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I write my thoughts on things that matter and things that do not. Would love to hear your views on all things important or not, as everyone has a different value perception on thoughts and ideas. All opinions matter, all ideas are relevant. I enjoy observing the dynamics of this changing world and it’s effect on our lives. Besides, I am a very passionate animal lover and where possible I act as their mouthpiece. The image on top of this page are the eyes of the Tiger, an animal whose numbers are declining rapidly. Sadly, there are only 1,411 Bengal Tigers left in India today. Our national animal will cease to exist if their natural habitats are not protected and deforestation continues at the pace it is. I wish the Government takes up a rigorous initiative than the existing Project Tiger which was launched in 1972.


36 Responses to “About me..”

  1. Lakshmi Jag Says:

    Hi Sharmila

    Bangalore looks beautiful and nothing like the city I knew….great write up on PAA. I am glad you are blogging now, will look forward to read your blog

    • Thanks Lakshmi..Yes, BLR looks good, this is the fly over near the new international airport. Good to see you here.I thought about time i do this blog..:)

  2. OOps, fly over is not near the new airport, it is the hebbal fly over, closer to town.

  3. Dr.Vikas Kathuria Says:

    Hi Sharmila,Good to see you blogging,am too happy for you..and i ‘m signing up for the subscription too…the first thought that came to my mind after seeing the flyover is your tagline THINKING THE INDIAN WAY” how true even though i presume it’s accidental.Indians do think in this way…ha..ha.congrats again…you know if you go back to AB’s blog when you reviewed PAA i had asked you do you blog and here you are…with a GEM ..though it’s little shy and why not coz it’s of sharm…eee…laa

  4. Dr Vikas – Great to see you here and thank you for your kind comments. Yes, I remember you asking if I blog, and here I am! Funny, but we do think in a very different way to the rest of the world , dont we? I am happy you understood the meaning of the fly overs being symmetrical , zig zagging at times..like our thinking. Thank you for signing up too. What is shy though about the blog? I would like to get some feedback here.

  5. oh…shy comes from the name of yours ..sharmila…hope you got it this time

  6. Nilesh Madia Says:

    Hi, sharmila
    I am the one who went ahead & gave a short speech to Amitji on behalf of all the FMXT. You can contact me on nileshmadia@gmail.com

  7. Sharmila di,

    I think there is a correction needed in this part of your blog……..

    I need to explain you a bit.See,when you run a blog you are supposed to mention everything that is true….you did mention it but forgot the one that was the most important.You better learn to apologize.I may be a bit rude today but had to fulfill the need of the hour…….

    “Apologies for developing in you a habit to visit my blog daily”

    This sentence was completely missing in your intro.

    Reason what I feel after having fallen in your trap is that coz you write so eloquently that I can’t resist doing without it.You are doing great job di.Keep going!!!!!!!Best wishes

  8. Salman – Thank you very much for your gracious comment. I am extremely happy to hear that you enjoy this space.

  9. hi ,

    sharmila ,

  10. Shambhavi Says:

    Hello Sharmila,
    I read Amitabhji’s blog regularly, rather religiously. I very rarely write comments. However, I do read comments written by other good writers and I must say I read yours and some other selected writers like Shivam and Lakshmi Jag and Rochelle to name a few regularly with delight. I recently read your write up on birthday memories in your blog and I enjoyed reading it.

    Belated Happy Birthday to you. Incidentally, my birthday was yesterday the 10th.

  11. Read your blog as a reference from Pritish Nandy on tweetworld. I loved the entire write up and last paragraph is mindboggling. That’s a perfect summary for any Indian who would want to come back to work here (like me). Unfortunately no surname or connections helping me now. But, I love being what I am.

    I will be a regular reader of your blog now. Thanks for providing such good content on internet.

  12. Hi Sharmila,

    I am a pritish nandy fan and it seems after reading couple of blog this space is going to be regular affair.I really don’t know about you other than that you are a eloquent writer and with curiosity i browsed About me page to know your full name, birth story of a incredible writer blah blah but found a totally different color..Interesting!!

  13. Sameer Chouhan Says:

    आदरणीया शर्मिलाजी,

    आपका आजका बिग.अड्डा का कोमेंट पढ़ा …..प्रीतिश नंदी बहुत अच्छे लेखक है….आप भी कोई कम नहीं…..अगर आपने अपना लेख लिखा होता तो ज्यादा अच्छा था…हो सके तो अब लिखिए की फिल्मों के आलावा क्या क्या धरोहर है पुरानी जिसे सम्हालना जरूरी है….

    hope you understand my hindi….what I wanted to say is….mr. Pritish Nandy is okay but if you have penned your own opinion about this than only we enjoy it little more…

    your blog’s background is very dark…pl do something about it…

  14. Hi, nice to meet you !

  15. Arre Bhai Sharmilaji, this is a very good job that you are up to.

    I like your blog, dhher saaraa and also your mentioned activities.

    Though the too few 28 TeaSpoons of dogfeed hurt me!

    “Remembering Rajiv” got me here.

    I too have a ‘Get Well Soon’ card from him because I come from a political family and these all these guys used to be our house guests during my best years, 1979-1984. All those stories, some other day.

    By the way, I am sure you must have read the Prime Minister, [url=”http://www.desiprimeminister.com/”]here[/url.

    I like your insights into the posts.

    There are not many, but still there are, points of disagreement that, presently, I am too lazed to point out.

    I shall be back.


    PS. About me read more like About my Tigers! Cheers.

  16. Hi Sharmila,

    I loved your blog.
    read a few posts and I am very touched about some the issues that you feel so strongly about and some of your posts are eye openers.

    I know someone who writes similar posts and would like that person to be also use a platform like TOI to showcase their blog.

    Can you please point me to someone to whom that person can send some of his sample writings to.

    Your help shall be greatly appreciated.


  17. bhagÍrath trivedi Says:

    Amitji should visit dang forest in september -0ctober to see beautyful water falls and also visit the beautyful living legend maharaja of bansda real nature lover who dedicated nationl park..keeping view of natural sinerio dang is fit to establish film land.

  18. Project tiger is working?tiger were in to the dangs forest why not thinking abt breeading of penthera tigeris in to dangs?can apropriet to rehabilat the spicies “dangi tiger”?

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