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Meeting in sin city… ( episode 4 )

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Srinivasan lay prostrate on the floor for a few minutes. The members surrounded him with a lot of concern whilst Barney sat on Srini’s prosperous stomach and panted long and hard on Srini’s face. Srinvasan was now turning red and he rolled his eyes from side to side, he appeared to be in considerable agony. Bush addressed Srini in a soft voice ” Srini, I know this is very important for you. So, listen to me carefully. Are you sure you would still like to visit the rest room?”

Srini groaned and mumbled feebly ” Yes Sir, please…”

Bush then requested all members to go back to their respective seats with the exception of Barney who was being largely ignored by Bush ever since the truth was out about his Father. Continue reading


Meeting in sin city…episode 3

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Bush closed his eyes for a few seconds of momentary pleasure as Sonia tickled the back of his neck. N Srinivasan interrupted Bush’s Caribbean fantasy and declared ” Mr Bush, I have an urgent appeal to make to the Members”. Bush opened his eyes and beckoned Sonia to get back to her place. Sonia scowled at Srinivasan as she walked back to her seat.

” And what may that be, Srini?” asked Bush

Srinivasan leaned forward and with a look of utmost seriousness said ” Sir, I would like to excuse myself “.

Bush looking extremely irritated asks ” From what?”

Srini squirmed uncomfortably in his chair and squealed in a strange tone ” I need to visit the toilet urgently Sir, I think it is the mustard in the hot dog that I..” Continue reading

Meeting in sin city…..( Episode 2 )

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I strained my eyes to see who this woman was. Her back was towards me, but I could see the head bobbing up and down. There was a sinister yet steely resolve in her voice. Besides the voice being rough, it did not sound Indian. Suddenly, there was a high-pitched giggle breaking into the momentary silence. The mystery lady said ” George, ideally I should be presiding this meeting. Seeing you as the chairperson is quite hilarious. I am used to being Chairperson”. Bush cut her mid way rudely ” You may be the chairperson of the united regressive alliance in your country Edvige Antonia Albina Maino”(Stops, slurps some beer)”Wow, I got your name right too” (Stops munches some fries) Don’t get cheeky with me lest I whip you in place”.Antonia’s head stopped bobbing. She asked Bush ” When do you fly out from Macau?” and gave another high-pitched giggle. Was Bush going to be the next crash victim I wondered. Bush took out an earplug and stuffed his right ear. Continue reading

Meeting in sin city…( Episode 1 )

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I sat on a comfortable stool staring at the psychedelic machine in front of me. I took out a hundred-dollar note and deftly slid it into the eager slot. I placed my bets and started the spins. I was in the swanky city of dreams in Macau consisting of the palatial trio of Hard Rock, Grand Hyatt and Crown now giving the neighboring Venetian a good healthy competition. I enjoy my trips to this sin city of Asia. The casinos are humongous, there are hungry people everywhere, they wear an emaciated look. Their eyes follow the dice as their pale, knotty , yellow hands slowly flick a fraction of the card that lies imply on the green suede in front of them. Some eagerly look at the screens as they puff away on the nicotine. There are sudden shrieks, the chinking of coins and celebrations. Some groan as they watch helplessly the dealer siphon away their precious bank. Little wonder Macau has beaten Vegas in revenues. Casino gambling revenue in Macau, the world’s biggest gambling hub, rose 65 percent last month as China gamblers placed more bets on baccarat and other card games.Coming back to my meagre money I had put in the slot, it doubled as I placed my bets. In some more time, it tripled. There were roaring Lions and swashbuckling Dragons emptying pots of gold on the screen and I felt every bit like Mowgli getting hypnotized by that python fellow Kaa of Jungle Book fame.I felt lucky, I wanted more of this, I felt invincible that minute. I wanted to put back the money I made and double it again. Do I? I asked aloud. ” Yes” came a hoarse answer. Continue reading