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The world is hungry…by Pritish Nandy

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I loved this blog by Pritish Nandy. For those who did not know, Mr. Nandy is an animal activist and has and continues to do tremendous work to rehabilitate animals in distress.

It began one morning years ago. Rina put a bowl of water outside the window for the noisy pigeons that wake us up at the crack of dawn. Soon we had so many birds queued up on our window ledge that the bowls increased. Then Rangita put out some in her bedroom too. Birds of all kinds began to crowd our windows on the 24th floor. So Rina put out some grains. It disappeared quicker than we could put it out. So we put out more. But even that left us feeling guilty; many hungry birds still hung around, waiting. Now we feed them whenever we can. Continue reading


Everybody hurts… by Pritish Nandy

Posted in Pritish Nandy with tags on October 4, 2011 by Sharmila

We all live with weltschmerz in these difficult times. There’s no exact translation of this charming word coined by Jean Paul Richter in 1810. What it suggests is a kind of world weariness that has entered our lives. What you can call a universal pain. Everyone lives with it and yet everyone is in denial of it. That’s why we have this great love affair with the entertainment business. Movies. Broadway. Vegas. The IPL. Formula One. We are living in the greatest era of escapism simply because we live in the greatest era of pain. Continue reading

Finding a way out.. by Pritish Nandy

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The magic of our democracy lies in its imperfections. Our flaws make us the nation we are. And never has this been more obvious than in the current standoff between an obdurate Government that will not acknowledge nor apologise for its corruption, a stubborn leader who would rather lay down his life than yield to political pressure, and a wily Opposition trying its best to harvest the crisis. For those of us who know exactly where we stand on this, and 90 per cent of India does, the question is not: Will Anna win the war against corruption? The question is: Can Indian democracy accommodate an alternative moral authority that refuses to bow before Parliament? Continue reading

A battle we must not lose.. by Pritish Nandy

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Forget Anna Hazare. The Jan Lokpal movement can go to hell for all I care. Let us just look at the issues over which the battle between the Government and us citizens is being fought. And then let’s decide where we want to stand, each one of us, on the issue of corruption. Continue reading

Feet firmly in the mouth… by Pritish Nandy

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We have what appears to be one of the most inept, corrupt and foolish governments India has ever had the privilege of seeing in power. But is it really all that bad? Or is it that this government simply has no clue as to what to do or say in moments of crisis? Every time one occurs, as indeed one did in Mumbai last week, the nation watches helplessly as its leaders make a fool of themselves. Having been a journalist for three decades, one has seen worse, far worse governments, though not perhaps as corrupt. But never have I seen one that has both its feet so firmly in its mouth. Continue reading

This was no candle in the wind…by Pritish Nandy

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I have been a keen observer of the Royal Family and have devoured Kitty Kelley’s take on the Royals with utmost glee. Reading about the antics of the Duke of Edinburgh in the gardens of Windsor castle has been intriguing to say the least amongst his other adventures. I stumbled upon this blog on Princess Di recently and thought of putting it up here. Lady Di was one I admired greatly but I must add there are certain points made in this blog which I agree with, some I don’t. Nevertheless, I found this blog quite fascinating. Pritish Nandy at his irrepressible best! Read on! Continue reading

Passing on, bare feet… by Pritish Nandy

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I do not want to talk about my friend Husain here. Everyone has bored you enough with that already. Every hustler, every socialite, every idiot has claimed undying friendship with him. So, instead, I will tell you about the man I knew. Continue reading