I am a proud Hindu & I am not ashamed

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Wishing you all a very Happy and prosperous New Year!


15 Responses to “I am a proud Hindu & I am not ashamed”

  1. Bravo! Simply put and eloquently communicated. You should post this on nirmukta.com and shut up some of the ignorant religion badgers 🙂

  2. Thanks for the article “Iam a proud Hindu ….”
    In India you are made to feel guilty and shame if you ever speak for the cause of hinduism or for hindus. Since Sonia came to power the value and dignity of the hindus and hinduism has gone down. Remember how the sankracharya was arrested. Sankracharya is like the pope. Can you imagine arresting the pope or any high muslim mullah? They would never do it. Sonia, a christian does not care about hinduism.

    I have been feeling these sentiments for many years and finally some one has put it in words (your article “Iam a proud hindu..).
    To me the illuminaties in this article are the typical Hindus who are educated in Christian missionary schools who never read any of their own scriptures, but instead know more about Shakespeare & the western culture. they take pride in polishing their English and have no knowledge about any Indian language other than at rudimentary level. They learn Christian prayers in their schools and are taught western values. They never learn their own culture nor do they appreciate Indian values. In Delhi area they label the non English speaking as “locals” or “bhenjis”. This is done in a derogatory manner, to put them down.
    In short their soul has been killed very early in childhood. They are the dream of Lord MacCauley. They are the Macaulayites, a product of his vision. MacCaulay proposed to the British parliament in 1835 that in order to rule the hindu majority India the British will have to break the backs of the hindus and make them feel that their own culture and religion is inferior to the west by spreading the western form of education and values.
    Similar strategies were used by the Egyptians and the Romans, who created a special class of people in their colonies. These special class were groomed early in roman or egyptian culture, religion and language. The benefit was that the Romans and the egyptians used them to rule the foreign territories and they remained eternally loyal.

  3. Salute to your oration skills.. Very well articulated. Thx for your hardwork on this article.

  4. Beautiful article!

  5. I understand you are a person of logic and reasoning.Just take some time of yours to watch the foll video link understand the religions and then reason as most of us debate without knowing the full truth

  6. excellent article and fully endorse your views

  7. Syied Ismail Says:

    Hi Sharmila ,

    Agree . Somehow religion now it seems is driven by the marketing budget the so called stakeholders of religion control . Iam particularly distressed by the way we subconsciously accept ourselves as second class race/citizens vis a vis other nations (mostly Europeans , Americans and Gulf Regions ) . To some extent i feel we need to re-look at our education system and ensure we respect our ancient and modern achievements . The first five years of schooling should have local, state history and along the way national history as compulsory subject . We should take more pride in ourselves , We are one of the most kind , tolerant and caring race the earth has ever witnessed .

    Proud to be Indian

    Sincerely ,
    Syied Ismail

  8. I am also a proud Hindu, born to be a Hindu. Hinduism is the only tolerant religion which allows other faiths to grow and flourish. There is no place for fanaticism in Hinduism.

  9. I am also a proud Hindu, born to be a Hindu. Hinduism is the only tolerant religion which allows other faiths to grow and flourish. There is no place for fanaticism in Hinduism.

  10. Abhaya Sharma Says:

    It was quite accidentally that I was brought over to your wonderful blog.. truely speaking it was Shamitabh story that led me to read a little more of other things from your pen.. and how foolishly I read one Sanjeev Ahluwalia article knowing only towards the end that it could not be you..
    Well.. I am afraid I have not seen Shamitabh as of yet.. I do intend to watch it as I really need a break from self-imposed ban on entertaining myself.. for whatever rational or irrational logics..
    Coming to this article.. I agree with you on most of the point of views you presented..
    True Ramayan and Mahabharat are mythologies.. yet they do deliver the lessons for most of us as a way of life.. I had quite accidentally found an article in a mail from one of my many brothers.. other than brother Amitabh.. that we sometimes talk unceremoniously of our own facts of religion.. the one of the fact that I was misinformed or thought was that Hindus had 33 crore gods.. to put into right perspective this mail from Shachin da.. clarified that 33 Koti mean 33 types and not 33 crore.. true Koti in Sanskrit has two meaning.. one the more popular is crore and the less popular is “prakar’ or type or kind.. so we do really have 33 kind of Gods and not 33 crore..

    I believe Hindu way of life is the most tolerant in the respect that it allows us to be erratic and still embrace us in its fold..

    Faith of any kind is to be respected and often without much arguments.. than whether it is about Ganesh drinking milk or even mother weeping of blood.. I know one thing for sure that faith is a healer.. it provides one some corner for oneself when lost or in dire straits.. and anyone on this earth does come across situations where he or she feels he is most helpless under the circumstances.. and seeks to unify or unite with some supernatural power..
    Maybe I am not making much sense with what I say here.. maybe I am less likely to be understood to be supportive of being proud of being a Hindu.. yet I know I do take some respect in being Hindu besdies being a Human being..
    Oh! I must have bored you enough with much nonsense.. if you could read and follow Hindi I did compose a poem on what factors led to the stark defeat of BJP..

    बीजेपी की हार में
    किसका कितना हाथ
    कॉंग्रेस ने कह दिया
    कर दो हमको साफ
    बेदी मैडम आ गईं
    जब बीजेपी के साथ
    सीएम पद का ख्वाब ले
    पर नही बनी कुछ बात
    सारे नेता जुट गये
    छोड़ के सारे काज
    दिल्ली के दंगल में पर
    मिली करारी मात
    सोचा था सो न हुआ
    हो गई मिट्टी खाक
    था मिल विपक्ष ने तय किया
    अब आप से ही कुछ आस ..

    – अभय शर्मा
    If you remember I was not much of a supporter of Modi ji a few months before his coming to power.. yet I give him full credit to take the country to new heights.. inspite of what February 10 pronounced..
    Please pardon me for mixing stories within stories.. and not saying what I wanted to say.. Your writings leave some kind of mark on one’s mind.. and I really loved reading your blogs.. though it is done quite infrequently.. Have a nice time.. and yes I too am proud of being Hindu much on the lines that you expressed in the beginning..

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