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An affair to remember…

Posted in Adverts, Social with tags on March 11, 2010 by Sharmila

I saw him at a plush mall a year back, ever since I have been unable to take my thoughts off him. He stood out like no other, penetrative, soulful yet savvy. Our eyes met for a few seconds, there was that spark, a sudden one, instinctive,unforced. The sparks flew in all directions. I almost went up to him, to make a proposition, like an indecent proposal with a slight reversal of roles.I was Robert Redford, he was Demi Moore. This was not a one night stand, I hoped it would not be, this was a committment for a life.I stopped in my tracks, should I? Should I not? I turned away, I did not look back at him again. It was a bit too early. I have to give it more time I thought. I need to get to know him better, I have barely seen him I mumbled. So, how could I lock us both together just as yet. I decide, I had to wait. My heart ached, there was a terrible pain, deep inside the cavity of my heavy heart there was a vacuum. I felt empty, lost, soulless,void. The pain was unbearable. I had experienced well and truly that infinite feeling of falling in a bottomless pit. I let myself sink. I sank with my thoughts and drowned in his.

I got busy with my life, but not a day went past when I never thought of him. I would lie in bed, my eyes staring at the ceiling and imagined him stuck on it. I would dream, I dreamt of flashes of light, I heard bells clanging, I heard bees buzzing. I would wake up perspiring, my clammy wet fingers would be numb, they longed to feel that sleek body. I began to see him everywhere. As I walked to my office, I would pick up coffee at the cafe around the corner, I saw him there, his skin gleamed under the lights. I thought I could sense him in the same office room as mine, I thought I could see him sit opposite me during meetings. His deemed presence was as overwhelming as my own imagination. I began to get a bit nervous about my mental well-being by this stage.I thought of him when I drove to work and back, I pictured him sitting on the vacant seat next to me. I pictured him distracting me as I drove. I tried hard to get my focus back on the road in front of me, the high beam lights ahead created a ghostly apparition, I thought I saw him ahead, looming large, black yet bright, magnified a hundred times over. I came to a grinding halt, I made up my mind. My life had to be sorted out now, I needed to get some order back, no longer was I prepared to live in a chaotic world filled with mirages and nonsensical images. I took a call.

It was close to ten months since I first saw him. I went back to the same mall where I saw him the last time, I knew he would be there, I knew he would wait or would he? Instinct said he would. I was excited, I never felt this way in a long time. I looked around, he was there. Our eyes met again, the sparks flew.My heart skipped a million beats as I neared him, I touched him gingerly, my hands quivered, there was sweat breaking on my brow. My tongue was tied, the throat was parched, but I was finally free. Free from guilt, free from chaos. I needed order and synchronization back in my life. It had been missing for a long time and I was on the verge of savoring it all over again. A few formalities had to be dealt with first, they were done. The formalities culminated into a bonding of two souls. Together we began our journey, two hearts began to beat as one.

He reads my mind, his mind is complex but his demeanour is simple. I am at ease with him, he captures me and he captures the world around us with ease. We communicate to each other seamlessly. I download my frustrations onto him and he uploads it unto himself. He is patient and watches my every move, I whisper softly into his ears at times, I scream sometimes, I shout most times. He takes it all. Like the Navi’s he connects to his kind with a duct and pulls out the much-needed information and emotion out from me and from this world. His words are music to my ears and I choose what music he can play to me, he continues to serenade me endlessly. Even now as I write this, he watches me, waiting for me to speak to him or punch him playfully. Together we browse the whole wide world, together we plot, together we plan, together we prioritize, together we act.

He is not just my love, he is a constant companion, a family member. Many say he is flashy, a bit expensive and he comes with a plan. I disagree, I made him mine with no plan so that I could roam the seven seas with him. Two wanderers, two messiah’s embarking on the journey of life.He stays protected and looks his dapper self in his Belkin jacket when we are out and about. He is my drug, an addiction. I have no regrets whatsoever with him in my life. I chose to have an affair, it remains one to remember, it remains one to last a good long time, he remains mine and I his. The ony difference we have is we are creations of two different creators. God made me, Steve Jobs made him. Of course he has a name and a surname, he is called the i-phone 3GS.


The reality of Superstars..

