The idiosyncrasies of our ‘dear’ leaders…

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2 Responses to “The idiosyncrasies of our ‘dear’ leaders…”

  1. Anand Khare Says:

    In India, we have a custom that forbids us to malign ‘the dead’.

    This is the video of hysterical/historical mourning of this leader,

    I remember the death of his father somewhere in early 90s. Similar scenes were shown on International TV channels like BBC. (Internet was not yet epidemic till that time).

    Rightly said, India is no different. In certain areas of Rajasthan, there is a tradition where women of a lower caste are hired as professional mourners (or ‘hired wailers ) upon the death of upper-caste males (mostly rajputs). These women are referred to as a ‘rudaali’ (roo-dah-lee), literally translated as ‘female weeper’ or ‘weeping woman.’ Their job is to publicly express grief of family members who are not permitted to display emotion due to social status.Or may be there were so many deaths during the war time that people became insensitive and could not weep even if they liked. In Bundelkhand, another backward area, few females get distinction for how well they weep and they are invited on occasions of ‘vidai’ of a girl after marriage.



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