30th May, Wednesday, Hong Kong

I almost forgot I had made a commitment right here that I would write daily. And I ask you to just go with the flow, like the way I am right now, meandering and thinking about what do I write! A commitment made must be kept at all costs. It’s a lot easier to have a subject in mind and then build a nice little story around it, but, when there is no subject, then what does one do? They write till they stumble upon a subject.

My day has been pretty much like every other, marooned in a bit too much of work lately. When I get time in between I hover over Twitter and from now it would be this blog, to honor the commitment, the vows of holy matrimony with my blogs . I am also in the delightful process of reading Shantaram and wondering how Gregory David Roberts could write his incredible novel three times over! It was ripped up on the previous two occasions, in case you did not know, by prison guards and then he wrote the book all over again and it went on to become the most extraordinary written saga. Besides marveling at the fortitude of Roberts and his Indian adventures, I have been catching up on Shahi Tharoor’s India:From midnight to the millennium. I will share my thoughts on both the books soon.

However, Shashi Tharoor has been occupying my thoughts for a myriad other reasons, let alone his book. He has been campaigning rigorously in his constituency of Thiruvanthapuram and has posted some pictures on Twitter. Rather grounded pictures of himself in the company of some affable children and fishermen bringing home their catch of the day, not Tharoor (albeit that would be a delight for most women in the state of Kerala and beyond), but boring fish. Tharoor in my opinion (besides his good looks)undoubtedly stands out quite sorely in the Indian political bandwagon for being presentable and articulate, unlike most of our other Members of Parliament who look morbid at any given time. He is extremely Twitter savvy, may not necessarily be media savvy, he is quite forthright with his opinions, indicative of having spent finer times abroad and in more transparent conditions. It appears like it does not matter to him anymore what is now invented around his tweets, the man speaks his mind and I like him for it. The hullaballoo over his ‘cattle class’ and five-star hospitalities are long gone. It’s a pity we lost a fine man from the MEA for a bit of sweat eventually. Few men like Tharoor are connected to ground realities of their respective constituencies. He is extremely passionate about his state and that is adequately evident. And he has a fine sense of humor, could not expect anything less from an avid Wodehouse fan. He compares diplomacy to being as noisy as two elephants making love. Indian or African I wonder. And on the elephant note I look forward to Pax India, Tharoor’s next release. Lingering questions still on my mind, yet obvious answers for why it is difficult for men like Tharoor to survive in New Delhi. Tharoor is like a breath of fresh air which New Delhi is allergic to…

Before I forget, here are the pictures that Tharoor had posted..

The catch…

I part with a Tharoor quote – “India is not, as people keep calling it, an underdeveloped country, but rather, in the context of its history and cultural heritage, a highly developed one in an advanced state of decay.”
― Shashi Tharoor

Good night folks..

Until tomorrow..


2 Responses to “30th May, Wednesday, Hong Kong”

  1. Muraliraja Says:

    I almost know soon you will write about Tharoor going by your tweets to him in the last few days.

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