The games people play….

I am sure most were delighted with Michelle Obama and her gregarious attitude on Indian soil. Charming to say the least. Michelle played hopscotch and danced her way through our hearts with her spontaneity. Michelle matched every step and she was in perfect tandem with the school girls of Mumbai from Holy Name High School while dancing to a Koli fisherfolk song. It was a pleasure to see the first lady display this kind of attitude, now a rarity in India which is getting used to seeing more poker faces on display than not. I have hardly witnessed our leading “political” ladies or the ladies of our leading netas bewitching us in this manner in the recent past. The game of hopscotch ended fair and square when the Obamas left, especially after the initial crying of foul accusing the US of not keeping up to our expectations.More games were played out in the last few days. One more notorious than the other and included variations of the popular hide and seek, catch me if you can, dumb charade and even pinning the donkey’s tail.

Another game was the recent hide and seek around the Adarsh housing society. What a game this one turned out to be. Housing meant for widows of our brave men from the forces have been allocated to living politicians and very much alive and kicking senior officers from the armed forces. These men were hiding under their lamentable and deplorable actions till their lids were blown off recently. Surely the senior officers involved in the scam along with our Netas must be probed by the CBI?But lately even the highest investigative agency in this country appears to be highly dysfunctional and maligned in its investigations and there is little hope that investigation will yield an adequate outcome.Several serving and retired senior officers that included two former Army Chiefs Nirmal Vij and Deepak Kapoor and former Navy Chief Madhvender Singh were allotted flats in the controversial Adarsh Housing Society in Mumbai. The grotty actions by the highest ranking officers of the country are nothing short of being disastrous to the morale of the nation which largely holds the forces in the highest of esteem. The Environment Minister Mr Jairam Ramesh is planning to raze the structure which has violated environmental regulations. Raze he must and not entertain any form of regularization. The land is meant for war widows and nobody else must be granted ownership to it and it is only then will justice prevail. Yes, we had Mr Ashok Chavan resign, but what happens to Chavan and his relatives now that he has resigned? He will continue to hide along with his clan and other scheming bureaucrats and no one will seek them out.

Throughout the entire time the one who has mastered the game of “dumb charade” is Mr Manmohan Singh. Time and over he is labeled as “Mr Clean”. But what use is it to have a Prime Minister who sounds, walks and talks like a household disinfectant when the Ministers serving in his cabinet are reeking and their stench is suffocating the nation. Take the case of A Raja, the honorable Telecom Minister. Raja still continues to sit on his telecom throne with not an iota of shame. Raja has made it amply clear that despite all and sundry ( including a damning report from CAG ) pinning his ( the donkey’s ) tail he merrily wishes to behave like a jackass. Raja, the donkey is spurned by Karunanidhi who wears the darkest of blinkers to the staggering INR 1.8 lakh crores that has been siphoned off from the ex chequers coffers. Amounts such as these are so dumbfoundedΒ that it would take only a genius Mathematician like Shakuntala Devi to write down the amount in numbers without batting an eyelid! In this whole scam, I quite enjoyed Jayalalitha’s deft move where she the offered support of her eighteen party members on live television in the event of the DMK pulling out support from the coalition. So a bit of chess is now introduced to a combo deal of dumb charade and pinning the donkey’s tail.Delightful. And if Sonia allows Rajas head to be on the chopping block , therein begins the tug of war!The so called clean Congress has it in them to dispel its erring members so long as there is public pressure especially via a vociferous media. But Congress cannot touch anyone else with its little finger bar its own. The coalition have them on a tight leash.

The Congress may pride themselves in the sacking of Kalmadi but there is little point in booting Kalmadi after he successfully played Boostrap Bill sucking on to even microscopic bacteria that came his way. Kalmadi has handed the booty to those he was meant to within the party and Sonia played damsel in utmost distress thereafter. After looting as much as heΒ has Kalmadi will be on a honeymoonΒ and continue playing truant. Congress cannot do much about stopping corruption at the outset but gloats about paper sacking thereafter.

It was equally atrocious to witness a smiling Rathore get into his car yesterday and walking away without a care in the world on a bail that was granted to him. In this country the biggest of scams are just waiting to be served to the CBI and it is surely getting more fashionable to let the biggest scums off. Shame on the CBI for making a mockery of Ruchika’s case. The former DGP of Haryana played with the life of a child and abetted her death. There is every likelihood of many such child molesting “Rathores” who hide behind a charade of high-mindedness and even higher authority. The CBI appears like a travel agency that creates a hasty getaway for scoundrels such as Rathore. Would punishing Rathore lead to many more skeletons falling out from the closet? The games our Netas, bureaucrats and even senior officers from the honorable forces play continues to sicken this nation.


