Mr.Bachchan, seven times a perfect ten..

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2 Responses to “Mr.Bachchan, seven times a perfect ten..”

  1. Muraliraja Says:

    Sharmila. Good post. I’m a big fan for his dedication. In a industry were dedication is a rare commodity, he stands tall. Hats off to him.
    Btw, I totally disagree with you on the comment about the forties club. I guess you mean the 3 khans. You made similar comment in one of your previous post. Salman khan is at his best in making mass masala entertainer. Even though it is not entirely healthy for the industry, still it appeals to a section of audience & you can’t dismiss his new found success. Aamir on the other side is finding success from both sides- critics & audience. With his production house he makes good movies too through which he promotes talent & good cinema. ( Which then & today not a strong ground of Big B). Only khan who is struggling now is SRK. But considering his incredible growth in the past & the kind of guy he is, SRK will come out strongly sooner or later. Big B is a legend in his own way. But not sure whether it is right to prove/show his greatness by comparing him with the 3 Khans. IMO, the 3 Khans are not running out of their steam & to explain legend you no need to compare.

    • thanks Murali.. the comparison is probably more ‘age’ related. I doubt any of the Khans will be around the way AB is when they are 70. Its the burn out factor that I am harping about, the Khans lead a rather unhealthy lifestyle at their given ages compared to AB..

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