgotten what the role of General Secretary of the All Indian Congress Committee is besides planning and plotting Shakespeare like theatrical drama on a day-to-day basis and making faux pas nonchalantly. Mr. Singh’s insipid performances now days target only one man who seems to be the centrifugal reason for Mr. Digvijay Singh’s very being. Anna Hazare. Of course, now that the honourable “Osama ji” is long gone, Anna and his men have become the cynosure of all his attention and his planning.

Lets take a look at some of Mr. Digvijay Singh’s melodramatic statements (faux pas) in the recent past. (Courtesy Tehelka)

I have been saying that RSS is spreading terrorism in the country and that it has been running bomb factories.” On July 16 at New Delhi while calling for investigation into the role of all terror groups behind the July 13 Mumbai serial blasts.

“We feel sorry for Suresh Kalmadi who is suffering hardships, and also for Ashok Chavan. In my personal opinion, both of them are innocent.” On July 11 during a visit to Pune.

“I think it is time that Rahul becomes the Prime Minister.” On June 19, Rahul Gandhi’s birthday

“There are reports that in every election, Maoists’ support goes to the highest bidder.” In April 2010, Singh criticized the Chhattisgarh Chief Minister’s failure in handling the Maoist situation.

“India is better than Pakistan where blasts take place every day, every week.” Soon after the Mumbai blast he came to defend congress general secretary Rahul Gandhi’s remark on the terror attack.

In short, Mr. Singh’s art of planning includes decoding techniques where all streets, lanes, by lanes and roads lead either to the RSS or the BJP. Every horror story, criminal story, thriller, fiction, drama, begins and ends with right wing Hindu extremism and according to a figment of his enterprising imagination he stands by his convictions. He has been quoted to have cautioned Sri Ravi Shankar (I am sorry I do not feel it is necessary to keep repeating Sri twice here or during the course of the blog!) that RSS and BJP were trying to use Sri as their Plan-C after the Plan-A (Baba Ramdev) and Plan-B (Anna Hazare). Instead of playing jasoos Karamchand only around the RSS or BJP, how about looking at what Congress had planned and achieved in the last few years for this country or is it not just worthy of Mr. Digvijay’s time? I would be grateful if Mr. Digvijay Singh could unveil his own plans as General Secretary for the Congress Committee other than just claiming to be the official spokesperson for Mrs. Sonia Gandhi and Mr. Rahul Gandhi and receiving their blessings in entirety and therefore acquiring the right to be making grand claims to the state of affairs and planning of this country.

Having said this, Mr. Singh claim to be under the auspices of his party’s leaders rings true. Mr. Singh’s party rarely contradicts his statements. On an extremely rare occasion his party had distanced itself from an Alice in Wonderland letter that he had written to Anna, but generally they happily tag along with Mr. Singh’s lines.

It appears like Mr Singh is undoubtedly making grand plans for Rahul Gandhi to be the next Prime Minister. He is highly of the opinion that Mr. Manmohan Singh can be quite easily replaced by Rahul Gandhi as Rahul Gandhi has “ all the qualities and capabilities” required to become a “good” Prime Minister. I would be keen to hear what these capabilities are and what would Mr. Digvijay Singh’s definition of “good” would also be. At that time, Mr. Singh stated, “ Rahul Gandhi competes with himself and not with others”. To decode what Mr. Singh is plainly saying, is it that the young Gandhi basically has no competition within the party or nobody would dare to compete with Rahul?

Mr. Singh is in charge of the state of affairs of his party in Uttar Pradesh and it would do a lot of good if he concentrated on that alone. He should be planning to get to the bottom of the state of affairs of UP where allegedly over 10, 000 crores has been spent on erecting statues. Mr. Digvijay Singh undoubtedly has a way with words that irk people no end. He needs to do some serious planning on getting the art of speaking it right


10 Responses to “Mr.Digvijay and his “art of planning”….”

  1. There is a saying among Arabs which means: A new convert is a zealot with fanatic disorders.

    His Holiness Digvijay Singh is a first generation convert to Christianity. His hatred for polytheism is understandable.

    I am told by reliable sources that the pastor at the local parish insisted on amputing his tail before the conversion.

    Apparantly there are some strict papal rules against converting creatures with caudal appendages. It was probably introduced in the 15th century during the Spanish Inquisition, to regulate the slave trade in Central Africa.

    I don’t know if you have written anything about his non-existent political acumen.

    May be I should wait for the post to appear here.

  2. Muraliraja Says:

    Why waste time writing about Digvijay Singh? Everyone knows he is one of the great idiot from congress. Sometimes I wonder how his family is tolerating his nonsense!

  3. Hmm..waste of time maybe, but, it’s fun especially if he reads it

  4. Reader.. Lol.. Yes, look forward to hearing more

  5. Sharmila,

    This says everything I want to say about the subject of this post… 🙂

  6. Marathon recording session in progress. Sahir’s everlasting epic, ‘Parchhaiyyan’. This will take at least 8-10 hours to record, edit and upload. I’ll try to translated it in the subtitles provided time permits.

    Till then.. cheerio…

    PS: I know this is not necessary. But just in case you log in, I don’t want you to find a silent page.

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