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  1. An excellent writeup once again. Do you think allocating the flats to Widows of War heroes would be better than razing down the entire structure? That might set an example of restored Justice. Maybe.
    Must say you rightly described the Games that are being played and how the entire country is being Conned by those who rule (not serve).


    • Thanks Amit. I think the structure should be razed as it has violated a few norms, but I wish the land to be allocated to the widows and housing redone for their benefit. The problem with regulization of the structure is that it sets a precedent yet again. BTW, enjoyed your travel pics tremendously! Thanks for sharing on Twitter.

      • Yep, I was unaware that it overlooks Naval HQ. In such case it should be razed down w/o any ifs and buts. @academichelp on twitter rightly pointed out that expensive and fast-paced Mumbai may not be ideal living place for a Jawan’s widow anyway. This whole idea of Adarsh society seems to born out of false intentions. Shame that we fail to honor even those who sacrificed their everything for us. Having my bro in IAF, I have seen their hardships closely.

        Thanks for your kind words for the travel pics. Isn’t this earth so very beautiful! Every nook n corner has so much in store for us yet we go on damaging it in every possible way. Greed really. Cameras can’t really capture it’s beauty in entirety but our eyes do and the beauty remains with us, forever.

        btw, U seem to be busy these days. Missing your tweets πŸ™‚


  2. Sharmila,

    I hate looking at the face of this man….. he really gives me the creeps! I wish you hadn’t posted this one’s pic with that grin on his face! Not that Kalmadi or Raja or the other scamsters would have been any better…but, Rathore somehow doesn’t even have a mask of decency on! He looks like a habitual molester- indecent,malicious corrupt and vulgar. There is not a trace of regret or shame visible in his body language and his attitude.

    Every time I see our PM walk and talk I shall think of disinfectants! Haha! πŸ™‚
    You wrote it all so well, yet again Sharmila!

    • Shubha – I am sorry if this picture is upsetting but it is also a reminder of stark reality. Reality that we live amidst disgusting beings who are allowed to smile like this! Thanks for your comment Shubha as always.

  3. your article is excellent . if you keep on exposing such things, this world may become a bit more habitable ! the rathores are creations of our political thugs. see, that rogue bhajan was his source of inspiration.

  4. Sharmila,

    There are no gaols in the villages which are predominantly governed by the panchayats.

    In the villages, an offender of social norms is either ostracized, exiled or banished from the territory. Such a person is also not allowed by other villages in the same cluster.

    There is no such thing as bail or parole. The person cannot come back to meet his family or children except in extreme situations like a marriage or a funeral.

    However, in a split system where justice is delivered by the judiciary of an administered law and enforced by armed policemen, the bail and parole systems are introduced as part of human rights.

    A child molester would not be ostracised, exiled or banished by a village panchayat. He would be stoned to death.

    In most parts of India, economic offenses are not considered violations of human rights. Neither are delays in justice. Because God, and as a result religion, does not recognize printed paper currency or virtual money as also two dimensional time.

    Satyam Raju, A Raja, the moustached constable in the photograph above, our own Cull-Maddy and Chavan are subjects of the Constitution of India, not a village panchayat.

    Politics is about social interaction, relevance and governance.

    The lawmakers, bureaucrats and white collars are above the law. If you are not a voter you cannot claim a share of anything. If you are a voter in one of their constituencies you are allowed to enjoy the fruits of their indulgence.

    I call it indulgence because these guys are several times more wealthy and powerful than what the media cries foul over. Ashok Chavan is a sugar magnate. Kalmadi is a slumdog millionaire. Raja is Kubera’s own serpent.


    Regarding the Obama visit and the coverage by the Indian media, the entire exercise was steered and monitored by the Ministry of External Affairs. The media showed what was fed to them, though each channel tried to score a few brownie points by trying to spin some non-existent controversies.

    The Americans are pioneers in managing the media. The Indian channels are toddlers as compared to CNN, Fox and ABC whose lines are scripted by the West Wing back in the US.

    • Sometimes the village panchayats have a speedier and more effective way of delivering justice! I agree about the US controlling the media feed, it works every time. Hope you are well?

  5. Anand Khare Says:


    I liked the title.


  6. Hi….All,
    Catch up with you all later…Reader’s contagious virus attacked on me and succeeded. bringing me will be back when I feel li’ll better…hopefully..soon…!

    • MonaLisa,

      I have been bitten by many different bugs at different times. The travel bug, the love bug, the hum-bug, the internet bug, the heartiness bug, the sadness bug et al.

      I wonder which one got to you.