Posted in Adverts, Entertainment, Social with tags , , on December 14, 2009 by Sharmila

Amitabh Bachchan can be credited with creating a revolution of sorts for reality television in India when he appeared in the KBC series ( format from the successful “Who wants to be a millionaire?” ) on Star plus in 2001. At that time, Amitabh Bachchan had broken all norms and went on to pair with Star TV to create a show that would stop the country every weeknight. Post KBC, the power of the small screen was better understood by those who were wanting to maximize their reach in every nook and corner of the country. From TV channels, to sponsors and the film stars themselves. Most parties were cashing in on sky rocketing TRP’s and laughing their way to the bank. I think they all laughed until 2005 or thereabouts. By then, every channel had a reality show, if not in multiples from singing, to dancing , to daring , to quizzing to the bizarre. Reality TV was not limited to superstars alone, anyone could join the bandwagon and they all did. Reality TV had slowly but surely become a yawn. Successful formats of the west were squeezed and dried over and over in various regional languages. Brand valuation of stars previously limited to hits and endorsements now had another parameter, a very real one.

We are now post four years after the first official dip in the graph of popularity of reality TV but big stars are still at the helm. Reality TV continues to steadily lose its popularity and some shows have become sleazy, weird and outrageous. Reality tv has to be realistic? But how realistic is the fact that the stars are actually the most erudite lot, smirking at the wrong answers , passing judgement on situations that they have no experience in or uncharacteristically synchronizing themselves in order to appear so in touch with reality! I blame some of the bizarre concepts that have been developed by the creators of the show with no motive other than to create sensationalism. Various permutations and combinations were tried, most failed and then somebody somewhere down the line realized that the best way to win the TRP game is by making an unreal aspect real. This is why we have couples marrying on TV and a dozen mad hatters living in a house.It works to some extent. Abuse which is both verbal and physical is not censored, in fact they become the selling points for the show and in contrast we have stars pitching morals or trying to enlighten participants in a sugary sweet manner.

Two things now sell in reality TV, sensationalism and a “superstar” endorsing it, they go hand in hand. No one is really excited to see the run of the mill film stars judging song and dance shows anymore, the viewers want to still see the “superstars”, that elite lot who do not appear on any mundane “naach gana” show to pass a verdict put get paid a couple of crores per episode to jump up and down or break into a dance in the middle of a game show. Viewers want to see their “superstar” sit on a pristine white leather couch to evaluate the moral values of mediocre contestants who never had any in the first place. The fifth standard quiz show which one “superstar” tried unfortunately did not click, because it was not sensational, after all no kid in the quiz game hurled a duster at the teacher! If they did,  the show would have gone on.

There will come a time when superstars will lose their midas touch on the small screen. The TV audience are a different breed, they get bored in haste unlike the seasoned cinema goer. The TV audience have no sense of loyalty, they can flick a superstar off with a click on their remote.I for one would like to see the superstars back to where they belong and realistically create some magic and realistically get some hits!

When SRK & Aamir age..

Posted in Adverts, Entertainment, Social with tags , , on December 10, 2009 by Sharmila

Well, it appears that the mantra for success is old age, progeria , dyslexia and other forms of genetic and chromosome related disorders. The day that PAA was making waves in India and on foreign shores, Dish TV launch a new advert on BT where SRK looks older than Auro ( played by 67 year old Amitabh Bachchan )and growing alarmingly so by the second on the video advert. In the video advertisement he romances a genuinely aging lady played by the graceful Tanvi Aazmi. SRK’s fans do not want to see him age,neither do they want to see him downplay his overtly masculine appearance. SRK, please be yourself and concentrate more on getting some hits this year. Can we get some more originality from you? Stop trailing poor Mr Bachchan, it is not going to work. You tried it with Don and now you are vying for the “who looks the oldest” award? Oh also, brush aside the nasty encounters with macho immigration officers who pulled you up for no fault of their but yours. I believe their only line of questioning was ” Whats your name ” and you said ” my name is kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk..Khan”. Now if one is not sure of his own name, will there not be a doubt? A real life trailer before your next release ” My name is Khan”.

Then we have Aamir Khan playing the grumpy sardar in Tata sky advert, but to his credit the advert is not as fake and in fact he carries this off pretty well. Aamir does not believe in trailing anyone, in fact he does not even leave his trailer at the sets I believe.On the aging matter, the Khans are aging rather rapidly and leaping ahead of time. Making themselves look old, feeble, disoriented need not always work. God forbid what is in store for us when they hit their 70s. Ah, they will become 13 year olds.