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Your Timeline needs a Hugo…

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Rig Veda.. Part 2…By Reader

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An Objective Introduction to the Rig Veda Samhita – II

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An introduction to the Rig Veda….By Reader

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I am attempting a synoptic, objective introduction to the Rig Veda Samhita, mainly for those who have never had the opportunity to read it in any form before.
There are 10,552 mantras of 1028 hymns in 10 constellatory books. I shall quote the first mantra of each hymn to give you a feel of its contents and also provide a synoptic account of the rest.
I leave the evaluation to your good judgment.
The translations and interpretations are entirely my own.
I hope it is useful.
All my love,

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The Upanishads ( Post 3 )….. By Reader

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Chapter II

Article 4

About the Absolute Identity of Brahma

This article is a dialogue between the sage Yadnyavalkya and his wife Maitreyi when Yadnyavalkya tells her that he is renouncing married life and stepping into the next phase that is vaana prasthashram . Maitreyi was also a scholar and a sage. Continue reading

The Upanishad (Post – II; Ch1:6 to Ch2:3)…by Reader

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Chapter 1

Article 6

The imperishable nature of Life is eclipsed by the triad of Identity, Form and Karma. Identity is created by expressions, as in speech. Vision is the source of Form and the body is the source of Karma.

Here, I feel, Karma is used to mean activity or action as in effort or conduct, not Karma as in duty.

This chapter ends with:

Praano vaa amritam, naama ruupe satyam; taabhyaam ayam praanaas channah |

… … … Life (Self) is Imperishable; Identity and Form are True (Real); the twain veil the Self |

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Introducing Reader’s Digest and the Upanishads…

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I would like to welcome Reader, a regular commentator on this blog who is now shouldering an added responsibility of contributing articles to the blog as well. Reader, as most of you would know is well versed with the philosophies of life and possesses fine knowledge of the philosophical texts of various religions. His contributions would begin with reviews of works of philosophical and semi philosophical merit under the “Reader’s Digest” category.His first contribution is towards the Brihad-Aaranyak Upanishad and I am sure it will be most illuminating for all of us.Thank you Reader for sharing your thoughts.


Dear Readers,

I am grateful to Sharmila for allowing me to place my learning at your disposal on her blog.

This is the beginning of a new exercise for me. I am not sure it serves any purpose. I hope it does.

All my love,

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