      The good or side effects depend on the time and the place.

      For example, a World Heavy Weight Boxing Champion was in the middle of the second round of the challenge to his title when he was bitten by the religion bug. He quietly laid down his gloves in one corner, forgave his opponent, hugged him lovingly and walked away from the ring singing a silent hymn…

      Hope that’s not what has happened to you after so many unsuccessful bouts with Reader…


      • Reader,
        πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
        Bouts…!? futile…!? lol….
        Futile it is and will be….all your egocentric attempts to provoke me…. πŸ™‚
        I am down with a bout of Flu… πŸ™‚
        You are awarding too much of credits to yourself….Hahaha

      • MonaLisa,

        Glad to hear from you.

        Never mind my ego. At least I got to know that it’s only a flu not a fever!


      • What if it’s Fever…!? @ Reader
        What if your kinda bugs bit me..? πŸ™‚

        In Influenza one has rise in body Temp…which is called/known as Fever… πŸ™‚

      • MonaLisa,

        My kind of bug is above the medical jargon.

        My kind raises the temperature of the soul – the spirit leaves the body and travels into space.

        Comes back to base in most cases. Hope yours does too…


    • I hope you are better by now MonaLisa?

  7. Sharmila,

    Chavan, Raja, Kalmadi et al have churned in crores for themselves, their party and supporters, returning favors, and ensuring the longevity of their political career. This, interspersed with periods of lying low amidst mutual consent within the party when the public furore and media noise gets to unbearable decibels. But I am sure even these politicians would cringe when they hear their names mentioned in the same breath with SP Rathore.

    SP Rathore has committed an unpardonable offence. Of all the power games people play, Rathore’s bail is the move that has left the nation stumped.


  8. sharmila and the EF,
    beatiful and excellent piece concerning the current problems and media favourites these days.Media seems to be obsessed with A. Raja ,and Kalmadi ,a fav few days back is now lying low .I think he has understood that in India people forget easily and when time will come he will again flex his muscles.and he was removed from which committee…?i dont even remember the name .well this is indian politics for you. Regarding S.P. Rathore you are right that in india many such cases are there where ips and ias officers to settle old scores, commit many heinous and abominable crimes and when someone tries to speak something against them, our law and government allows them to go scot free.
    well, good news is that raja is gone but what was appalling that while resigning he said that he was doing that to avoid embarrasment to the government and he is innocent.His tone was that of “oh! i am doing you a favour..
    this government is facing turbulent waters but the time is with them and guess what in three years time we will forget evrything.
    one another very important issue is that of ragging cases in colleges and recent case of Aman kachroo.We can only admire the courage and perseverence shown by his father dr. kachroo.The way he channelised his love for his son in eradicating ragging is really commendable.He did not his grief to demorlise him, instead he found a new energy and vigour to bring a change in the society.we nedd more such men in india.salute to you sir and Aman rest in peace….

    • Saurabh- Thank you . Paper sacking is actually of zero use. The question now is when will kalmadi and Raja be prosecuted? It is at this time when we can begin to have a wee bit of hope on our judicial system.

  9. Parmeshwara! Venkateshwara!
    Hear my silent application;
    Sharmila is in Tirumala
    Give her a net connection

    Her blog has frozen for words
    Her EF has gone over the top;
    Reader is writing about birds
    He never knows when to stop

    Parmeshwara! Venkateshwara!
    Bless Reader’s fascination;
    Sharmila is in Tirumala
    Give her a net connection

    When Sharmila is in Hong Kong
    She opens this blog every day;
    In India something goes wrong
    We wonder where she gets away

    Parmeshwara! Venkateshwara!
    Writing is a divine passion;
    Sharmila is in Tirumala
    Give her a net connection

    If only for a few minutes a day
    May it be in English or in Hindi;
    We’ll hear what she has to say
    Even if it’s about Pritish Nandy

    Parmeshwara! Venkateshwara!
    Keep this good blog in motion
    Sharmila is in Tirumala
    Give her a net connection

    Aum, Shanti, Shanti, Shanti…

    • Thats a lovely song.

      Why is Mukunda called only up to verandah? Why not in the house?

      • Lol…we may have to ask the wise old lady in the clip about that…


        As far as I know, ‘varam’ is the same as ‘var’ in Hindi or boon in English. ‘Tha’ is to give.

        ‘Mukunda Mukunda Krishna,
        Mukunda Mukunda
        Varam tha varam tha…’

        In Mallu, it could be ‘verentha’ meaning ‘what else?’

        Languages are tricky, na?


      • πŸ™‚

        I must learn the basics of Tamil, Badagas, Mal etc.

        It’s impossible to talk to natives here.

        The district is divided into several Tahsils. Each tahsil has panchayats.

        Panchayat elections are held every 3 years. Tahsildars report to the district collector (DC). DC is also the DM.

        The development of the place is directly under the Central Government, mainly under the Ministry of Environment, Mr. Jairam Reddy

        The panchayat is lead by elected members. The chief is called the Sarpanch. He mostly belongs to the majority tribe. Other members are called gram sevaks.

        All panchayat members have large estates and enterprises. Sale of vegetable farms is prohibited.

        Long story… some other time…

      • Correction: Jairam Ramesh not Red-dee

      • Looking forward to travelogue 6/7…do keep us posted…

      • Okay. Will do. Day 6 is superceded by Day 7. Shall keep it on the previous page so that I can pick them later at save them in one folder when I get back.

  10. Anand Khare Says:

    As Krishna and Prayers are in the air,see this

    Arjun: Lord Krishna, pray and enlighten me on how junk mail is related to the Maya.

    Krishna: Vatsa, junk mail is the 6th element in the universe – Aap, Vaayu, Jal, Agni, Aakaash and Junk Mail. It is at the same time animate and inanimate, living and dead beat. It overloads the system and fills up the hard disk. But it serves one great purpose. It leads people to believe that they are filling their time in an intellectual pursuit by reading and reforwarding junk mail. It gives them a sense of achievement without investing their intellect and efforts. Like the Atman that leaves one’s physical body and moves on to another, the junk mail moves from system to system and never gets deleted or dies.


  11. There is nothing one can do… wait for Sharmila to return… I’ll keep putting up relevant songs till then… Travelogue of Day 6 can wait till she is back…

  12. Waiting for Sharmila Day 3

  13. Hwen losing hope… call Sahir… who else?

  14. Dear all…thank you for your patience. Last few days was hectic. Was in Tirumala, climbed up the seven hills and had a fabulous darshan. Then back to BLR and now in HK. I will be more active now.

  15. Chk out for tweets & twitter photos from Indian and International celebrities all in one place

  16. Lakshmi Jag Says:

    Hi Sharmila

    Been away from your blog for sometime…but cannot stay away from your blog and AB’s for long for obvious reasons. This was a good one and I hope people who can make a difference read it and do something. I once met Mr. Jayaprakash Narayan of LokSatta Party and I thought if anybody can bring a change in the system it would be him, but alas he had to bow down to the system too….a great pity. I wonder what it is with politics that the best of humans give in?


    • Lovely to have you back Lakshmi! I have been a bit off site too, was traveling etc. I honestly think we have reached the dead end with Indian politics. The rapid rate at which the system is crumbling leaves us with not much respite. I am more inclined to think that we need a socialist revolution of sorts!

  17. This is new to me. Jayaprakash Narayan did not have any party called Loksatta. He was called Loknayak. He was instrumental in garnering support for the Janta Party after the Indira Gandhi had him arrested in Chandigarh during the emergency. The emergency was declacred one night before the Allahabad High court verdict against Mrs. Gandhi and JP was arrested for unconstitutional sedition.

    JP was a Marxist. There were sharp differences between Vinoba Bhave’s Sarvodaya and Bhoodan movement in central India and the same advocated by JP in Bihar. JP was into hard core Communist Socialism like Bhagat Singh.

    Vinoba and Gandhi were pacifists and non-violent.

    I believe, the driving force in the likes of JP was nationalism, not power politics.

    • Ignore the grammar. Too many errors.

    • I stand corrected. I have just been informed by a reliable source that JP did have his own party called Lok Satta (People’s Power)

    • Lakshmi Jag Says:


      The Jayaprakash Narayan is different from the one you are talking about. He is a young leader who graduated from Guntur Medical College, a doctor by profession, finished his IAS, worked under Mr. N.T. Ramarao when he was the chief Minister and later was instrumental in starting the FDRI and Loksatta party. FDRI has done a lot of work opening schools and bringing some order to Panchayats. I always make sure I know what I talk about most of the time…lol

  18. This is for Shubha, and all those interested in vedic literature:

    I have often wondered why and how is ‘Agni’ associated with Knowledge, Truth, Immortality and ritual discipline.

    To me, Agni is the essential warmth in a living creature. The dharma of Agni is Health.

    By living creatures I mean all, including human beings and Indian politicians.

    Like for instance,

    Api dharmam jaanaati kaakah?

    … … … Does the crow know dharma?

    Atha Kim! Dharmam jaanaati dvijatvat.

    … … … Ofcourse! A crows knows dharma because it is twice born!

    Kim tu tasya dharma pravrtti na asti

    … … … But the crow does not have the attitude of dharma!

    Bhavatu! vayam sarve dharma aacharanam cha dharmam cha jaanimam.

    … … … Be that as it may, every living being has a conduct and knows it!

    Kim tu, yathaa sthuulaka dharma rakshanam vayam ghoram bhayam iva pasyhamah.

    … … … But, like the fat crow, many fear the dangers in protecting their dharma!


    This dialogue lead me to some introspection:

    Do I sound like a fat crow?

    What if I followed the path of the sages? Where would that end? Is that not an affectation like any other?


    Katha daashem agnaye, ka asmaiy devajushta uchyate bhaamine gih |

    … … … What can I offer this fire inside me, what can I do to preserve this light?

    Yo martyeshu amruta hrutava hotaa yajistha it kranoti devaan ||

    … … … Is God fashioned by the mortal, immortal, rituals and sacrifices?

    To this the answer is:

    Abhi tva gautama gira jaata vedo vicharshine |
    Dyumnaiy abhi pran o numah ||

    … … … The luminous strength is nourished by Agni inside and consumed by it |

    … … … Light of my life that I submit to ||

    Tam tva gautamo gira raayaskaamo duvasyati |
    Dyumnaiy abhi pran o numah ||

    … … … This fire is the source of divine wealth |

    … … … Light of my life that I submit to ||

    Tam tva vaaja saatamam angirasvat havaamahe |
    Dyumnaiy abhi pran o numah ||

    … … … The fire that enlivens every function in my body |

    … … … Light of my life that I submit to ||

    Tamu tva vritra hantamam yo dasyuun avadhuunushe |
    Dyumnaiy abhi pran o numah ||

    … … … This fire that kills all the deadly parasites in me |

    … … … Light of my life that I submit to ||

    Avochaama rahu gana agnaye madhumat vachah
    Dyumnaiy abhi pran o numah ||

    … … … I, Gautama, son of Rahu gana, call it thus in humility |

    … … … Light of my life that I submit to ||

    Translation Mine.

    In my opinion, Rahu – the ability to absorb, use and sustain superlative strengths metaphorically equated to that of the Sun and the Moon – is not a source of Knowledge, Wealth, Truth or Righteousness. Dyumnaiy abhi pran o numah… Agni is the source of the light of my life, not it’s affectations.

  19. Sharmila,

    Uranus and Neptune are not Rahu and Ketu in astronomy. Uranus and Neptune are planets and separately located according to their positions relative to the earth in the patrika. The Rahu and Ketu in astronomy are eclipses. Rahu is the Solar eclipse and Ketu is the lunar eclipse. They are shadows. Their positions are marked according by the time between their occurrence and the position of the moon in the chart.

    The Rahu that is in the quote above is not the astronomical feature.

    The Rahu mentioned in the richa is the ‘gana’. The Gautama clan of sages belonged to the Rahu gana. These people were good in the Chakra practices from Kundalini to the crown. The ability is called the strength of Rahu. The serpent or snake is the shape of the mean value trend-line of all the Chakras in the human body. It’s not a real serpent.

    In astrology a person, like me, whose Rahu appears in the first house, will always have Ketu in the 7th house. This is considered inauspicious for a marriage unless the other partner has the same positions.

    In my case, I also have an ascending Gemini in the first house and a powerful Shukra and Guru in the 11th. Saturn is in the classical 9th place. That is an astrological phenomenon.

    However, all planets are on the left side of the chart. This is called the Maha-sarpa dosh. The great serpent formation/lacunae. The astrological significance of this seprent is a bit too exaggerated and there is no special meaning attached to it by Bhrigu in his original work. Bhrigu is the one who associated astronomy with astrology. The Bhrigu Smahita is his the original work that is referred by all Indian astrologers. The only thing that Bhrigu says is that life takes a complete turnaround for such people after their middle age, mainly after the second 7 and 1/2 years term of the Saturn in the rashi of the person.

    I was born on Ram Navmi in the afternoon at 1135. My astrological chart matches with both Ram and Ravan. Same rashi with charna bhed.

    Dislcaimer : I have no reason to believe any of the above. It’s something I studied out of interest.

    I believe, nothing can ever replace the ability of our own body, mind and soul! Our fortune and happiness is solely in our hands. No one and nothing can improve it better than we can.

    • My Gautam quote is from the Rig Veda Ch 1. There are serious differences among many scholars about who wrote those lines!

    • Correction: All the planets n my chart are on th right side for the reader.

    • Thank you. Most informative especially on Rahu and Ketu. I agree , Astrology is probably just an indication of what your life is charted out to be but choosing how you want to lead your life is entirely in your hands.

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